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What Parts Have Made You Get..THE MADDEST..at a Character in The Series So Far??

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To add to my earlier list...I wasn't happy with how Rolan and his two buddies saved Faile one minute and basically get killed for two minutes later based off a misunderstanding.  Faile didn't even care, even though Rolan basically kept her sane during most of it. 


and Masema should have gotten a cooler death scene lol.  Not a big fan of the character but it seemed very anti-climatic to me. 

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With just a very few exceptions, any scene with the snip-nosed princess (Elayne) pretty much ticks me off to no end. What comes to mind is her treatment of Matrim on the way to Ebou Dar, but it is usually a blanket loathing all around.

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Spoilers I guess,

How can you say Faile didnt care about Rolans death when there was a chapter about what happened to the women mentally?


If this happens in tGS, I haven't read it yet.  Otherwise I missed it completely lol.  If it happens before tGS, can you tell me what chapter it's in?

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With the whole treatment of Mat thingy, I'm waiting for a scene with the three supergirls and Tuon and Mat. They will all flip out at the fact that he's married and then Tuon will give some totally strait-faced line about how ungrateful they all are and then will say that she respects Mat and doesn't respect them and then all the girls will flip out and Tuon will just walk off and they will all gape at her. Then Mat will give a little grin and totally ruin the moment and then everything will return to normal. =D

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  • Rand, for handing Taim the most awesome power in the world even though he's suspicious of him from the moment they meet.
  • the Aes Sedai in general, the structure of the institute is the most absurd thing, with so many weaknesses it's a wonder it hasn't fallen apart a long time ago.
  • The girls, for not going back to Ebou-Dar for Mat (sure it's dangerous, but they know how to hide their ability and invert weaves and all).
  • Elaine, for the fatally dumb move of storming the black ajah in Caemlin the way she did and not feeling even a bit guilty for the 500+ dead during the her rescue.



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I think most that I can come up with have been mentioned.


I git irritated the way Min thinks she can protect Rand by twirlling some knives, knowing the things he has to face, she just becomes a hinderance to him as he will try to protect her.  She finally learned this lesson the hard way in TGS, but used to irritate me quite a bit.


Egwene's hypocrisy is probably one of my biggest pet peaves.  It is almost as if she believes she is ta'veren, herself, or at least much more important than the three actual ta'veren in the world.  In many instances she is shown to not be stupid, but in pretty much anything that deals with Mat and Rand, she is blind. 


I hate the way several of the female channelers strike out with air to hit or pinch others, usually Rand or Mat. It would be the same for physically striking someone, though usually there are other channelers around so they can hide a little in amiguity. 


I was kind of pissed at the Borderlanders for putting restrictions on meeting with Rand, then sending Hurin to tell him of the restrictions.


I was kind of irritated how the 3 supergirls Nyn, Egw, and Elane, pretty much ignored or forgot Moiraine mentioning that Mat blew the Horn of Valere at the end of TDR, unless it was an error when later Birgitte assumes they don't know and Mat also forgets they don't know, though he had already been healed at that point, so I don't think he was forgetting anything else then.


The others are:

Treatment of Mat at the Stone and Ebou Dar

Allana bonding Rand

anything Cadsuane except when Rand threatened to kill her and Tam stood up to her

anything Gawyn related that is not his death

Berelain persuing Perrin after he was married, and allowing the infidelity rumor to go on

having so many chapters devoted to Elayne retaking Andor

kind of wish Rand would only have one love interest and that would be Aviendha




I agree with most everything here, except the bit about Gawyn. Your eyes should be doing this :o right now ;D. What is peoples problem with him? He is not the worst character by far, he is definitely not good but I don't think he should be killed off for it. If anybody should be hated and despised it is Elayne. I haven't been able to do one reread with out skipping over every chapter with her in it. I don't care if she only has a minor role. Even though I want her to die the most horrible death imaginable, I don't think I could read it for how much I hate her character. Besides her... I really don't hate anyone nearly as much. There are some minor things here and there, most of which have been fixed in tGS. Oh! I just thought of one, the Sea Folk. The world is ending and all they can think of is the better bargain. If I was Rand I would get the Asha'man capture all of the high ranking officials of the Sea Folk, and the windfinders. Then I would lock them away until they decided to work towards helping Rand defeat the Dark One, and save the world and time itself from eternal destruction and death.

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When people say "Rand intends the Throne for Elayne." - And Morgase or Elayne says something like "OH HE INTENDS IT? HE CANNOT GIVE THE LION THRONE AWAY, IT IS ELAYNES BY RIGHT!"


Jesus Christ... I can't stand any of that nonsense.


I also don't enjoy reading about the main characters when their regarding each other contemptuously or indifferent just because they've come into a position in power. Egwene, Rand, Nynaeve, Matt, and Perrin just all need to be BFFs like they were back in Emonds Field and the world would be a much better place. :)))


AND BEND THE FREAKIN KNEE TO RAND. HE'S THE DRAGON REBORN FOR GOODNESS SAKES. I hate when Aes Sedai have stiff necks for that very reason... (being Aes Sedai) I seriously want to physically sit each character down and say "Step down off your pedestal and 'recognize' that Rand is humanities only hope. So RESPECT fool!"



I'm glad that's off my chest..

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Verm - I'm not sure if that's in response to me. But just to clarify what I was talking about with "Bend the knee" - I mainly mean stiff necked Aes Sedai who think their ish doesn't stink and think they have to be included in everything etc etc. =P

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When Rand was all like "Oh btw Gawyn, I didn't kill yer ma. That was Rahvin" and Gawyn was all "that's coo" then Rand was like "Oh, P.S. I got your sister pregnant then ran off with another woman"  but Gawyn went "whatev, I hooked up with the girl you thought you were going to marry for the first 19 years of your life and she knew I wanted to kill you!" and Rand said "dang"




Every time someone holds back on saying something and confusion and malcontent spreads because of it makes me really mad. Really. Mad.


Actually, Rand did try to communicate with Gawyn, only Gawyn didn't respond.  Neither action seems unreasonable to me.  If I had the books handy, I'd provide the quote, but I don't.


(I do find Gawyn annoying, but don't try to blame it on Rand!)

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