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Who is the best looking WoT character?

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Aviendha, I know mine is different than everyone else but


1. The Aiel are cool

2. She seems hot

3. I like her character in general


You're not alone, friend...  ;)


not at all....

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Perrin. I've always had a thing for big shaggy blacksmiths  ;D.


Don't we all, don't we all... :P


It's true though! Blacksmiths are always sexy. Perrin, Will Turner, Gendry...  ;)

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I think LTT would have recognised her and freaked out..


In answer to the OP question: more or less in this order;





Gareth Bryne


Haven't seem the ebook covers as such, but the images on this site are exactly how I would visualise Rand and Mat. And Min, Egwene, and Nynaeve. But I can't work out whether that's Taim or Lan..

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