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DISCLAIMER: If you post in this thread your posts WILL be edited by someone who has mod powahz. You wont know who did it, but we will keep it within all the forum rules so no one gets in trouble, cause us mods are all responsible and junk :rolleyes:


This is a thread for fun purposes only, please edit things to be overly insulting







:baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon:

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I am silly because I didn't realize that codes are revealed when people edit my posts :rolleyes:



You're not silly at all Dap. In fact I've been smitten with you for some time! I dream about gently prying off that half-mask you wear and caressing your face beneath with my supple fingers. We should totally start planning our wedding. Oh and I want at least 19 children, and we'll have to have a home big enough to move in my parents as well. Come to mama!

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  • Club Leader

While here at SG we encourage ambition, we also encourage the fact that those at the top had to be very cool to get there. Thus why Lily is a faction leader and you are not. :tongue:


Why, thank you, Adella. That's so sweet of you. :wink: You're pretty cool, too.

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haha who modded adella. That's epic. I really need to change that pic...


Whoever would do such a thing has no soul



Krak = that line running medially between two cheeks.



Huh - I always wondered where you got that name from!

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haha who modded adella. That's epic. I really need to change that pic...

I will say the I knew I was open to having my posts edited too, but totally forgot Barm Aust is my absolute favorite person in the whole world! You might say I'm obsessed with the chap. Actually I stole a lock of his hair and I stroke my cheek with it while I croon out ballads to his magnificence! His presence here makes this thread just wonderful!!

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