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  1. Maasbree, Netherlands (4000 inhabitants...) near Venlo
  2. I really wouldnt want any of the earlier books to be rewritten or even shortened. I admit it was a little (!) slow-paced at times, but the books in the series are among the best and most exciting I ever read, and it would be a shame if the series were shorter. And I dont agree that books 7-11 were all rubbish. Its true that book 10 was, well, too long and not interesting, and in book 8 nothing really happened, in my opinion Knife of Dreams and (to a lesser extent) Crown of Swords are one of the best books of the entire lot. My favourite is still Fires of Heaven, though
  3. In Dutch it would indeed be "een alleen". Never thought of it that way... (Yes, I'm Dutch)
  4. Yes, some 13-year-olds get through twelve epic novels and then come looking for forums. Me, for example. In fact, I got through twelve epic novels and then came looking for forums when I was 12!! Ain't that amazing. But seriously, I have never heard anyone bitching about a PG-12 rule, so... Oh, and by the way: i would go for Aviendha. Dunno why, but she doesn't even have competition in my book
  5. Amazing, I've read all of the books at least 3 times, and I never noticed any poisonous peaches... i do think it's a complot. The peaches are going to take over the world.
  6. There are more than 3 Aiel dreamwalkers. The four (and later three) who train Egwene are the best at it, or just around at the time. I think there are a lot more of them
  7. Could it not have anything to do with the test Aiel have to go through when they become Clan Leaders? Maybe the song that they sing? Is that the Song the Traveling People are searching for? And if so, are the Traveling People gonna be important in TG? Lots of questions... But it could be that...
  8. No, but on that hand, she doesn't say WHEN she will gut her...
  9. The arguments you offer are irrelevant. If I remember correctly, Siuan's warder was killed before she was stilled. Siuan felt something odd, but couldnt place it: then Elaida and her little band came and took her. And the other argument: we know that at least one of the warders at Dumais Wells dropped dead of shock, when Rand accidentaly stilled them (although you could see that as burning-out, since the weave was broken)
  10. This question came up to me when I was reading in tFoH, in the chapter where Rand tells a joke to the Maidens, and is hugely annoyed by their not understanding of "normal" humour. It made me think about jokes in Randland, and the following question came up: Can Aes Sedai tell jokes? For example, can an AS say: "Two men went to the docter (or the yellow AS, in this case) and complained about their headaches" if she knows that has never happened?
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