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  1. I'm just going to focus on one thing: the use of Callandor. I am of the opinion (and have been since book 7 or so) that through various circumstances Rand, Alivia ("she will help you die" prophecy), and Moridin (explained shortly) will be the circle wielding Callandor. This fits in very nicely with "the three shall be one" because each of the powers is used. To those who say that the true power shouldn't be used, please read the following paragraph. Rand, at the moment, believes that at least one of the things that went wrong with Lews Therin's attempt to reseal the bore was not using saidar. He thinks that maybe this is what allowed the DO to retaliate and taint saidin. Whether this is true or not, I don't know, but I believe that if the TP (through Moridin) is used as a buffer between the DO and saidin/saidar. Essentially it would look like this: (Dark One)(TP)(Saidin/Saidar weaves) This way, the DO cannot retaliate directly at Saidin and Saidar. I refuse to speculate about how the "rubble" will be cleared away before Rand can rebuild, though. I want to be surprised. =) For the body swap theorists, I will describe how I imagine this above theory working with the body swap theory. Once the DO is sealed (or maybe as he is being sealed), Moridin will lose access to the TP. He will then open himself to saidin and activate the balefire link with Rand. As they will both be channeling saidin, WHAM body swap. Alivia perhaps feels it happen because she is in the circle, or maybe Min pops up and uses her visions to figure out that they switched. Alivia runs "Rand" through with Callandor or maybe helps Min or Rand (in Moridin's body) run "Rand" through... something like that. Perhaps it is even at this point that we get Rand's blood on the rocks of shayol ghul. Then those cool paper puppet dreams come into play because it will be given out that Rand is dead and then Aviendha/Elayne/Min can all go live in a hovel somewhere. Not really, just Rand will live there, but they will visit regularly. Perhaps nightly. Hehe... o.o Don't bash me too hard. ;)
  2. Those two are brilliant. I did actually LOL at the babies one. Such a perfect picture for that one. =) I'll add a few more of my own:
  3. Yes, this is a theory that doesn't really fly with most people, but I like it. =) Personally, I've always thought that Rand would link with Alivia and Moridin (by the way, this is all at Shayol Ghul) since the "three shall be one" prophecy, because Alivia is supposed to help Rand die and Moridin can channel the TP. However, now that we know Nynaeve is going with Rand, I'm not near as sure... Someone posted a theory about how Moridin and Cyndane and Moghedian would be pulled into the circle, which could work for me if Alivia and Nynaeve are with Rand already, although I always liked the 3 people vs. the Dark One type ending. Meh :/ Anyways, I think that Alivia has got to at least be there, and then the "into the heart he thrusts the sword, and the one who draws it out shall follow after" will be fulfilled (I personally don't think that thrusting callandor into the stone fulfilled this, but that's my opinion, and I haven't bothered to look up any interviews to see if he has dubunked this...) by Alivia perhaps helping Rand kill himself (maybe after a little body swap action later resulting in some dark haired babies for Avi?, but hey, who knows?) and then Logain will pull it out and yeah... Obviously this isn't going to be exactly what happens as I kinda have a lot of "it could go this way, or that way" type stuff in this post. Also with the killing himself, we get that "and all he is is is up for the taking" (REALLY paraphrased that one, don't have the book on me and I can't remember the exact wording...) bit from ToM where he perhaps lets the DO come inside him somehow or some other crazy thang and then stabs himself and body switches. Thanks for reading my ramble, and sorry about paraphrasing all the prophecies, I hope I got the wording right on most of them (besides the last one xD). edited for clarity... didn't help much o.O
  4. (Quick note: If I contradict you in some way, please don't take it as a personal offense, I'm just trying to add some more logic to the argument) The Land of Madmen Theory: Yes, the LoMM is talked about in the BWB, but to introduce the LoMM in the last book? Keep in mind that there are tons of WoT readers that haven't read the BWB and maybe haven't even heard of it. The only reason I knew of it and read it was because a friend of mind gave it to me. It's not really a major part of the series. It's nice for information on circles and various things, but I don't think RJ would put in a whole new race that hasn't been mentioned in the books at all (as far as I know). While, it could work, Aiel or Shara theories are going to be stronger as we actually have reference points. The Aiel Theory (my favorite theory, so I'm *slightly* biased): When the man first saw them, he immediately thought they were Aiel. Thus, they look like Aiel (in at least some regard). If you are going to argue that they don't look enough like Aiel to be Aiel, the guy thought they were Aiel, they wore the cadin'sor, and they carried short spears. Aiel much? I think so. Now, this CRAD (Creepy Red Aiel Dude) used his knife to kill. He may have been able to channel, he may not have. We don't know. Lots of male Aiel channelers could have been turned, and if there is a sept of DF Aiel in the blight, they could have been bread to try to get more channelers. Obviously, this means not all of the CRADs could channel. (For some quick evidence of an Aiel sept in the blight, like an earlier poster said, look at the village that Perrin found in the middle of the blight thing. It could have been one of those switcheroo's that we've seen occur in the WT, just on a larger scale and over a greater distance. Pehaps since the DO is near the blight, the crazy effects occur more often and with more potency near the blight. The village showed signs of life and showed that maybe some people could live in the Blight in certain areas, ie Aiel DFs. Maybe the DO purposely lessened the potency of the blight in certain areas to make room for them to live. o.O) For the physical changes of the CRADs (eye color and skin color? Not sure on the skin, because I don't have the book on me, lent it to a friend), personally I don't see why the DF and male channeler Aiel couldn't have been bred with Sharans or even the possible corrupted Aiel from the Portal Stone worlds. This would account for the traits that we see. For time constraints on the breeding, obviously channelers would have been going to the blight for thousands of years. Perhaps in those periods where Ishamael was free for a few years, he would rally some DF Aes Sedai or Kin or something and then have them turn a few Aiel channelers, get a few Sharans, and breed away for the next thousand years. Perhaps difficult, and perhaps requiring some foresight, but still, entirely possible. Finally, The Sharan Theory: Possible, but since they were described as Aiel, I would think it more likely that the Sharans may have been bred with Aiel. Portal Stone World: Likely, me likey much. Crazy, awesome, possible, and feels kinda like something RJ would do just to make us feel like we should have thought of this when Demandred's rule was first mentioned and just to make us feel stupid. =) Heck, maybe the whole Nae'blis with Demandred thing was so that the DO would make him Nae'blis in a portal stone world. xD Again, please don't flame me unless you have direct evidence against what I have said. I know that I come across very harsh and affrontive (made up word?) on this post (and a lot of my other ones) but usually it's just because I don't take the time to go back and make it sound nicer because I'm laaaazzzyyy. Edit: de-lazified my self and edited some things to make my post clearer, and added the portal stone world theory. =)
  5. "...and she is very special to me." End chapter. Made my life with that line. I dunno why. Just did.
  6. I had long thought the something strange about her kids would simply be that they would be able to channel, but the always on channeling does seem interesting too. It could be attributed to the Dragon's blood, but I think they're might be something more. Aviendha was able to create that one gateway when running from Rand, and has had trouble making ones as big even while using all of her strength. I think there is something off with Avienda and Rant both that would create this always on channeling. Sorry if this sounds a little disjointed, but I haven't really thought it out much, it just occurred to me. That gateway thing has always struck me as funny. :P Anyways, I also thought it was interesting that one of Rand and Aviendha's kids had black hair, the reason being that he took to his wetlander side. Rand is half Aiel, and his mother had blond hair, and Avi has red hair and is all Aiel. Where is this dark hair gene coming from? Perhaps some support for body swap? All just speculation, but I think there are lots of secrets we could dig out of this viewing. And finally, is Aviendha like 20 days behind everyone else or is it just me? She mentions the clouds breaking over her, which would have occurred when Rand was at Dragonmount since Min and Elayne experience similar things for themselves and Avi is bonded to him too...
  7. The problem with Elayne is that at every "ingenious" thing she does in this book, I simply wanted to shout at her and tell her that a ten year old could have thought up something as good. She's supposed to have trained in this stuff since she was like 2 months old and she still has Dyelin and Master Norry tell her everything. :P Sorry, I was venting. But really. Me no like Elayne arc. And to the person up ahead that talked of Elayne's problems, while her problems are extensive, I think there are better ways that a fully trained queen could handle them.
  8. Some people speculate that the reason RJ wrote about this age specifically is that Rand, in defeating the dark one (which we guess will happen), may do something that causes time to be linear rather than cyclical. This way the people of WoT world wouldn't have to continually rebuild after the breaking that happens every seven ages. Does that make sense at all? I'm not a huge fan of this theory, as I can't think of how it would work and the cyclicity (word?) of time seems to just be part of the world, not something that can be changed. And I'm more of a "wait and find out" kinda guy rather than a "speculate like crazy" kinda guy. :/
  9. I know the last one is going to annoy some people, but I've just never quite gotten along with Elaine. xD Edit: found another good pic.
  10. The scenes where at the end one of the male characters thinks, "Ugh, women." And then a PoV from a female character thinking about the same event and she goes, "Ugh, men."
  11. The many become one is very similiar to the three shall be one, far too similar since both examples happen in the same book. Then you have the ray of light from the sunlight that could be seen as a blade of light. I dont know whether I believe it, but I can see why some people think that it may be the case. I think the many becoming one is referring to when rand remembers all his past lives. In the prophecy, it is speaking of when Rand was on Dragonmount and if Rand and Moridin "become one" it will likely be at a later date.
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