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Who is the best looking WoT character?

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Rand-y poo! Tall, blue-grey eyes, shoulder length red hair. Plus I have a thing for scars, tats, and slightly depressed black clothing wearing boys. He's yummy if in a goth/emo kind of way.

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If I dug chicks, it would be Lanfear all the way.  I love the grudge holding and conceit.  And you know she's smoking hot.


As to the boys.. probably Mat.  I'm a sucker for a sense of humor.

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I bet you loved the darknes that surrounded him lol


You betcha. Honestly, when he dyed his hair black in Winter's Heart, my heart melted. So freagin' emo. I dunno, I just like certain characters to be punching bags, and Rand certainly is that for WoT.


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I'm into older women, so I'd have to say Cadsuane.


Alright, I might not have been very truthful there. ;)


For looks alone I'd have to go with Lanfear, and Morgase as runners up. Both of them are in need of some anger management though. Going by personality, I think Min would suit me fine.

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