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She vowed to win


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The Rand worshipping is really getting overboard. He's not the best at everything.


But.. he sort of.. is. I don't think a lot of people have really taken on board that Rand is Lews Therin and everything that entails. I am tiring of saying this to be honest but he is just that damn good.

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But Egwene will probably 1) help Perrin defeat the dreamspike, 2) help Nynaeve resurrect Rand, or 3) help seal the Bore using Tel'aran'rhiod. She might do two of those or all three. Prepare thyself; if Mesaana was the end, it would be ridiculous for RJ to have spend to much time developing her skill.

I have no doubt that Egwene, and T'A'R, will play an important role in the Last Battle, but there's nothing to suggest Egwene will be needed for any of the above.


1) Perrin is quite capable of doing that on his own. Egwene has no experience with Dreamspikes.

2) Nynaeve is the only one who saw it done to Birgitte, and has used Need several times in the past. What would Egwene contribute to this?

3) How? The Blight can't be entered from T'A'R.


There are plenty of other things for Egwene to do, including stopping the Seanchan invasion of the Tower and leading the Aes Sedai/Tower army.

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I hope Egwene does try and she gets schooled by Rand Sedai. She already essentially try to get Perrin killed and got schooled. Rhuarc morphed her into a little girl, Rand Sedai could probably do much worse and Egwene needs her head deflated for the final battles or she'll get alot of people killed.

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Even with Egwene and Perrin, they only achieve control of their actions inside TAR, when they dream in normal sleep they just dream.

Egwene has been controlling her dreams completely for a while. She just dreams normally most of the time because she is a Dreamer so it's profitable for her to do so, and also because she gets better rest that way. She is able to simultaneously catalog those dreams because of her control.

I know she has excellent control of her dreams, but has she ever done anything like what Rand did in the ToM Epilogue? I don't remember reading anything like that, but I didn't remember any of the mentions of Shara in the books, so I might have missed it.

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Off-topic, but there is one other T'A'R expert I can see helping Nynaeve find Rand (assuming that's how he will be resurrected) if using Need doesn't work.


"Hold, Moghedien!" Birgitte shouted.

Nynaeve's mouth dropped open. It was Birgitte, as she had been, in her short white coat and wide yellow trousers, intricate golden braid pulled over her shoulder, silver arrow drawn on silver bow. It was impossible. Birgitte was no longer part of Tel'aran'rhiod, she was back in Salidar, making sure no one discovered Nynaeve and Siuan asleep with the sun up and began asking questions.


"How did you get here?" Nynaeve asked. "I am grateful, you understand, but...how?"

Birgitte gave Moghedien a final stony stare, then opened her coat to fish in the neck of her blouse, pulling up the twisted stone-ring on a leather thong. "Siuan woke up. Just for a moment, and not all the way. Long enough to grumble about you snatching this from her. When you didn't wake right behind her, I knew something must be wrong, so I took the ring and the last of what you mixed for Siuan."

"There was hardly any left. Only the dregs."

"Enough to put me to sleep. It tastes horrible, by the way. After that, it was as easy as finding feather-dancers in Shiota. In some ways this is almost as if I were still—" Birgitte cut off with another glare for Moghedien.

Birgitte has spent more time in T'A'R than anyone living and always been skilled at finding people. She, if anyone, would know how to find a Hero of the Horn. She deserves something more to do in AMoL besides being Elayne's bodyguard, and I can't think of anything more fitting than this considering she was the one who first got ripped out of T'A'R.

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Something else I can see Egwene doing in AMoL is help create new seals, since she's talented at creating cuendillar. Maybe Bode will join in.



No can do. There won't be any seals of cuendillar this time. The cuendillar seals were what LTT tried the last time and we know how well they worked. No, Rand will restore the seal on the DO to how it was back when the Creator fashioned it, before Mierin and Beidomon ever drilled the Bore and for that there is no need for seals.

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