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    I love to learn history, and Sci-fi is my favorite style to read. In addition to reading, i love to play video games, like Rise of nations, Battle for Middle Earth, Age of Empires, Halo, League of Legends that kind of stuff.

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  1. I agree with everything she said. Top that off with my interest in a celebrity's life ranks right up there with finding out when someone on the other side of the planet sneezed. I. Don't. Care. Lol. :) Everyone should be free to pursue their happily ever after.
  2. You should also be able to hold control and use the scroll wheel on the mouse for quick scrolling in IE.
  3. Knowing that the best way to train was to use himself as the one they attacked or defended from, due to the lengths that he trained for a few years now, he spoke to Ellisha, “Ellisha Sedai.” He said, his tone as serious as ever. “Keep in mind what I’ve taught you so far. Remember to maintain balance, recoil after each strike and most importantly of all; never to over extend yourself. We don’t want any injuries on your first day of training. Now, are you ready?” She gave him a rueful grin and in reply, began charging straight for him. It was easy training that put him to one side, def
  4. Rekinu listened to her reasons for the chosen weapons, nodding as she listed them. Knife throwing was not too common, but it certainly was a good choice if you had fast wrists. And sure hands. Regular knives, like what both Aes Sedai were training was more of a resort. Unless you dedicated yourself to training in weapons 100%, you were going to be using them defensively. However you could conceal them in almost any location making the idea of you having them preposterous if you were Aes Sedai. The sword was a big bigger of a training part. Rekinu remembered well the first years of training. Th
  5. While getting ready that morning for his continuation of practice with Kira, Rekinu was surprised at the interruption of his morning routine with a visit from the Master of Trainees. "Rekinu, i have another student for you to work with starting today. Another Blue, and she has had... a hard time... with the other trainer I had her with yesterday. You are calm, and so I assign you to work with her." No small talk, just the assignment and he was gone. Wondering what the Aes Sedai had done to anger the other trainer that she had had, Rekinu shrugged. He was used to there being some Aes Seda
  6. Unlike barm, I read a bit of one book, and never got too interested in the series to finish it. Not like Terry Good king, Anne McCaffrey, and RJ did anyways.
  7. and do we vote for each one as between the two, or pick the one fight we want to see?
  8. *Shrug* i know we see differently on many topics Tal, but IMO a woman is a woman, and a man is a man, you dont have to be a woman to be a good teacher, or be a man to be a good CEO(both gender assumptions in the workforce in the past). We all have strengths and weaknesses towards ANY JOB one way or another, irregardless of our gender. I know lots of both genders that are ideal for any number of jobs, be it "cross gender" jobs or not (out of the ordinarily expected, like Librarian/teachers are generally thought of as woman's roles, or miner/hard laborer for men's roles) some are more isolated
  9. I will be the FIRST to say that the 'unwanted attention" given to women is so NOT 50/50 in responsibility. Like was stated earlier, I think it is more an issue of immoral/moral that encourages men to be more "forward"(for lack of a better word, though perhaps perverted would work better). Pornography does NOT help the situation, making scenes and situations seem like they are normal (and wanted attention BY the girls), and then those that watch it get desensitized to that kind of 'watching participation' and they want to 'enact it themselves'. (in addition it is reported that each round o
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