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  1. Lanfear is my favorite, with Graendal and Ishamael after. They were the most interesting and although arogance seems to be a defining character attribute for major shadow players, these three at least didn't allow it to be their downfall (not directly at least) unlike some other total loosers (yeah I'm looking Bao).
  2. Jordan wanted for himself a number with possible mystical meaning, and even beter, one which is manifeted in nature (like π and the golden ratio φ). '13' answers one of these, but the real natural ones are cumbersome irrational numbers, so he took another.
  3. Rand didnt have the time to raise a shield, what with the complete shock of seeing semirhage shooting a fireball at him and all. That's a very weak excuse. The possiblity of a double-cross in the meeting was very high in the first place, everyone else were against such a dangerous move. if you go ahead into a possible ambush, at the very least you should go prepared. meaning, have the shield in place beforehand or have another channeler with the single task of shielding you.
  4. There was a thread about this a while back... most channelers in WOT are appaligly unimaginative. here's a short list: Illusion disguises of the oppsite sex = Stroll right though Seanchan chackpoints without fear, or get a job as a cleaner in the WT novice quarters bathrooms. Eavesdropping wards around your feet = Sneak in full armor. Eavesdropping wards around a cannon = Silenced artilery Eavesdropping ward around person's head = No one can hear you scream (MWHAHAHA!!). High altitude Waygates = Who needs raken? Low altitude Waygates = Scout a safe location to open your Waygate on site instead of a safe walking distance (I always thought it was idiotic that Elayne's party Traveled to a location so far from Caemlyn when fleeing Ebou-dar, there was no reasonable excuse for that). Invisible horizontal Waygate = The perfect trap in the road. Medium height observation Waygate = There was no need for Elayne to be ON the city wall to observe the battle. Nor was there need to carry her in a bed to the display of the Dragons. Tiny Waygates = Eavesdropping from the other side of the world. Skimming gate = Ultimate garbage disposal. Battle barriers = There was a very impressive barrier displayed in Dumai's wells, why isn't it used again? Rand didn't need to loose his hand.
  5. Right! that's exactly how I imagine a Gateway :) a Gateway doesn't really rotate around itself during opening. I'd say the rotation is how the eye interpret something that is not really visual -- a warp in space. Also, in every mention of the cuts a Gateway leaves, they are remarked for their perfect straightness. If the Gateway actually rotated it would cut in curved lines.
  6. While the possibility exists that Tuon will learn (or will be forced to learn) channeling, I hardly believe they'll try to make an Aes Sedai out of her -- If there one person in the whole books who is more arrogant and set her ways than the AS it's Tuon. I don't see AS teaching her that particular weave. However... as Elayne bonded Rand and Min to each other, it's very much possible that any two people can be bonded by a channeler. I can just see Elayne doing that... bonding Tuon to Mat, then telling her: "You want the bond removed? I guess you'll have to learn how to do that. Oh, and let me tell what happens if either of you die..."
  7. Lan and Rand aren't aware of Slayer existence yet... As is the custom in WOT -- no one tells anything to anyone. I believe Perrin mentioned talked about Slayer with Faile, but no one else.
  8. I understand it differently. Tying a weave is not permanent. you can control how long it'll last, there are mentions of tying a weave "loosely" or "tightly" to control how long till it unravels. But, the only mention of long lasting weaves are AOL power-objects who support "standing weaves", but even those fade eventually without maintenance.
  9. I disagree eighty years ago a reader of science fiction would think he was seeing advanced technology not magic. Fine... 120 year. Off course, the distinction always differ greatly according to the one who will sees it.
  10. Not really an equalizer. there are always those who have limited access to technology (poor people and poor countries etc...) and they suffer for it. And Like Din quoted, the two can become quite alike. And you don't need to go all that back to the past for that. certainly, an iPhone would be a thing of magic even 80 years ago (I'm just trying to point -- please don't go into the lack of a cellular network in the past). The AOL channeling "science" was so great that they made the use of channeling (not directly touching the Source) available to the masses through artifacts of power -- creating their own equalizers.
  11. That's right. And there's a lot more. Lots of Jews came to Israel with an intent to resurrect a state for Jew but it was never an act of conquest, they initially tried to get the ottomans rulers approval and buy lands from them. Violence came later when locales tried to force Jewish settlers out, and when the British tried to restrict others from reaching the land. Later, a lot of Jews fled to Israel as a last resort -- persecuted war refugees with nowhere else to go. Also, Israel never had any expansionist intentions, and no missionary intentions -- on the contrary, whoever tries to convert to Judaism in Israel will find it quite difficult.
  12. Sword-fighting in WOT is not a competitive Olympic sport. You are what you are however you got there. I rather think warders are, at least, faster or more agile and have greater awareness -- better senses or perception. The books constantly repeat how warders walk differently, a graceful animal-like walk, suggesting that the bond gives more than endurance. Also, again, warders are repeatedly described as ever vigilant -- see everything, even when they seem half asleep or minding their own business. This suggests that warders do have heightened senses, also handy in a sword-fight. Hmm... I wonder, is Bonded Gawyn now better than Galad?
  13. Perrin guessed that "He who comes with the dawn" is Rand and directed Gaul to the Stone. Why did the Aiel decided to take the fortress itself? They figured no one would allow them through the front door to calmly search for their man.
  14. The taint on saidin physically damages\alters the brain, we have Nynaeve's testimony for that. So yes, Rand was more than a little insane -- He channeled the entire taint through himself in the cleansing. It's a wonder he remembered how to breath after that accomplishment. On top of that, Rand was farther made unstable by the extreme pressure duty and events placed on his shoulders. Also, he was remembering bits of of his past life and LLT WAS insane at the end of his life. Right now Rand literally manifests the battle between Light and Dark, they're both actually\physically opposing one another inside his brain. The light is currently stronger, but Rand is on his way to confront the DO directly at the Bore. It's anyone's guess what will happen then.
  15. That seems a bit thin. Did Verin ever meet Aviendha? enough to take such interest in her? Aviendha's in the middle of the Waste, half way from nowhere to nowhere, how did she find her? What motive does Verin have to do such a thing? The whole scene has an 'unreal' feel. Nakomi's mysterious coming and going, cooking food that reminds Aviendha of her mother, hte line of comments tuned exactly to all the issues that bother her, the peculiar description "I am far from my roof, yet not far at all. Perhaps it is far from me." . It all accumulates to a dream-like experience, and we all know that there are ways in Randland to induce various dream-like states of mind.
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