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  1. Ooooooo. I like this little Code of War picture thingy. Now I get to finally see what are the codes of war... There aren't very many of them... Maybe this is just a few. Chapter sixteen, "COCOONS" Don't have much to say about this chapter... Chapter seventeen, "A BLOODY RED SUNSET" Well, by moving to the deathline Kaladin should get either respect or at least attention for doing such a insane thing. Won't be long now until he should have the loyalty of the bridgemen. When Kaladin was running towards the chasm with the Parshendi firing arrows at him he got a sudden surge of strength. This could be adrenaline but I think it is something more... Kaladin is going to have a very hard time to try and keep those wounded bridgemen alive. I don't doubt that one of the lighteyes will have them executed because they cannot work. Ahhhhhh that is where he got his power from! And it also explains why the spheres he always has are dun. He is... what did Szeth call it? A surgebinder? Or a Windrunner? Anyway I believe Kaladin is one of these. Now I wonder when he will realize it... Probably not until near the very end.
  2. Unfortunately I cannot see the connection... Oh well... Thanks for the replies. Chapter Fourteen, "PAYDAY" Kaladin certainly has the right attitude to get the bridge workers to straighten up, but I fear that it probably won't happen for another three of four bridge runs... I really do not like Gaz, I have a feeling that he will do something to undermine Kaladin's plans and will most likely end up with Kaladin in a terrible predicament. Even though I like Syl as a character, something about her makes me believe that she is a evil creature turned good. Chapter Fifteen, "THE DECOY" Wow, I thought only twenty people would have died to that chasmfiend, not fifty! And a hundred wounded... it makes me wonder how people ever hunted these things before they had Sharplates and Shardblades... ... How could Dalinar forget everything about his wife? That just doesn't make sense... Unless he experienced some mental trauma, maybe when she died it "broke" his mind? I doubt the strap was broken by a assassin. Either it was broken on accident or the King planned on it being broken to make everyone believe that there were assassins trying to kill him. Even though Sadeas is helping Elhokar in almost anyway he can does not mean necessarily mean that he will help Dalinar, I think Sadeas will actually betray Dalinar...
  3. I have been thinking long and hard about it and no, I do not notice anything familiar about the foreigners... Unfortunately I do not have Elantris right now so I cannot read it to figure out what you mean. Do you mind giving me a hint? Chapter Twelve, "UNITY" Huh, already I am liking Adolin and Renarin as much as I like Kaladin. I do not know about Adolins attitude with dueling though... Does he mean like a friendly fight? Or a battle to the death? And with him being so against Sadeas makes me believe that Sadeas will be a good guy. I do not have a problem with Renarin though, hes cool. Dalinar character feels like Liam Neeson's attitude mixed with Arnold's/Stallone's strength wrapped in a Crysis Suit! Overall awesomeness. Unfortunately he is going crazy from the visions from the Almighty, or whoever is giving him those visions. Elhokar is giving me a weird vibe... I don't trust him. I fear that while he is doing something he thinks is good he will eventually nearly lead his armies to ruin. lol! I really hope I get to see more of Wit, just this brief introduction of him has been hilarious! That was a interesting way to end the chapter... I predict about twenty people will die due to that chasmfiend... Chapter 13, "TEN HEARTBEATS" That battle was exciting but fills me with questions... First off how will they repair their Shardplates? Second why was Sadeas not down there with the King, and third what is a gigantic gem doing inside of a chasmfiend?
  4. Yes I have, and I loved almost all of it except the end. I just thought that it went too fast at the end with not enough explained.
  5. Chapter Ten, "STORIES OF SURGEONS" I am liking this chapter so far, unfortunately I think I know where these "past" chapters will end. Most likely with Kaladin's family dead to a Lighteyes... Heh, it is funny to read about the characters views of spren. Personally I believe that spren do not cause anything, but are attracted to the action taking place. So when someone has fear, fearspren are attracted to it. Same with rotspren. They are attracted to rot, and so using inductive reasoning the characters assume that the spren are the cause. Chapter Eleven, "DROPLETS" Hey, Kaladin is going to the Honor Chasm. I smell a epiphany coming up! Maybe Kaladin will be able do something that gets him promoted to a soldier soon after this chapter! lol! I love the way Kaladin dealt with Gaz, I hope that he keeps that kind of attitude for the rest of the book! INTERLUDES ISHIKK - NAN BALAT - SZETH I-1, "ISHIKK" This chapter has been weird... I like it but don't understand much... Interesting character though I look forward to reading more of him, as long as he has a more important role than just being an informer. I-2, "NAN BALAT" *shudders* I have read only half a page and I am weirded out by this character... I hope I do not have to read to much more of him later... I-3, "THE GLORY OF IGNORANCE" I really feel sorry for Szeth, I hope they explain how exactly he became "Truthless" and then why... lol this feels like a bad joke. A footpad being the master of a man such as Szeth... Although I guess that's better than Szeth in the hands of someone who will full utilize Szeth's potential
  6. Argh! Sorry I have not been able to post again, I should be able to post tonight. If not then I will try soon.
  7. Sorry, I have been very busy these past few weeks and have had no time to read. However I should have time to read/post tonight!
  8. Chapter Seven, "ANYTHING REASONABLE" That is odd phrasing. Shallan is thinking about her father's Soulcaster and says something odd, here is the passage, Nobody knew hwere he'd gotten the fabrial, which she now carried in her safepounch. it was unusable, damaged on the same disastrous ev- ening that her father her died. Don't think about that, she told herself forcefully. Why say disastrous? This is probably nothing, but I still find the phrasing odd. That is odd, it seems that Shallan is describing one of those Blades. And the rest of the scene describes a violent incident with her holding a Blade. Did she kill her father? Nah couldn't be... Could it? Something about this Kabsal just feels off, I feel like he is too likable. Although maybe he is just likable. Chapter Eight, NEARER THE FLAME I really like Yalb I hope I get to see more of him in this book! With the way things had been going I did not expect Shallan to become Jasnahs ward until halfway through the book.
  9. Chapter 5, HERETIC I like how Jasnah acts towards Shallan. Neither to harsh or to kind. Just how an important person who does not have a lot of time and is nearly always working should act. Ahhh, so Shallan wants Jasnahs Soulcaster, then she will replace it with hers to hide the theft and get away with out any problem. Or at least that is what I believe the plan is supposed to be. What is more likely to happen is Shallan will come to like Jasnah and not want to steal the Soulcaster or will get caught with it when she attempts to escape. Chapter 6, BRIDGE FOUR I am getting the feeling that a Bridgeman is not a good thing, although I cannot see why. Moving a small bridge around can't be that bad. This sounds like it might be boring. This is not that interesting so far, moving a bridge around, complaining about pain and exhaustion. I don't get it... Oh, wow... I did not think about how the armies would attack in the Shattered Plains. Yeah now I can see why being a Bridgeman can be extremely bad. And without any armor it is nearly suicide. Well here are my predictions on what will happen with Kaladin as a Bridgeman he will either escape. Get many other to help him escape or he will eventually become a soldier. Probably by saving a Highprince's life. But the fight for survival will definitely be hard and a interesting read.
  10. Chapter Three, "CITY OF BELLS" Okay seriously, this is getting creepy. These blurbs sound as if someone is either visiting anyone that is about to die and record what they say, which is disturbing enough, or someone is killing people on purpose to record these statements. By the way what year is it? In the book I mean? Shallan's character so far is interesting but I think her "wittyness" is just a little forced. Almost no one speaks like that anywhere on Earth. Of course you could argue that the book does not take place on Earth and therefor doesn't have to be similar to us in any way. So far the detail of this book is feels like just the right amount, not too much and not too little. To many other books I have read either did not have enough descriptions, so I get confused, or too much and I get bored. (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King especially) Okay maybe I should reverse my earlier statement. Or at least change. For common things such as how someone looks or the shape of a city this book does great with. When it comes to these odd things such as spheres, dun-spheres, spren, Soulcasting, Voidbringers, Heralds and all the other races Brandon does not do enough explaining. What could Jasnah Kholin possibly help Shallan? I guess that she could give Shallan money but that does not seem like someone like Jasnah would do. (At least what I have read so far does not support this theory.) Chapter Four, THE SHATTERED PLAINS This blurb is also strange. Why would a healer take a dying mans blood? That would only serve to speed up the death in a more painful way, or at least I believe it would. Whoever is collecting these last word statements is obviously not right in the head. AKA Evil. Man Kaladin has been beaten down pretty bad since that last battle, or at least I assume it was his last. lol I can just imagine, lost somewhere on the road. Your resources dwindling, many dangers are near, having to constantly keep an eye on rebellious slaves then with your only map one of your slaves tear it into hundreds of pieces right before you eyes! Kaladin is an awesome character. It is hard to imagine living in a place with such dangerous things such as a Highstorm. Which by the way if a Highstorm is so dangerous then why is it that the wagons are not tipped over? I would think that the wind would be strong enough to flip just about anything on its side, or even throw it a few hundred feet. I am having a really hard time trying to imagine what Chulls look like. The image I have is like a square crab, or maybe a rectangle. Something tells me that Kaladin will find anything but a justice or a chance for freedom here. He probably won't even be allowed in the army with those marks on him. He will simply be too dangerous to give a weapon to.
  11. I apologize for not posting yesterday, many things were happening and I completely forgot. Part One, Chapter One, "STORMBLESSED" That is an odd "blurb" Brandon has for this book, a collection of odd sentences moments before death? I cannot understand what it is talking about... Heh, this book sure does get around, first it was in Ralak's time, then it was 4500 years later, now it is a additional five years later. I wonder if this will be like Foundation (Brilliant book). That is interesting, it looks like Brandon is going to go for the same route as Mistborn and follow a young child/adult as main character. That is a delicate balance which I hope he can maintain. Kaladin feels far older then he is supposed to be, I hope he has a interesting enough back story to explain it. I severely dislike it when, in a book or movie, a young adult is far wiser and superior to his elders. Unless of course there was a good reason behind it. So far though I like Kaladin. After Cenn got wounded he thought he saw a warping of the air around Kaladin, I guess I now know how Kaladin is so lucky. He has got to be some form of a magic wielder. ! Cenn dies? That is rather violent, for a 15 year old to be killed like that. Maybe he is still alive though... probably not though. Chapter Two, "HONOR IS DEAD" I didn't expect it to jump in time again, although this is only eight months so it is not to big a jump. How and when did Kaladin become a slave? I would think that with his superior capability's that he would be able to keep from being a slave in the first place or at least break away by now. I am still having trouble understanding what these "spren" are. What exactly do they do and how many are there? I hope they are explained better later.
  12. [WARNING THIS THREAD MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR, THE WAY OF KINGS, MISTBORN OR THE WHEEL OF TIME] I finally have The Way of Kings, took me a while but I finally have it. As with my read through of Mistborn, I will write down my thoughts on each chapter as I read it. It is kind of a scary thought for me to start this though knowing that Sanderson plans on doing ten of these books, which means that the series most likely will not be done until 2021+. If this book gets me hooked then I suspect I will finally understand how the first Wheel of Time readers feel. Well here I go. I am now opening the book... Prelude. Wow, this artwork is amazing. I have never seen so much in a non-art related book before... And I am just at the beginning! I do not think that this book will disappoint in the slightest. Brandon obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this. I have now spent five to ten minutes just staring at the all the artwork. I think it is now time for me to actually read some of the story lol! Oh yes, I forgot how hard it is to read a book with its own background with its own magic. It is hard to keep track of all of it. But so far the book is looking good. I almost feel like I am standing there with Kalak right now. Spectacular! I only finished the Prelude, which is three pages long, and I really feel connected to these characters. Brandon writes this in such a way that I can almost feel Kalak's pain! Prologue. Szeth is a odd fellow, he reminds me of Marsh or Zane from Mistborn. Mostly Zane. lol I thought I wouldn't have to read any more about clothing or the latest "fashion", I guess I was wrong. Oh well at least it does not take entire chapters as mid-late-Wheel of Time does. It is strange to read this fight scene. Because I do not yet know all of the different magics and powers, I am confused by this. What I do understand however is pretty cool. Man I am loving these Lashings, the possibility's are endless! I hope this character (or another "Lasher") is seen a LOT more in the book! Ahhh very clever. Szeth super-Lashed the balcony to the ground collapsing it, I didn't think you could do that. I have a question about these Lashings. What if one was to Lash a castle wall into the sky? Or even into space? Would it tear out of the ground and then fly until it hit the anchor point and just hover there? Or does the anchor have to be on a object? That is it for now. I will continue tomorrow.
  13. I have been thinking about it, haven't gotten around to it yet... But you know what? I just finished a different Trilogy, and I am not reading anything now. I will go ahead and order the Way of Kings right now and start a separate thread for that.
  14. Chapter 79. Wow, I did not expect the Kandra to go out like that. Or at least I am assuming that they pulled their spikes out. Otherwise Sazed will be dead. Chapter 80. This was a rather interesting chapter. Don't have much to say on it but it is still interesting. Chapter 81. Hmm, this book looks like it will end badly. It looks like it will end with everyone surviving with Elend and Vin becoming Gods (Explaining the neutral gender words in the prophesies) and everything is wonderful forever again. Which is exactly what I do not want. Hopefully it will not end like this. I wonder how Vin will save Elend now that he is severely wounded by Marsh, probably give him half of her power or something so that he does not have to rely on a Human body anymore. ... ... ... Elend is dead! I cannot believe that Brandon actually killed him! No, I know. Elend is just dead for the moment he will return. Altough... Do I want to have him be revived? That is always a terrible thing to do in books. On the other hand I really like Elend... *sigh* Wow a brilliant moment like that ruined (no pun intended) by Ruin saying that stupid line, "I Ruined everything you loved!" I mean seriously? "Ruined"? That is bad writing and sounds very childish. Wow, the end to the series was just about as epic as I could have hoped for. Elend dead, Vin dead, the land completely destroyed. Hopefully though everything doesn't magically become better though. Chapter 82. I had completely forgotten that Sazed was one of the candidates for the Hero of Ages! I had assumed that it would be Elend and Vin. Hmm. I do not like that everything looks like it will end happily. Epilogue. Well I guess the ending wasn't as bad as I feared. Great job Sanderson! This is a absolutely brilliant trilogy!
  15. Finally! I am now able to read the book again! I will try to do as much as I can and attempt to get it done today. Chapter 72. I am confused here. Vin just entered a battle with thirteen Inquisitors, at the start it says she used a Duralumin fueled Push against the Inquisitors spikes... But the spikes are within the Inquisitors. When did she gain the ability to manipulate metals within bodies? There it happens again! Vin just Pushed off a couple of Inquisitors that were holding on to her. I would appreciate it if someone could explain this to me. Yay, Marsh has finally redeemed himself by removing Vin's Hemalurgic spike! It is about time someone did that. Chapter 73. Well that is proof that Vin is not the Hero of Ages. The "blurb" mentions her in such a way that it is impossible for Vin to be the one who was writing the "blurbs" unless she has a very strange way of speaking of herself when she is writing. Oh I did not think about that. That Vin's Hemalurgic spike being removed would weaken her power. I wonder how much this will hinder Vin's ability to find and kill Inquisitors. Probably a lot. This will be very interesting. A fight scene of Vin versus thirteen Inquisitors with Vin having the power of Duralumin in everyone of her attacks. My only problem with this is how is it that Vin can fight with all of those broken bones? Unless the Mist healed her then it would be impossible for her to fight. Well whatever Vin lost with her ability to pierce copperclouds she has gained far more just from the Mist. Ohhh so because she had used Duralumin when she would Push that allows her to use the metals inside of the Inquisitors. But then why does she not just Pull on them instead? She could pull out a lot of them with one pull and kill almost all of them. So, the Mist Phantom was someone else from the past that had become the Mists and that is what has happened to Vin. I think. I am still trying to figure out exactly what happened this chapter. This chapter was expertly done. Now one of my favorite in the series. Chapter 74. This is kind of nitpicking but Elend can't do the horseshoe trick. He has practiced with it but could not get it to work so instead he would just drop the coins to move where he needed to. Unless he suddenly got better at it this seems like bad writing. Chapter 75. I didn't expect anything less from KanPaar. Of course he would rebel against the Firsts. I just realized, if the Kandra had Hemalurgic spikes then wouldn't that mean that Ruin would be able to see and speak to the Kandra. And therefor be able to see and hear them talk about the Atium? Chapter 76. Interesting chapter I guess. Although I do not know how I feel yet with Vin having the power of a God. Chapter 77. Not much to say in this chapter. I am glad that the characters are finally learning how to deal with Ruin though. Chapter 78. I always love reading Sazeds fight scenes. In my opinion they are actually better then the Allomancer fights. Just the ingenuity of it is amazing. Well that last line Sazed says, "What harm could they possibly do?" has disturbed me. Now I know that something very bad will happen. I will stop for a bit. I will try and finish the book tonight.
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