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Cos there is one after the cute so I guessed there was another one. Im not too good with my grammar rules but even if there isnt one after the Israeli it's still correct isnt it? It is here but Americans are different on a lot of things like that so there might have to be. Its not like SA where you have to have one before an and as well

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But in theory the and could just be omitted?


Ummm... not really Miss M'am. Then it would read "I Love them cute, Israeli called Nurit". Which is totally awkward and downright mucks up the whole meaning of the sentence, as well as making the writer appear a total dip stick. The "and" in this case is required to specify that not only should the object of his expressed affection be a "cute Israeli" but in addition be "called Nurit" ...


*A comma preceding "and" is redundant. "And" on it's own provides the inferred pause and separation.



An' that be yer' lesson fer' the day from the most unintelligible scrub ta' be found on these boards most'a th'time... so it is :biggrin:

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