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  1. Maybe being brought back was the punishment? ;)
  2. You know a book hasn't left the best impression when you use the title of a different one! :P
  3. Someone really just needs to headbutt Merise.
  4. How would his death 'shake the will of men'? Maybe in his heyday but I don't think by the time of his death.
  5. I just checked to find the chapter. It was in LOC, Chapter 44. http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/books/loc/ch44.html
  6. Mat's medallion stops Saidin as well. Arangar tries to channel at him in one of the books and her weave falls apart. I can't recall the book atm, it was during a dance or something in Salidar. As I can recall, the lightning was a byproduct of whatever Rahvin was doing and not that he was actively shooting out lightning bolts. Mat affected in the same way when Adeleas and Vandene were chucking rocks at him with the power.
  7. I think they made too much of a point of the Palace (or was it Inner City) being like a defensible city on its own without giving it such a use unless you know trollocs are going to use the same path that Rand did in TEOTW Hopefully the destruction doesn't reach that point though.
  8. Reading through New Spring at the moment and a reunion I'm looking forward is Moiraine + Siuan. Each woman thinks the other dead and because of how they started the journey together. It might happen in the background (or not at all which would be horrible) as events with more prominence will be detailed but I do hope that it can be seen. Just like, Siuan pacing in her tent grumbling and the like and then she feels a slight tingle (that Moiraine seems to feel when Siuan embraces the source in NS) as well as the feeling of another woman embracing the source and stage clear for the emotional reunion.
  9. So, it turns out that good ol' Ishy has amassed quite a bit of AoL goodies, judging by Graendal's reaction. You'd wonder why they didn't just set Aginor to working with that stuff, or if not, then participating in the Trolloc creating centers in the Blight. Figuring out ways to improve them or perhaps alter then in whatever way. You know, evil scientist stuff and not the useless douchebag agenda. The dude actually creeped me out when he first showed up. I suppose it helped that at the point I still held the Forsaken in such a high view (as bad guys) but still.
  10. Weren't they all in Camelyn at the end of KoD? They're the ones who kidnapped Elayne. I think they're all dead now. Nope, they were a bunch of BA from that same group of 13. I don't think they all died. Falion and Marillin got away with Shiane and Mellar. (I don't if I'm missing anyone). I'm referring to Jeaine, Rianna and Berylla. None of which have been seen since TFOH.
  11. I was hoping to see Moghdien's (formerly Liandrin's) cronies pop up again. It's been what? 8 books since she sent them away? I know it has been postulated that they were behind Masema's continued degradation but it would be nice to actually see them appear in some capacity. The final curtain is about to be drawn.
  12. It was inferred in the actual text. Pretty clearly. Once in a conversation between Graendal and Moridin and later reinforced in the 'conversation' between Graendal and Shaidar Haran. Moridin - "Aran'gar is dead. Lost to us - and after the Great Lord transmigrated her soul the last time. One might think you are making a habit of this sort of thing Graendal." Graendal - "I like to serve Nae'blis>" Moridin - "Surely you do not imply that Aran'gar had turned traitor." He implies that she's done this sort of thing before, directly causing a Forsaken's death and with her reasoning prior being that the person she killed was a traitor. Now, who fits that bill perfectly? EDIT - Already stated. lol. And at the top of the page no less! Yeah, we'll go with that.
  13. I think I could definately go for this one. The womanizer vs the seductress. And maybe Mat will get lucky and Graendal will rip Tuon's mind out and replace it with a Compulsion which gives her a personality that doesn't suck so much. Hey. Just a wait a sec there... There are only so many things that can go right for our heroes. I think this might be pushing things a bit too far in that direction
  14. It's been said that the BUT was Mat's ashandarei. In that it served a dual function in getting them out of the TOG. It was one of the answers he received way back in TSR but many didn't connect the pieces.
  15. Are you serious? No, really? Please say no.
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