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Dinner stories - because even Aes Sedai gossip


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Setting: The Aes Sedai Dining Hall

Timeline: Roughly Main Time Line

Story: whatever you want - everyone feel free to keep it moving


Larindhra strolled into the Dining Hall, her red shawl draped loosely over her arms. It was rare that she did not have some pressing Sitter duties to keep her busy, but she was determined to take full advantage of one of those moments to catch up on Tower news. It was amazing what one learned if one just kept ones ears open.


She nodded to various acquaintances but kept moving till she reached her favourite corner table. She liked being able to observe everyone, even if it meant not being able to hear all. Her serene expression almost cracked when she passed a recently raised Gray, Esther - the girl barely stopped herself from curtsying. Esther had been one of her least troublesome charges when she was still Mistress of Novices, though in some ways she had worried about her more than others. Suppressing a most un-Sitterlike grin, she nodded placidly before seating herself.


Larindhra Reyne

Red Sitter

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Talina stalked through the halls of the White Tower heading for the dining hall. She was still adjusting to this foolishness that Larindhra had thrust upon her. Mistress of Novices indeed! Oh yes, the call had come from the Hall and been ratified by the Ayrmlin Seat, but Talina knew that Larindhra and her scheming ways was behind it.


As Talina entered the dining hall she saw a smattering of other sisters clustered around other tables. Many of the Aes Sedai in the Tower preferred to take their meals within their rooms. Having Novices or serving women deliver their meals on trays, but Talina preferred her meals to be hot and fresh from the kitchen, so she more often than not, took her meals in the dining hall.


Spying Larindhra at the corner table that she favoured on her rare visits here, despite their constant griping at one another, Talina and Larindhra were both amongst the oldest living Aes Sedai and had know each other as Novices. This long association had led to a complex friendship over the years. Talina changed course and approached her fellow Red, without asking or invitation she sat. "Good Evening Larindhra, what brings you to the Dining Hall this night?"



Talina Odile Bolaine

Mistress of Salidar Novices - Red Ajah

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((Woot, first time RPing with my White Sitter! :D))


Lissandra set down her pen as her stomach grumbled yet again, reminding her she had had nothing to eat since morning. Sometimes, she thought, it would be nice to not have to take time to eat at all. But good food was delectible in its own rights, sometimes worth the time and effort it took ot eat it. Rising from her hardbacked chair she closed the book she had been working on and crossed the room, deciding to head to the dining hall for a change rather than have food sent to her room. It was a rare quiet day, she was ahead in her work, and there was always an interesting piece of information or two to be gleaned from gossip in the main dining room.


On her way out she stopped by a small shelf near the door. There sat the latest metalwork puzzle. One of the White eyes and ears, a local blacksmith, was rather a fan of puzzles himself and sometimes had a new one sent to her at the tower. Sliding the puzzle into a pocket sewn into her dress she walked to the dining room. A few sisters from the Gray and Red ajahs were already there, and Lissandra took a seat not far from the corner, which had already been taken. She gave a brief but friendly greeting to those she passed, finally ariving at the table next to Larindhra Sedai of the Red Ajah.


"Good evening Larindhra, Talina.", she said as she settled into her seat. Pulling out the little metal puzzle again she took a closer look at it. Made with bent and hammered nails shaped into interlocking rings, it was not immediately apparent that the two rings could be seperated. But that was the trick of the puzzle. Once you had figured out, or been shown the way to seperate the rings, it seemed childs play. But finding the answer to each metalwork puzzle the first time was always a challenge. Lissandra began idly tinkering with it, keeping her eyes and ears open at the same time while she waited.



Lissandra Trelaine

White Ajah Sitter

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The night was boring. Everything recently had been boring since Regalia had returned to the White Tower. The Blue longed to be out in the world doing good. But now she was stuck in the Tower and that irked her. She was stuck, like a fish caught in a tagle of netting, unable to free itself. The problem was, she couldn't tell why. Surely whatever mess the Yellows had been up to would have sorted itself out by now. She recalled Camigwen's last note to her two evenings ago. It had been short. Contrite. Almost rude.


"Burn this all for fish hooks." Regalia uncharacteristically burst out. Startling a White seated near her who had been considering a rather tangled jumble of roots herself. "Sorry." She tittered before rising to her feet and walking out the door of the White's Reading Room. She had been there to check out a book called Logic of Last Battles and Wheel Cycles by Petine Armadosa, a legendary Amyrlin Seat from the White. Which had made little sense to her. And had given her a headache. She hated books on logic. But had been determined to find a better way of being ahead of Tarmon Gaidon. Logic was a mess, but it did sometimes leave clues to the future. She wished, not for the first time, that she had the Foretelling. Or access to an Aes Sedai who had it. It would be nice to hear a Foretelling along the lines of "The Light Shall Win, Bring Out The Spiced Wine!"


Oh well.


She had no idea where she was going, since her thoughts were pretty a mess. But was pleasantly surprised to find that her feet had led her to the Dining Hall. Food. A good place to be. Where a few Aes Sedai were already seated. Including Sitters. Of other Ajahs. She pursed her lips, intrigued that a Red and a White would sit together. Sitters, no less. But she wanted sometime to think, and sitting with them would require her to be on her toes.


In the end, the Blue in her forced her against her will to pull up a chair next to one of the other Aes Sedai. Tagore Sofiarah or something. A Gray who had been in Cairhien during the uprising. Regalia's eyes glanced at the White Sitter who was fiddling with something.


Keeping her hands busy to seem distracted, I bet. She waved her order to one of the Accepted waiting in the room and turned to the others in greeting. "Good evening. I trust you are all well?" She gave a pleasant smile and let the conversation wash over her. Or so it seemed to anyone observing her. Years as Accepted and Novice had given her the ability to have the glazed look and yet be completely alert.


Snippets caught her ears. And there was much to be remembered. She would file the information for later use.

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(ooc: first time RPing with this NSW...don't know what to make of her lol :biggrin: )


Thanelle Kelgwar surveyed yet another report. One of her newest Whites had been teaching her first class on arithmetic, and was slowly getting irritated by a pair of particularly stubborn novices who turned every question she asked them around in a most ridiculous way. Why had she not sent them to the Mistress of Novices yet? It was not like Keslien to not put a pair of novices in place if they misbehaved, even though she was still quite … hesitant, mayhaps…to use her authority, as she had only recently been raised. The First Reasoner made herself a note on a small piece of paper. Tomorrow she must have a few firm words with the new Aes Sedai, and remind her that it was sensible to be stricter with the novices. She was a now full member of the White Ajah, after all, and it was important that the novices learnt the meaning of right and wrong.


But now it was dark already, and Thanelle realised that she had forgotten to send for a serving woman to bring up a meal. No novice would be about these corridors now, so she had to go to the dining hall to fetch some herself. Only a minor inconvenience. She had finished off her Head duties for the week anyway, and was looking forward to an earlier night than usual.

When Thanelle reached the Aes Sedai dining hall and quietly gave her order to a servant however, her eyes fell on a small gathering of Aes Sedai at a corner table, sitting in a comfortable atmosphere.

It would also be good if she joined her sisters for a little while, she told herself, as she had been holed up in the White Ajah quarters for a week now. Maybe it was time again to lessen her reserve a little and be seen socialising for some hours – an Ajah Head should be available to her sisters after all. Plus, it would be a good thing to catch up on Tower news.


Better yet, Thanelle saw that Lissandra was there as well. Her lips twitched into a half-smile as she saw that the White Sitter investigating one of that blacksmith’s puzzles. She was very good at those, and had an excellent mind for solving matters as well.


Thanelle walked over and nodded to the Aes Sedai. They knew that she was not one for many words, so as she pulled up a chair and sat, the White Head softly adressed them. “Good evening. How are you all?”


Thanelle Kelgwar

First Reasoner of the White Ajah

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Amadine yawned, she was exhausted. She had spent the past forty-eight hours in the city tending the victims of an inn fire. She had Healed the most seriously burned and injured and then tended the rest with her bag of herbs by her side. The burns had been horrific, several people had died in the fire itself and two more had not had the strength left within them to survive the Healing, despite the fact that Ama had been able to treat the injuries of almost twenty people, she truly wished she had been able to do more for those who had passed away.


The hour was late and as Amadine considered crawling into her bed, her stomach growled. She pulled her yellow-fringed shawl up a little higher about her shoulders and changed direction. The halls were quiet and Ama was lost in thought as she walked.


She turned the corner into the Dining Hall and was surprised to see an unusual number of Sister's dining in the Hall this evening. She wondered whether it was just co-incidence or whether there was something going on that she did not know about.


Ama saw Regalia over near one corner and smiled, it had been sometime since she had been able to sit and talk to her Blue friend. She collected a tray filled with a thick beef stew, pieces of mushroom, potato, turnip and carrot floated in the dark gravy. She took a small loaf of bread and a plate of butter and made her way over where Regalia sat. she carefully set the tray on the table and sat down.


Ray-ray turned that dazzling smile towards Ama and greeted her warmly, they had been friends since they were Novices and had been raised to Aes Sedai in a joint ceremony. They sat and chatted as Ama ate her meal.


Amadine al'Varine

Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

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The food wafted with the smell of spices. It was delicious. And hot. A comfort for Regalia this evening. She had ordered sweetfish with farm vegetables. And hot bread that broke with a puff of hot steam and the butter that was slathered onto it melted into gold. Regalia almost moaned with pleasure at the first bite. Almost. But that would be unbecoming of an Aes Sedai. It was just not done.


She glanced at Amadine, who was enjoying her food as much. It was good to have a friend. Especially one outside the Ajah. She had grown close to Mimi as well, but the Blue was far too bogged down with the intricacies of the Ajah sometimes. Amadine provided a fresh perspective. In fact, Regalia wished she could be out and about with her friend again. Both their skills with Saidar had grown strong and as did their love for each other. It was a good thing to have a friend indeed. And a pillow friend. But these days that part was hard to maintain, especially when Regalia was out of the Tower so much.


How she itched to leave the tower now.


She wiped her mouth with her napkin and took a deep breath. "Amadine. How are things in the Yellow Ajah? Have things been settled down?" She hoped for some news that would please her. Something that would release her from her bonds. BUt she was not too hopeful.

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Esther stared at Larindhra with big eyes and had to consciously force herself not to jump up and curtsy. A few months ago this woman had still paddled her bottom for arguing with an Aes Sedai, now they were supposed to be on equal footing? In fact, according to what her new Ajah Head had told her, SHE would outrank Larindhra if the latter weren't now a Sitter! The world was insane, and Aes Sedai more so than anything else. Larindhra had CENTURIES of experience, whereas Esther was barely 30 years old, and her only experience of the world was a few months spent in Cairhien with Deanne at Coreena Sedai's retreat. It had given her a severe dislike of Cairhienin and their stupid Game of Houses.


Her discomfort only increased when the new Mistress of Novices, Talina, came striding in. Esther fingered her gray fringed shawl nervously, not noticing the smiles from some of the other Aes Sedai - some condescending, some in fond remembrance at having been there at one time or another themselves. She dared another glance around the room as an Accepted placed a bowl of stew and fresh bread in front of her. An Accepted. Serving HER! She straightened in her chair and even risked making eye contact with some of the Aes ... some of the OTHER Aes Sedai seated near her. That is, until she realised that most of them were Sitters, which set her to blushing and placing her eyes firmly back on the table.



Esther Tremaine

Squeakingly new Gray

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"Good Evening Larindhra, what brings you to the Dining Hall this night?"


Larindhra grinned openly at Talina's disgruntled attitude. Talina knew that somehow Larindhra was behind her appointment as the new Mistress of Novices, but even if she did have proof, there was nothing she could really do about it. Besides, what of it? There were more than enough young Reds running around in the world - Talina's talents and experience were needed in the Tower.


"I thought I would come watch the children play, Talina." Lari let her eyes roam around the Dining Hall, then glanced back at Talina with a wry smile. Their acquaintance stretched back over centuries, now, and had surpassed mere friendship. Sometimes it seemed they were like two old women sitting on the porch, moaning about the younger generation.


She was sure no one else noticed the wicked twinkle in Talina's eyes as one of those "children", now a Sitter for the White, joined them at the table. Honestly, the girl was hardly over a hundred years old, but already a Sitter? Mind you, Whites were so caught up in their numbers and logic, that they probably had no need for real experience. Both she and Talina greeted the girl politely enough, though.


Soon enough they were joined by various others, amongst them the slightly strange White, Thanelle. A quiet woman, but Larindhra often thought there were deep waters, there. Larindhra sipped her wine and nibbled on her food, joining in the rather superficial dinner conversation as and when it pleased her. She was in a mood for stirring though, and took her opportunity in a momentary lull.


"So how are you all planning on working with the Asha'man when the Last Battle comes?" She looked around the table, forcing eye contact with each of the women seated there. "I do hope you all realise that it is coming soon? And that we HAVE to work with them, if the Light is to be victorious?"



Larindhra Reyne

Red Sitter Stirring

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Alia set her code book down and raised a hand her pounding head. Was it the translating of ten letters in a row that was causing her head to ache or was it the troubles those letters were informing her of? What ever the case, they could all wait at least until after she had some food in her stomach.


She slipped the letters and into the hidden cubby behind her handcrafted headboard and set a weave around it, then locked the code book up in its secret compartment. As the ward set around she couldn't help but think that perhaps it was a little overboard to hide these things as she did, but she knew if those letters fell into the wrong hands there could be many lives on the line and she would not let herself be responsible for that.


She tried to make her way to the dining room in a hurry with out going too quickly. The food would be there when she was so she slowed to make pleasantries with a few people along her way.


By the time she got to dining room she was so hungry she almost didn't notice the strange crowd hovering together. She wasn't sure the last time she saw so many of the sitters in one place outside of the hall. As she retrieved her lunch she smiled a thank you to the girl who handed it to her ran over the options before her.


She could go back to her rooms and leave the others to gossip, they wouldn't speak of much openly in the dining hall, would they? But she knew she would never really give up a chance at gaining insight into the sitters minds.


She could sit on her own in ear shot, she hadn't been invited to the table after all. Of course the others would not think for a moment she wasn't listening if she sat in earshot though.


That just left joining the crowd, and so she asked the girl who brought her tray for an extra bun and and Alia made her way across the dining hall with a wide smile. Larindhar was just finishing her question about how the others planned to work with the ashamen in the last battle when Alia arrived at the table.


She awkwardly put the extra bun from her hand into her mouth, and looked hard into concentrating on setting her tray down without dropping anything to avoid being the first to answer. She stayed as quiet in the act as she could to avoid having the others stop the conversation though, and it seemed to work.


It wouldn't go over well if she did tell them how she planned to work with the ashamen in the battle anyway. Much better she heard their thoughts first.


Alia Mariadoon

Sitter of the Blue Ajah

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The Tower was the same as always, and it was always the same. The white walls were ever shining and the same palpable tension sifted through the air. Aes Sedai walked along at a leisurely pace, a group never varying in the shawl color upon their backs. Novices scurried to and fro, always in a rush to complete whatever task had been assigned to them. Accepteds in banded dresses strode through the halls at a pace between that of the other groups. The second level of Tower initiate attempted to be Aes Sedai in every manner possible, but they always could not look as if they weren't busy with tasks of their own. Eyes of various colors darted around, most dropping to the ground as the younger girls dipped into curtsies. Another thing that never changed.


Miahna shifted the shawl on her shoulders, forcing herself not to show the irritation she felt at the bloody piece of cloth. Despite her years as an Aes Sedai, the feel of the material weighing on her arms never got any easier. In fact, she found that the weight grew every time she had to exorcise the shawl from her dusty wardrobe. Her arms felt fettered, tied to her sides as she walked - giving her a constricting feeling. Completely irrational, as the billowy material was loose enough to fall to the ground had she not been holding it, but it wasn't a feeling easily dismissed. The longer she was away, the more the shawl chafed when she was home. I take it back, she thought to herself as the click of her heeled boots echoed off the walls, things do change. She glanced down at the fringe and a grimace momentarily formed on her lips. She had wanted to leave it in the closet, but the First Selector had insisted she wear it throughout the Tower. It wasn't that long ago that shawls were used for merely formal occasions. Now it is as if it is almost a shield...depressing thoughts, she told herself, jerking her mind away from the path it was heading toward. Too often of late she found herself thinking of the darker side of things. In fact, upon her trip back the Blue had been mulling over the idea of Darkfriends in the Tower. Notion of a "Black" Ajah had always been scoff worthy, but the more Miahna learned of how Darkfriends worked, the more she had been considering that the Ajah could exist.


Stop it, she scolded herself, shaking her head slightly as if to clear it. The silver bells on the ends of her dark braids jingled slightly and Mimi smiled at the cheery noise they made in the almost empty hallway. An Accepted, her brown hair also in dual braids smiled faintly and curtsied to Mimi as the Blue swept past. She nodded to the girl, her smile lastly thirty seconds longer than the girl's shared occupation of the hallway. Coming up on the Dining Hall, the Arafellin dropped her smile and smoothed her face into Aes Sedai serenity. It was also unusual for her to eat in the Dining Hall, but her preoccupation with the idea that there might be a Black Ajah had her doing things she didn't normally. Though she was annoyed with herself for letting the thought control her, Miahna knew she would feel worse if it existed and she hadn't been working toward ferreting out the Darkfriend Sisters. What was the use of riding the world of the rats if she let them take over her house?


Her sharp eyes scanned the Hall, looking for...what she wasn't sure, but she was stopped in her tracks by a table in the corner. There, in this Tower that felt is would combust from tension between the Ajahs sat a group of Aes Sedai eating together. That in itself wasn't strange, until one noted the various colored shawls looped around the arms of the women sitting. The table consisted of a Gray, two Whites, two Reds, and two Blues - Blues which Miahna knew well and one of the Reds gave her a flashback to her Accepted years. Quashing a blush before it stole across her cheeks, the Blue quirked an eyebrow in surprise. She stood still for a moment, pursing her lips as she mulled over joining the group. A split second later, her feet were moving forward, bells ringing behind her as she walked quickly across the Hall. She always walked quickly, so this was nothing new. Novices and Accepted dodged out of her way with hurried "apolgies Aes Sedai" falling from their lips as they did so.


"Evening ladies," she said serenely as she pulled up a chair and sat down next to one of the Whites. Resting her elbows on the table and steepling her fingers, she looked around at the group. She gave the ghost of a smile to Larindha, Ray-ray and Alia. To the rest, she nodded. "Care to catch me up on the happenings of the Tower? It seems I've been out for awhile."

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Rochel made her way to the dining hall, glad to be rid of the fool novices who had taken up most of her day. Her leg was hurting, which it often did after a long day of sitting. She also believed that she was alergic to stupidity, which tended to float freely in the classrooms. Certainly, she herself had been nothing like these little ... she couldn't even think of a suitable word.


So she was not in the best of moods as she reached the large dining hall. At least the cooks seemed to sense her foul mood and refrained from saying anything. As she made her way back to the seating area, she noticed the odd gathering of shawls at one of the larger tables. Quite a lot of colors ... most of them in fact. Rochel had worn her shawl exactly twice in the short time since she had earned it. She hated the thing, and only brought it out when she had been ... advised to, by Larindhra. Larindhra happened to be among the group actually ... strange. Her curiousity getting the better of her, Rochel carried her tray forward. To her great misfortune, the first thing she heard was Larindhra asking about what everyone else planned to do with the Asha'man.


That set her teeth on edge. Rochel had joined the Red Ajah because it had seemed the most useful of the seven. Actually, the yellow had seemed pretty useful as well, but her abilities with healing were mediocre at best. She doubted they would have had her. So Red it had been. And while she had been swearing her oaths, a gaggle of men had gone and formed their own Tower. Now, not even three years later, the entire purpose of her ajah had been turned on it's head. Rochel had been livid to say the least. She wasn't sure exactly what the punishment was for phsically attacking another Sister, but she had been dangerously close to finding out.


In retrospect, her anger had been foolish. She hadn't really had time to settle in to her Ajah's role. She hadn't been allowed to go out and help capture or gentle any men yet, so it was hardly a life changing occurance when the Ajah had no longer been allowed to do so. But still ... it was what she had planned for. She hated her plans being disrupted.


"Indeed," she said, speaking in a voice that was just a little, or maybe more than a little, too sweet. "I would very much like to hear about what the other Ajah's have to offer ... to the Asha'man."

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Mia slipped softly into the group and Alia returned a warm smile to the familiar woman. It was good see her again, but even better to have a brief moment of relief at not having to speak up herself. More welcoming than that was the change of topic when the other Blue did speak. "It is good see back again, sister." Alia commented when Mia finished her quick welcome to the table.


She was going to add more when the new Red joined the table and turned things back to the asha'men. Mia would soon learn of the happenings at the Tower while she was gone; those things would not change with the time it took for her to find them out. As much as Alia did not want to discuss battle plans, it would be good to know where the others stood, so she let Mia's question linger.


The Blue looked around the table, her gaze replied only by guarded eyes. If the question was posed, it should be replied to, lest this whole meal be a waste. Would this truly be an open discussion of everyone's thoughts, as it was posed as, or would this turn into the usual trial of the first to speak up, as dealings in the Tower usually turned into? When it was clear no one else would be the first to reply Alia set the tea was she sipping aside and realized she would have to the one to find out the hard way.


She turned to look at Rochel as she addressed her question, "My concern is not for what the Ajahs have to offer the Asha'men. And it is not for what the Asha'men have to offer us. It is not about what we bring to each other, it is about what we all collectively can bring to the Light." Taking her gaze from the young Aes Sedai, Alia turned to address the rest of the table, never leaving her gaze on one woman for long. It wouldn't do to have them think her thoughts were an attack. She was simply addressing the thoughts they all shared and stating her opinion.


"If the Asha'men wish to, they will join us at the Last Battle. If they come to join with our cause I will fight along side them, as I will fight alongside any who take up arms against our enemy. Ash'amen, Aiel or farmer's with pitchforks it makes no difference, so long as they don't get in the way. I am no Green, and do not presume to be an expert in battle tactics, but if they wish to collaborate, I see no trouble with knowing where they are and knowing what they plan to do. If they wish to share their tactics with us and join in with ours, I have no quarrel with that. The Tower has been preparing for this day from its birth. As long as they don't interfere or hinder our work, it can only be a help to have more numbers when the Last Battle does come."


She was going to add that what happened to them after the Battle was won could be dealt with when that day came, but she held her tongue, knowing that would only cause an uproar.


She glanced once more across the faces at the table as she reached for the tea she had been sipping at. Would the others have enough in them to voice their thoughts, or would they merely rip hers down? She had assumed from the start it would be the latter, but someone had to start the party.


Alia Mariadoon

Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah

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Larindhra very much sympathised with Rochel. Something had to be done with the Asha'man, for sure, but what Zarinen had set in motion? She hesitated to use the word madness ... Unfortunately, as a Sitter, she had to at least appear to be in agreement with her Ajah Head's plans. Especially to her own Ajah members. Besides, it would severely harm her reputation should she let on that she was forced into doing something so repugnant to her.


There was nothing left for it but to pretend she thought this ... insanity ... was an absolutely wonderful idea. That meant making everyone else think so too. Well, as many as made no difference. The most obvious method would have been to announce the matter in the Hall to the other Sitters. Obvious wasn't always better, though. Sitters were always at a disadvantage when they heard information after the fact, and even more so when received in an informal setting. Maybe they wouldn't completely explode about this here in the Dining Hall.Maybe. It was worth a try.


Which was why Larindhra hid her amusement as the idealistic sounding Blue expounded on her ideas regarding Asha'man. The girl had probably never even spoken to one of those flaming madmen in her life! However, she gave the perfect opening, and Larindhra gave her a friendly smile and a respectful nod.


"Indeed, when the Last Battle comes, we all must do what we can and work with whomever is willing, to see the Light victorious." She gazed at the others from underneath her lashes, trying to gauge their reactions. "Aes Sedai are expected to put all personal feelings aside, when it comes to the good of the Tower, and the good of the world." She noticed Talina's arrested expression and gave her a slight tip of the head. Hopefully her old friend would play along. Her quick glance at Rochel was much firmer. "Of course, dealing with Asha'man is completely different from dealing with some farmer with a pitchfork. For instance, it's very unlikely that the latter would suddenly go mad and try to blow you up or set you alight using Saidin."


She shared her grandmotherly smile around equally. "That's why we Reds have decided to Bond them, you know. I myself have Bonded two." Larindhra took a sip of her wine and a bite of the truly excellent flat-fish, as if she had not just said something that shattered three thousand years of perception of her Ajah.



Larindhra Reyne

Red Sitter Stirring

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