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When I once was a fool...

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So when have you been foolish?


For the Feast of Fools, this thread is dedicated to the weird, wacky, and just plain embarassing tales, of when we at the WT have been foolish, either in RL or here on DM. You can tell of when you've been pranked on, cases of mistaken identity, notes gone awry, etc. Any time you have felt the fool, please feel free to share! No one will laugh at you, only with you.


To start off, one of the times I have felt the most foolish was when I was 13. It was Valentine's Day, and at my school, everyone gave everyone else valentine's. Well, I had written out this big long note to my crush, telling him how I felt, etc. and I didn't sign my name. Well, his best friend started going around to all the girls, and saying "I know what you did". Well, when he got to me, I freaked out and said "How did you know???" And he promptly turned around and yelled across the (crowded) room "It was Kathryn!"

I had never been more embarassed in my life. Needless to say, I felt very foolish...



Share away, everybody!



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Our local newspaper prints the second graders' letters to Santa every year. My second grade year a boy in my class asked for a bike a puppy and "I want [My Full Name!!] to be my girlfriend". My mother of course saved the paper for a scrap book, so this continues to be an embarrassment 23 years later :tongue:

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Here's a story I shared once over in the Emerald lounge but its a funny one. I tent to have a naive streak and say the darndest things that could have...other meanings I am not thinking about. :D


We were at the doctors or my mother in law who cut her hand and needed stitches. The doctor comes in and his eye was all black and blue so we asked him what happened. He says "Oh, my wife..." and of course we looked aghast so he explained. They were playing racquetball and his wife tried to convince him to wear eye protection but he refused, being stubborn. And of course ended up getting a high velocity ball smashed right into his eye.


Well I'm nearsighted and can be kind of a spaz with sports involving high speed projectiles so I felt his pain. Trying to make him feel better I said "Oh don't worry! I get smacked in the face with balls all the time!"


Haha...you could have heard a pin drop in the whole office until finally everyone started cracking up laughing. They still tease me about this one. :D




I'll share one more and I hope it doesn't push the PG 13 limits but it is funny.


It was Christmastime and we were out in a little bayside village called Greenport covering the big holiday celebrations there or our website. There was this guy sitting outside of a fishing store dressed like Santa Claus and playing a fiddle. He seemed like an interesting guy and we talked to him for a bit before the kids arrived. It turns out he had been doing this for 20 years and we decided to feature him in our article.


But I forgot to get his name. So as we were leaving near the end of the festivities I ran back and said "Hey I forgot to get your name!" The man looked at me funny and goes "Ho, ho, ho...I'm Santa!" and then I realized he had a group of kids around. So I started backpedaling and trying to smooth it over. I said "Oh well you know I figured Santa had to have a 'secret identity' name for when he wasn't at the North pole.", or something like that and the kids sort of forgot all about it and I walked away. (He slipped his business card into my hand while I was sputtering and trying to figure a way to cover my mistake. :D


But it gets worse. On the way back to the car we caught up with some friends and people who knew us from the site. I was so embarrassed about before that I exclaimed to my husband in front of everyone, "I can't believe I almost blew Santa Clause in front of all those kids!" Again, stunned silence, weird looks, and then everyone started cracking up.

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I'd almost forgotten this one:


I dated a deaf guy in high school. He went to the state school, but played church league baseball for our hometown. We'd been dating about 4 months, and at a game one day I ran to the car to get his gatorade. When I got back to give it to him he turned away just as I'd have been in his sight. EVERYONE there knew he was deaf. So what do I do as he's turning from me? That's right, I yelled his name across the field. Loud. *facepalm*

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I once dated a guy for 3 months and didn't realise it. I couldn't understand his accent (he was from somewhere in England, but I could never understand when he told me where exactly, either). So I ended up just saying "yes" whenever it seemed as if he was asking a question. Turns out one of those questions was "will you go out with me". Go figure. Learned the truth when I slapped him silly for trying to kiss me (yeah that was back in the previous century, when I was only 16). His sister (who's learned to speak PROPER English) had to explain the situation to me.

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I have mostly felt like a fool for the people that I fell in love with. The one that was the most heart breaking and foolish for me was back in October 2008. I started dating a guy I knew from high school, helping him move after a nasty divorce. One day, after coming back home from his place, I was rushed to the hospital and had my ovary removed. My father kept calling him to let him know how I was doing. On the day I got out of surgery he called me up and said that our relationship wasn't working because my problems were becoming more important than his and I was going through what his ex went through and he didn't want to deal with it twice.


I was such a fool to fall in love with someone right out of a relationship!!!! Found the love of my life 6 months later!!!!!

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You got a boyfriend AND a fiance that way? :blink: LOL!


I could never have Top Security Clearance because I'll tell you anything in my sleep. My mom found out that my sister smoked because she asked me while I was sleeping. Whoops!



Haha! :D When I was in colllege I used to pull a lot of all nighters, going to bed at 6AM often to have to get up at 8AM. One of my old friends from high school used to love to call me up early in the morning because I would often grab for the phone before I was really awake, and she would laugh at whatever nonsense I was babbling. Then she'd tell me about it later. One time I said something to her about pancakes and elephants. She still teases me about that one. LOL


Poet, I say stuff like that all the time, and I never realize how it sounds til everyone cracks up...I can't post any of mine tho, or I'll get smacked upside the head with a certain sign... :tongue:



But we don't mean it that way! :D It's good to hear I'm not the only one. LOL

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Everyone, it is time for the revealing! Go over to Egwene's Welcome thread to find out who the Amyrlin, the Keeper, the Sword Captain, the Mistress of Novices, the Master at Arms, the Captain General and the Banner General really are! (The suspense is killing me...)

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