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  1. You betcha. Honestly, when he dyed his hair black in Winter's Heart, my heart melted. So freagin' emo. I dunno, I just like certain characters to be punching bags, and Rand certainly is that for WoT.
  2. Rand-y poo! Tall, blue-grey eyes, shoulder length red hair. Plus I have a thing for scars, tats, and slightly depressed black clothing wearing boys. He's yummy if in a goth/emo kind of way.
  3. ROFL. OK, maybe Min isn't the most active of characters, but as a secondary character you have to agree that she's a bedrock of support and help for Rand.
  4. I have to agree here...especially with regards to the later books, Min is the only of Rand's Love Rectangle that really helps on a daily basis, talking to him, making him feel human, loving him both physically and emotionally (Jeez, he's stressed and wound up enough to begin with!!). That's not even mentioning her Viewings coming in super handy. Her loyalty, as mentioned before, is without question even when Rand is at his most paranoid and crazy. That says something. I'm one of those few huge Rand fans (you can keep Mat and Perrin!) and of all three couples, Rand+Min are the best imho. It takes a few books, but they work the best and their love is really quite palpable. I was just rereading sections of LoC where Min reunites with Rand and he is simply besotted to ssee her again. He picks her up and twirls her around one too many times, promises her the 2nd best rooms in the palace (because the best are his), holds her hand as he runs through the palace, and then is really upset that she's mad b/c she's dizzy from all the twirling. He plays his flute for her, and she's the only one who can make him laugh and smile. He's so dorky and cute with Min. Not at all like that with Elayne and Aviendha. Frankly, all the characters in the book should kneel down and thank Min for keeping Rand as sane as he is. She is the ONLY reason why.
  5. Hi Bachkerr! Welcome to Dragonmount! And no, you can't be too old (or young) to enjoy a good read. Hope you enjoy your stay. :)
  6. And the answer is....? Or, a link to aforementioned compilation? Thanks! :)
  7. Very cool, although I would expect the 1st movement/LTT to be more allegro then this. It feels more largo and as such should be the 2nd movement, imho. Good job! I very much want to hear and download the rest of your composition when it's done. :) P.S. You should consider downloading the Wheel of Time Videogame soundtrack -- there are some awesome songs on it that are not on the WoT Soundtrack as far as I know.
  8. Mostly the books have muddled themseleves together because the plots are unified/overlapping. TGS and TEotW being the only 2 exceptions because I've read them the most, and they work best as "stand alone novels".
  9. OK, this proves my point, without sufficient textual evidence or implication, you can't take make such comparisons between Nyneave and Moggy. It would be perfectly fine to say, "As far as we know, Nyn and Moggy are on similar levels of OP strength, maybe not exact, but close." What you're doing is wild speculation, and unless your broadcast it as such, then it is no longer a logical, nuanced argument. Returning to the original point, but Nyn WON the fight. Winning and losing is an inherent aspect of our how we judge competitions and compare individuals. LTT won - twice - against Ishy. I'm not saying that it's direct proof of Ishy being weaker, but it does substantiate this tbeory. Not prove, substantiate. I'm not wrong. You're not wrong. But neither of us is fully correct until proven otherwise.
  10. Counter-example: Cyndane v Alivia at the Cleansing. Alivia was stronger, Cyndane had greater knowledge. Raw strength doesn't count for as much as you seem to think. Or how about those times Rand defeats Ishy despite the latter being stronger? Actually, it's well established that Rand is and was (as Lews Therin) stronger the Ishy. Not better educated, not more adept then Ishy certainly, but stronger. AFAIK, there is no direct comparison in terms of power levels, that is LTT and Ishy themseleves discussing it, but we do seem some pointed claims by Aginor in TEOTW Ch. 50-51 where he talks about being right behind those 2 in power. There are 3 main facts that indicates LTT/Rand are stronger. 1) LLT was appointed Tamyrlin, over everyone else because his strength was greater then everyone else, supplemented by his vast knowledge and successful research (writer of several books, redevelopment of sword fighting), and his success in many previous leadership positions. But once again, his supreme power had some/everything why he was raised. 2) Ishy was humbled twice by LTT -- in the Hall of Servants, and at Paarden Disen. Obviously One Power was at the source of this humbling. We do not know if LTT and Ishy squared off alone at Paarden Disen, nor can we confirm that OP was the source of the humbling in the HoS (but it's location would certainly presume so). The main thing is Ishy LOST TWICE. Surely if he was as strong as LTT he would have won at least once. 3) It is well established that reincarnations have the same power levels of their past lives. As such Rand = LTT in OP, and Rand/LTT > Isidin. And Mr. Ares, for the love of all that is holy, do not state about this being circumstantial or irrelevant. You'd just be hypocritical because that's all you do in your own posts. Where is it stated that the nothing the strongest man could do that the strongest women couldn't match stated? Books and chapter number please because in my 9 years of reading the series I cannot think of a single instance this view is substantiated. What do you mean by dexterity? That women have more complicated Weavings and flows, compared to men's more brute force use of OP? How does that have any effect on one's effective use of OP? Again, books and chapter numbers. Moggy being equivalent to a man a few levels higher? How? When? Prove it. One could say the same thing about reading your comments....
  11. We're doing just that, actually. How? The original author had their (fairly length) discussion on what they feel to be the flaws and weaknesses of the series, as an open invitation to critique and have others add their own list. This thread has become nothing more then just an Endless Discussion of Aes Sedai Power. Notice, flaws and weakness of the series as critqued isn't in there. Let's stop hijacking the thread -- because that's what you guys are doing -- and move it elsewhere.
  12. 6,750 miles seems way too big... just by looking at the map, it should be 4500-5000 miles, at most.
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