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  1. I would have to agree with Xader. That picture really fits the characters .
  2. I am glad that you are feeling better. Now get back to posting!
  3. ELANYE!! I cannot stand her character! She is a worthless piece of ---- and a fricken lunatic to boot! I will admit though that I liked her better in Towers of Midnight. So perhaps... I can't believe I am saying this... Perhaps she is not beyond redemption. But until I see it, for who I believe to be the most retarded and annoying character in Wheel of Time is Elayne. For other stupid people it would have to be... Can I just name just about every character except Mat? All of them have retard moments (Mat does too but I like his character to much to put him on the list). For annoying... Perrin when Faile is captured. Egwene when she is spouting her "The-White-Tower-is-the-most-important-and-powerful-force-on-this-planet-oh-by-the-way-Rand-sucks-I-am-the-Amyrlin-the-Dragon-Reborn-must-serve-me-because-I-know-better-then-all-I-am-a-hormonal-teenager-fresh-out-of-my-tiny-town-therefor-I-have-more-wisdom-then-you-too!". Most of the sea folk... Tylin(sp?)... Just about anyone in WoT that thinks that Elayne is a great and wonderful Queen. That is about it. There are many others but it would take too long to say it all.
  4. Yeah, Path of Daggers was terrible for leaving Mat out. However I still hate Crossroads of Twilight FAR more. The entire book is made of (expletive) ELAYNE! I hate any chapter with her in it, with in exception for Mat of course, I have only been ever able to read Crossroads of Twilight once. Every time I read it now I only read the chapters that I like. Mat and some Rand.
  5. I have not read Warbreaker yet so I can offer no opinion on that. Nor have I read the last book of Mistborn, so I do not know if the entire series is good. However I believe the the first two books in the Mistborn trilogy are great books and an excellent read. Elantris is good, I just don't think it is spectacular. Although I was sick at the time so maybe I just have bad memories of it from that.
  6. I agree, awesome book. I could barely put the book down from the moment I had it in my hand until after I had finished it. (Not sure if I will do a reread. But this is the first book I have read that I am very tempted to do so.) p.s. frieza rules you.
  7. YAY! I have it! Towers of Midnight is in my hands! So long suckers! Time to hide in a cave for the next few days until I have completely digested this book. Then I will attempt to read it!
  8. I have actually opened a few Spoiler threads. But I was able to resist right afterward! I do not know how, but just when I was about to start reading I suddenly found my mouse flying to the "close" button and pressing it! I am very glad I did, I did it once with The Gathering Storm and hated myself for doing so. Don't give in! Resist at all costs! P.S. Elend, you suck for getting the book already ! P.P.S. It's mine it is. And I wants it!! P.P.P.S. I hate the wait! I can only imagine what AMoL will feel like.
  9. I would like to ask that everybody vote, (Although I think it is to late for that. Should have started trying to make sure everyone votes a month ago.), I do not care who you vote for, Republican or Democrat. Just vote. And remember, if you don't vote than you do not get Complaining Rights . You have no business complaining about who is currently in office if you didn't vote IMO. By the way, I completely agree with Sid on Proposition 13! Vote yes!
  10. I would like to thank you very much for your service for our country, and I hope you get well soon. As for this thread here, I am always interested in someones first read through a series which I love. I am definitely going to keep an eye on this thread. *Salutes* God bless you sir.
  11. For my choice of weapon... If it had to be an assault rifle and not a heavy machine gun, I would choose the Пистолет-пулемёт Шпагина (PPSh-41). With a drum magazine. If I had flat ground with no obstructions. I would most likely something like 50+, and this is being modest. I am a fairly decent shot and the PPSh-41 has very low recoil and very high fire rate. And like Magnetic Zero said, if I run my kills would increase. My kills would also increase if I was on high ground. Even more if I was in a tree. And by the way, this is all assuming I had twenty other drum magazines. Since you left out a lot of the specifics I will just have to assume what you meant. I have a weapon, I have food and water and I was dumped right in the middle of the blight. I might make it one day, after that I would be a dead man. However if I had a full bio-chemist suit, I think I would last for quite a while seeing as how the suit will keep any loose poisons away from my skin and the suit will also hide my smell. Assuming that the fear gaze didn't effect me, I should be able to wound him before he gutted me. If he decided to move slow, I might kill him. Me vs Wyrm with any weapon besides weapons that don't exist and nukes. I would win hands down with an M249 SAW mounted and pointed right at the Wyrm, however with an assault rifle (without grenade launchers), I would be in big trouble. Me vs Draghkar with any weapon besides weapons that don't exist and nukes. I would be able to kill it, but I would die too. If I knew a Draghkar was coming for me I would choose a grenade and pull the pin. Than as soon as I let go, BOOM! Me vs Forsaken with any weapon besides weapons that don't exist and nukes. I would die a very horrible death with any weapon. Me vs Gholem(sp?) with any weapon besides weapons that don't exist and nukes. I might win if I had a V2 rocket in my pocket but otherwise I would die.
  12. Bumping this thread up so that maybe Master Dralid would grace us with his presence and allow us to read his great thoughts on the next chapters? If not than that's fine. I understand. (crys in corner)
  13. You have torn away my patience to wait for the next book calmly, and got me to a near, frothing at the mouth, frenzy! Great job Jason!
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