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  1. Any one have a link that can direct me to the age of legends info about Lew Therin and the hundred companions attack on the bore? i had it but lost it.
  2. Doubtful cause Siuan says that now that she has been stilled Moiraine would not even recognize her so im guess that feeling has gone away. plus with Moiraine being locked in the tower might be a barrier.
  3. It will be interesting to find out what Taim has been teaching the boys in black at the black tower i think Taim could take pretty much all of the women forsaken with the possibility of Lan Fear she could push him. as for the male forsaken Ishamael or Demandred but i like Demandred so i could be building him up haha
  4. Wasn't Taim already causing havoc before the forsaken were released just a short time after Logain
  5. i must of missed something in the books i didnt know galad and rad were brothers
  6. In LoC Rand tells Taim to embrace the OP as much as he could hold and the result is Rand saying he could almost hold as much as he could unaided. does this mean that Taim could be able to take down some forsaken?
  7. i thought these books were great i read them before wheel of time and liked them more for a short period of time.
  8. Nynaeve nice and short and has a nice temper her haha
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