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  1. I was there, I'm the guy in the red hat and gray hoodie in the bottom left of the video. It was a good signing, what surprised me was that more of the questions were for Brandon's own work, rather than WoT. The ones I went to for Books 12 & 13 were all about WoT. Good to see his fan base growing. I'd never been to that bookstore, it was very cool. I'd go there regularly if it wasn't out of the way for me. Brandon said it was the only place they asked that wanted to host a signing for him when Elantris came out.
  2. For all we know they might have included it in the new encyclopedia they plan on doing, and you would have had to pay for it anyway. Or like Mark Grayson said, it would have never been released. So who really cares, if you don't like what they're doing with it, don't buy it. I personally want to read it and am happy to pay for the anthology to get it. Looking forward to it. If it ruined the surprise appearance of Demandred then I would agree that it was a good idea to cut it. That also was one of my favorite moments of the book.
  3. I liked the Androl arc a lot. It's one of those storylines people can relate to, where someone who doesn't seem all that powerful or important is the one who saves the day. The shared bond or whatever was a bit weird, but new things are discovered every book so I accepted it. The new uses of gateways I loved. Sanderson did admit that was all him as well. The Portal game is a coincidence, he said in the same interview about Androl that he hadn't played Portal at the time.
  4. Regardless of what they've said, I'm completely happy with what Sanderson and Team Jordan has done with the series. Maybe I don't want to admit they messed something up, but I don't really care anymore. It's obvious that I'm in the minority here so I'll just let it go at that. Sorry to get off-topic.
  5. Sanderson admitted flat out that he botched Mat very badly in TGS and that got in to the books. Your are totally off her with the Harriet angle. Brandon had to create from scratch far more than anyone previously suspected and it isn't a if she is infallible. The scene between him and Rand was 100% cringe. That has no place in this series whatsoever. I know what Sanderson has said and that's his opinion and yes, Mat felt off a few times in TGS. But his behavior in ToM and AMoL didn't bother me at all as being out of character. Sorry, I just don't read every single line and wonder if Jordan would have done that or if it's truly in character or not, nor do I let it ruin my experience of reading the end after I've been waiting 20 years for it. It's a different writer, it's not going to be the same or perfect and I accept that. It doesn't ruin the story for me and I find it a waste of time to nitpick over stuff like this. Maybe Harriet will admit she screwed up someday, but until then, I have a hard time believing that after all she has gone through and how she's been involved with this series, that she would just drop the ball and pass something through to publication on a project this popular unless she felt it was appropriate to The Wheel of Time and to the story. You can bring up dozens of examples and you won't convince me otherwise, sorry.
  6. Agreed, I loved how it didn't turn out the way we expected. Logain's glory in AMoL was much more meaningful than just being the one to kill Taim or Demandred.
  7. Yes, it felt like Mat to me. Harriet was RJ's wife, confidant and editor from the very first drafts in the 80s until the day he died. If she doesn't know the characters then we as mere readers don't know them.
  8. I have to completely disagree with you, sorry. None of us know the characters like RJ did or Harriet does, regardless of how many times we've read the series.
  9. Did not have to fight.... doesn't mean he can't or won't in the future. I don't think it contradicts anything, this time he had his massive army behind him and Sakarnen, and it was the Last Battle for pete's sake. At the cleansing he went because the DO would have expected him to, but he didn't want to fight there, he wasn't prepared and didn't have an interest in that battle. The point is that he is outraged and panicked about having to be in direct combat. Hardly the mindset of the world's greatest swordsman. After reading AMoL, I now find his actions then to be the result of being unexpectedly thrown into battle against his will, completely unprepared.
  10. You have to keep in mind that Harriet approved everything in this book. She knows the characters and series and what RJ would have done more than anyone. If she approved it, it's good enough for me. I do agree with others that it's reminiscent of banter in the first book.
  11. Did not have to fight.... doesn't mean he can't or won't in the future. I don't think it contradicts anything, this time he had his massive army behind him and Sakarnen, and it was the Last Battle for pete's sake. At the cleansing he went because the DO would have expected him to, but he didn't want to fight there, he wasn't prepared and didn't have an interest in that battle.
  12. I loved the Demandred arc. One of the things I've always loved about The Wheel of Time was how Jordan kept certain things shrouded in mystery for such a long time. It didn't bother me at all that Demandred suddenly appears with this massive Sharan army at the end. I think we all knew that something big was going to happen with Demandred. There's no reason to keep him (and Shara) hidden all that time otherwise. Giving more clues or showing the backstory prior to FoM would have ruined the moment. Holding one of the Forsaken back all this time was brilliant... it must have been very hard to resist telling more about him, knowing what was coming. There was enough information on what he'd been doing and how it happened to satisfy me, but make me want more. This is not a bad thing, to me. We get this all the time in the series with Age of Legends, Seanchan home continent, etc. We knew not everything was going to be explained. Whether this was a matter of Jordan explicitly saying it shouldn't be fully explained, or him not leaving enough details for Sanderson (and who perhaps didn't want to invent that storyline), we may not know, but it fit with the series in my opinion. Demandred was a total badass and I'd been waiting for a Forsaken like that forever, considering how so many others were complete throwaways (Be'lal and Rahvin in particular). Karistina explained exactly how I feel about the duels and his behavior.
  13. Just like all the previous volumes I'm skipping the prologue and any previews... especially since this is the last volume. I'd rather not pay for the prologue twice, nor do I want to wait another 3 months to read the rest of the book after this first 100 pages. I've waited 20 years for the end, but I don't want to get bits and pieces, I want it all at once.
  14. Thanks for setting this up, I have a Kindle but will be buying Tor books here instead of on Amazon, since you are providing both formats for the price of one.
  15. I completely trust Peter Jackson to get this right, so the expansion doesn't bother me. This is his last chance to film in Middle-Earth... if he thinks they can make an additional movie with appendix and off-screen material, and make it worth watching, then I trust him. I don't feel that this decision is about the money with him (although maybe for the studios, it is). It wasn't about that the first time for him, and now that he already has all the money I don't see it being a factor this time. He wants to tell the story right and the fact that he finally said "screw it" and took over Director duties show how serious he is... want to do something right, do it yourself.
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