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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was a little confused, heh. But I guess it is possible she was told "off screen".
  2. After Nynaeve completed her Aes Sedai test, the Sitters told her to swear never to use Balefire again. She told them she knew no other way to destroy darkhounds. How did she even know to use Balefire against them in the first place? Maybe I'm forgetting something, but she's never faced darkhounds before, has she?
  3. I would've thought she wouldn't have sent her entire army to some meeting that they(probably) have no need to be at. I would've thought she'd have the sense to leave a sizable force at home, just in case the Shadow strikes in large numbers while she's away. I would've thought all of this, had I not already known she suffers from severe mental retardation.
  4. Rand? Rand without channeling wouldn't stand a chance against Gawyn, IMO.
  5. Am I missing something? How the heck is WoT Adult fiction? It's totally appropriate for kids over the age of twelve, heck, I first read it when I was nine. It has many elements I usually associate with a kids/young adult series. All the main characters are young. Very young people are able to outsmart vastly more experienced people. Said young people also are able to learn skills extremely quickly. (Like Naruto, if you've read/watched that) The violence, language, and sex are all within PG-13 boundaries. And just the whole feel of the books, when compared to things like A Song Of Ice and Fire, or The First Law, is just more mild.
  6. So, did you see his Ned's death coming, or were you completely surprised like I was? I, guiltily, didn't feel the least bit sorry for Sansa, but, yeah, that feeling didn't last long. In book 2 you really start to see just how much of a little turd Joffery is. I don't think I've ever hated a character in a book as much as him. What'd you think of the series(well, book) now that you're almost done? Think you'll be reading/blogging about the next 4 books?
  7. Woah, woah, woah! Were we reading the same series? His death was an extremely important plot point. If he hadn't died, most of the crap that happened in the following books wouldn't have happened. You read from his point of view to see from his perspective, to understand why it is he did the things he did, and therefore understand some of the other characters reasoning as well. Come on, would you have liked it more if he hadn't been a PoV character? Either way, he had to die. Don't forget we also discovered the big secret from his POV. *raises hand* Me! I hated COT. It wasn't quite as bad as I expected, but I still didn't enjoy it at all.
  8. Ah, but she did. I'll have to go with LoC, myself. The book was just boring for me, because I already knew Nyneave would heal stilling(still an awesome moment), and Egwene being chosen as Amyrlin was so heavily foreshadowed I knew it would happen right when it did. Why else would they be calling her to Salidar? Who else could the "biddable child", specifically chosen by Suian, be? The book didn't get really good until Perrin showed up, in my opinion.
  9. Why? I think that Nynaeve's growth and maturation began once she married Lan. He is a positive influence on her and the sense of security that she has now that her love life is settled as been very good for her. She is almost immediately much less overbearing, whiney, and rudely pushy once she married Lan. You have a point, though between books 4 and 7 she would always become overly flustered when thinking about him. So it's not really his fault, but the way Nyneave viewed him at the time. I guess I have to give him some credit for her "recovery" as well, then.
  10. I thought they were all just normal farmers. Farmers in the WoT universe = Spartans. 5000 is a huge force, they'll strike a massive, lethal blow the the forces of the shadow on their own. All 'dem "actual" soldiers at tFOM? Yeah, might as well pack up and go home, 'cause the farmers have arrived.
  11. ...Wow, I was beginning to think it wasn't possible to love Egwene and not hate Nyneave, but you just gave that theory a swift death. Yes, I like Nyneave, she's by far my favorite female character in this series. I find if funny how some people can say she hasn't accomplished much. Sure, she's no politician. She's a nobody, but she's had an crucial part in some of the most important discoveries/events in the series. and that's part of why I like her. That, and she's just the best person in the series. Ha! I hate Egwene too, partially because her actions in FoH resulted in Nyneave's character becoming a complete wreck for the next million pages. She became weak, emotionally unstable, and self-deprecating.. While her stubbornness was amusing before, it just seemed pathetic during those books. Practically everything I liked about her character was killed, she was even less compassionate than before!. It took Brandon Sanderson to make her Jordan-damned character right again. Yes, I do give him credit for her positive development, prove me wrong. Just look at the comments here, most of the hate she's getting is based on things she did after Egwene completely screwed her over in book 5. I blame Lan too.
  12. Mat bloody Cauthon, who else? Rand was already kind of an ass by book 4, and I didn't really like Perrin until book 6. I didn't realize Fain's awesomeness until I re-read books 1-4, so, yeah. Mat.
  13. A Crown of Swords. I honestly don't understand why that book get's so much hate...aside from the ending, that is. Winter's Heart is generally spoken of favorably, isn't it? The Forsaken couldn't lose points for that because they didn't have anymore points to lose.
  14. That was her crowning moment.
  15. I thought Nynaeve's redeeming moment was not becoming a blubbering idiot when she met Egwene in ToM.(or was that TGS?) I had stopped liking Nynaeve when she became retarded, but apparently she finally recovered from her stupidity. Rand is easy, Veins of Gold...or maybe the ToM prologue. One of those, though. Mat, pwning Galad and Gawyn in TDR, that was enough to make me forgive most of his stupidity from the first 2 books. Perrin, probably Chapter 16 of ToM, when he told Faile about all of his...issues. I'd gotten so sick of all the secrets in the series that it was a breath of fresh air to see some flaming honesty for a change. Faile, although I never really hated her, was probably that same chapter. heh, either that, or killing the Prophet.. Egwene....when...she...accepted punishment from the Wise ones...I guess? Elayne, this quote pretty much sums it up. She didn't even do anything stupid and reckless for the rest of the book. Unless the meeting with Perrin counts, but I'll just ignore that for now. Semirhage, escaping from captivity...being rescued, and slipping the male A'dam around Rands neck. yes...yeeesssss. At least one of the forsaken isn't completely incompetent. Just mostly. Last, and definitely least, Gawyn. Finally forgiving Rand, but, stupid bastard that he is, he had to go and un-redeem himself later in the book.
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