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  1. Fiddlesticks is missing from the old boards...Did you delete it? I need to grab updated thread info. It is there, you might need to login, it didn't default log me in either. Ah ha! Odd I could always see fiddles without logging in before. :)
  2. Fiddlesticks is missing from the old boards...Did you delete it? I need to grab updated thread info.
  3. We should all be very, very happy that TG did not finish WoT. Yes? Yes. :D
  4. Well I don't know about you but every woman should have a pillow friend. Same for every man. :D
  5. There is a reason RJ made Perrin like that. He was using Faile to hold on to his human side so the Wolf part didn't take over. When he lost her, he was like an alpha male without his alpha female to ground him. If you look at it in that light, it makes a lot of sense, which is why now that he has her back he needs either more direction or to learn how to conquer the wolf like Elayas did.
  6. I can't find any flaws with this series other than maybe length but that isn't a flaw to me.
  7. No, because they were good to begin with but you didn't like the slower pace of them. *shrugs* We've gone over this in a few threads already. All of the books are beyond what I'd consider good. If anything they are the epitome of fantasy series ever. Which is quite an honor to bestow that upon him and I think RJ earned it. I will say this, on the rereads you will pick up stuff you didn't the first time through because you know what happens in the story and you can focus more on the details. There are thing foreshadowed in books 1-3 that happen in books 8 - 10.
  8. Egads luckers you really want to call the unseen watchers as the "big thing?"
  9. Don't tempt him please. But if he did, wouldn't it be easier for: a) Him to show off his whole theory, and b) For everyone else to shoot it down? At the very least it could help contain said theories to a single thread...maybe. I'm a firm believer in out of sight out of mind. :P
  10. Moridin probably mind trapped Cyndane because she is so powerful and thus is Lanfear. It just goes to show that Lanfear was burned out and by being healed even if by a woman she is STILL THAT POWERFUL. Which means my theory on her being the second most powerful Forsaken has another notch on its belt. :)
  11. Minus the exception that Lanfear is not Aes Sedai, which she says repeatedly in TGH. ::)
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