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  1. Thanks for featuring Mat's inbox. :) I made another one for Loial (way back in 2011, so certain comments don't follow ToM/AMoL canon), but the Rand one above isn't mine. Also, just in case anyone's interested in the unholy union of WoT and South Park, here's WoT Park.
  2. I think this has partly to do with AMoL being turned into three books instead of one. Brandon decided to devote TGS to Rand/Egwene and ToM to Perrin/Mat. As a result, some storylines were expanded so they would last an entire book and culminate around the same time. I don't think AMoL could have been done as one book, but two would have been enough; turning it into three books required some stretching of the storylines as well as some filler material. According to Brandon, RJ had already mapped out Egwene's storyline in TGS, but very little of Rand's storyline in TGS and Perrin's in ToM. So most of Egwene's storyline in TGS would have been the same under RJ, though I suspect he would have spent fewer chapters on it than Brandon did. In KoD, RJ gave Egwene only two POVs, one of which ("Honey in the Tea") was a long chapter where many things happened: Egwene got spanked, spent time impressing Aes Sedai and novices, planting seeds of mistrust against Elaida, etc. Much of what happened in TGS was basically a repeat of that chapter. Whether that time (and the time devoted to her and Gawyn's relationship in ToM) was wasted or not is a discussion better suited for the AMoL spoiler forum, IMO. How certain storylines wrapped up did affect my views on whether the time spent on them was well spent. I agree that Egwene's storyline suffered from a lack of competent opponents (despite the Sitters literally being ten times her age). Even Elaida as we saw her in the early books would have been a significant improvement over the total wreck she turned into in the last books.
  3. You're assuming that what RJ actually left behind is the entirety of what he would have wanted to include in the epilogue. Personally, I think he would have added a few more scenes before the last scene with Rand, considering that Brandon ended up writing some. Yes, but Brandon wrote Perrin's POV, and modified some of the others. The epilogue was not all RJ.
  4. It seems like it was Harriet who revealed that at a signing; only then did Brandon start mentioning it to fans. At the Phoenix ComicCon (at the 44:40 mark), Brandon also talked a bit about the two major characters who were killed off by him and Harriet and added: "I haven't announced mine. [Harriet] announced hers, and it was Siuan." It also seems like RJ hadn't said specifically what the fate of that character should be. I think it would be strange for RJ not to have said anything about Egwene's fate; on the other hand, I also found it surprising that RJ had apparently left no notes about Siuan after TGS. So who knows.
  5. At first I thought Egwene's death had to have been RJ's decision, as there are many things in the books that could be interpreted as foreshadowing of that, but I'm not so sure anymore. I do think it's strange that Brandon is so reluctant to tell us anything. It's certainly possible that it was one of RJ's "either I will do this, or I might do this" type of scenarios that Brandon's mentioned before. Also, keep in mind that Brandon and Team Jordan are very good at Aes Sedai speak—Brandon told someone "I was instructed to make Cadsuane Amyrlin," but he never said by whom. It could just as easily have been Harriet who told him to do that. In any event, I hope they'll settle the issue at some point, because I'd really like to know what RJ's vision was, and Egwene's ultimate fate is IMO a very important part of that. Some people are already convinced that Brandon killed her off out of personal dislike or to please the haters, but I find that unlikely. If Egwene's death was decided by anyone other than RJ, my guess would be that it was actually Harriet's decision. I also think it's worth remembering that Siuan was reportedly one of Harriet's favorite characters, so a character being killed off isn't necessarily a sign that someone wanted to see the character punished. Egwene dying and moving on to the afterlife/being reborn is arguably a kinder fate than being left widowed and burned out.
  6. Brandon did say he was the one who killed off Hurin.
  7. Rand didn't "pick up politics from two weeks with Elayne"; It was Thom who had sent him secret notes about the Tairen nobles.
  8. Like the quote said, "[Rand] seemed to want anyone here who might rise to a position of leadership to have their names on the document." Leadership doesn't require a country or throne, only followers. Rand was aware of Lan's army at that point, so it'd be odd to have someone like Gawyn sign but no one to represent the Malkieri. According to Brandon, RJ's notes placed Dobraine at Merrilor when Rand and Egwene clashed, but Brandon never mentioned Dobraine anywhere in AMoL. So it's hard to say whether Malkier was intentionally left out of the treaty or it's just another detail that Brandon neglected to add.
  9. Nynaeve isn't mentioned, but she was present, and her signature would probably suffice. The ToM glossary mentioned that "the husband or wife of a Saldaean ruler is not simply a consort, but an almost co-equal ruler," so we know Perrin will be almost equal to Faile. Tenobia wasn't married, so she didn't have to share the throne with anyone. Nynaeve's Accepted test suggested something similar goes for Malkier (Lan: “As my wife, how could you not be Queen? We are Malkieri here, not southlanders. You were crowned in the Seven Towers at the same time we exchanged rings.”) Of course, we don't know how accurate the Accepted test was, but I think it's most likely to be true.
  10. We have some information about the future of Malkier from RJ's notes, courtesy of Brandon (emphasis mine).
  11. I know they made statements suggesting RJ wrote everything but the Cadsuane POV, but Brandon later admitted to writing other parts as well. As I said before...they're very good at giving Aes Sedai answers.
  12. I think there's a good chance it was RJ who decided her death a long time ago, maybe even as far back as TEotW. Egwene suffered a similar fate as Eldrene, had a similar name, and was the only one in the Two Rivers group to recognize Eldrene's husband's warcry when Mat used it. In the earlier books, there are a number of possible foreshadowings of Egwene's death, most notably "the Year of Four Amyrlins" quote from TPoD. Two rival Halls, four Amyrlins in one year, and "just about everyone came to grief in the end." Sound familiar? Gawyn's death was also more than likely, since Egwene dreamed of it in ACoS: There were other uncertain viewings involving Gawyn and Egwene. In LoC, she dreamed of Gawyn "swinging a door closed on her, and she knew if that narrowing gap of light vanished, she was dead." In ACoS, Egwene dreamed that "straps at waist and shoulder held her tightly to the block, and the headsman's axe descended, but she knew that somewhere someone was running, and if they ran fast enough, the axe would stop." It doesn't seem like RJ's style to add so many ominous viewings about Gawyn and Egwene unless he meant for at least one to end badly. As it turned out, Gawyn married her AND got a violent death. If Egwene had survived AMoL, it still wouldn't have been a very happy ending for her. I think Egwene dying in a blaze of glory was in many ways a kinder fate than Egwene surviving. It's also worth noting that Brandon and Team Jordan have given us many Aes Sedai answers over the years. Brandon saying he was instructed to make Cadsuane Amyrlin doesn't necessarily mean it was RJ who decided it. It was Harriet who decided Siuan's death (RJ left no notes on Siuan after TGS), and Bela's. So it could have been Harriet who made the call on Egwene as well. If that's the case, I wish they would tell us, but they clearly have no intention of giving us any further details at this point.
  13. Encyclopaedia WoT lists the ones between TEoTW and KoD (under "Errata and Corrigenda"). Luckers posted some ToM corrections here (which he apparently got directly from Team Jordan), but they only cover the dream ter'angreal errors and don't include other corrections in the book. If some fans have received or personally made more complete lists, I haven't seen them posted anywhere.
  14. I think what gets me about Siuan and Bryne is that when they met (after Siuan's stilling, not their pre-series meetings), Bryne mused that he had no wife/heirs and the house of Bryne would end with him. Bryne mentioning this only a few paragraphs after thinking about how Siuan had affected him seemed to me another of those ironic foreshadowings that the opposite was about to happen: they would marry and continue the line. People who are confident or resigned that X will happen (they will never marry a noble, never fight in another war, never survive the Last Battle) are always proven wrong. We'll never know what RJ would have done, but this feels more plausible to me and would have been more satisfying than their quick, wholly unremarkable deaths.
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