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  1. Well, it’s been 7 years for me since the last time I was here. Feels...strange and awesome at the same time. I was surprised my account was still active. So, hi everyone!!! P.S. Is Luckers still here?
  2. It really isn't about things happening differently. Sure people have a few arguments along those lines in the most egregious cases but the issues run far deeper than that. There were major structural flaws, the plotwork was extremely blunt, unpolished prose was the norm not the exception and characterization was mostly poor. I don't think anyone would have guessed that TGS would be the high point of these last three books. What most haven't taken into account is all the various issues people have pointed out will only get worse under careful scrutiny during re-reads. We can all be thankful that Brandon stepped up to give us an ending but this was not a well done novel by any stretch. It's honestly depressing to think how far behind the curve AMol is in relation to the top tier of current fantasy. @Suttree You know, I feel really sorry for you. Instead of experiencing joy and satisfaction you are not as happy as others who look pass the issues. The story was great, and problems that you seem to concentrate on did not take me out of the story - AT ALL. I'm sure this is true for most people out there.
  3. absolutely loved it! all of it! people that i thought will live - died, and the once i thought were goners for sure actually lived. to be honest, can't pick anything that ruined it for me. FREAKING AWESOME!!!! (sorry, just finished, and I mean like 10 minutes ago). Anyways, OMG moments: Oliver and horn (wtf but than, "aaaaahhhhhaaaa" nice one) Farstrider (AWESOME) Egg's death Mat's immunity (almost stopped listening b/c thought my boy was gone but than....man oh man) Last Rand scene (like Neo but SO MUCH BETTER. if only matrix had half as good of an ending) All in all, for me this is the only time where main character lives at the end and it actually makes the story better. and in general, FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ROBERT JORDAN AND BRANDON SANDERSON FOR GIVING THIS TO US!!!!!!
  4. Did I miss the whole "this is why horn always was connected to Illian"? Can't seem to recall seeing it.
  5. Well, just finished the book and the last Rand scene was great. I too think that it's like he's a dreamwalker in the "real" world as aiel always talk about it being a dream (kind of makes sense to me personally). Anyways, there is SO many questions i would love to see answered regarding post-LB that I don't know where to begin (and to be honest a little bit overwhelmed by the book, as only finished it 5 minutes ago). My hope is that Encyclopedia will answer some questions.
  6. The camp is divided in two - but in IMHO, yes, she will be. She will even get worse (thought there are some moments that she's ok, but very rare).
  7. Well, I personally love the outcry on Amazon and the reviews the book gets simply b/c of the e-book release date. Hopefully this will put the publishers on notice about what market wants (or give them better ammunition against dinosaur ideas of previous generation of "NO E BOOKS"). I don't use e-book, but I can see why people would be upset. So, this being said, this is nothing more or less than capitalism at work and I LOVE IT! Oh, and not to bring dead issue, but for those who still defend some decisions made about some people behind MoL, and specifically its release date, take a look at this http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/wheel-of-time-book-trailer-played-before-hobbit-screenings_b62520 and tell me that it was not done for financial reasons but b/c of "editing". What a joke!
  8. Luckers, can you please post your reaction (nothing specific, but more like "wow" or "blaahhh" etc)?
  9. I was gonna respond at length but than thought...nhaaaa. One thing I want to say is that even though I agree with most of Drakkor said, I have to say I completely disagree about the statements concerning Fisher. If anything, Fisher, from what I saw, was always moderating and actually trying to defuse situations (as usually he does). So, unless I miss something huge in the past week or so (I too find it less and less appealing to show up to DM b/c of the atmosphere), I say let the Fisher fish. As to Luckers - I don't think of you any lesser than before (for what it's worth). And I don't think this whole mass is of your exclusive making. I think that individuals that picked up your opinions and then ran with them are the true problem. This whole attitude of passive-aggressive "discussion" on so called valid criticisms is not your doing. You actually for the most part stayed out from any extensive discussions and didn't beat the dead horse until the second coming. IMO, I think your name and reputation was a bit hijacked (be it with your consent or not) and though there might be some damage to it, I say time is a wise healer. At this point, and again IMO, the time simply needs to do his magic work (and yes, time is a "he" so bite me).
  10. So does this mean that the book is ready to be distributed? Seems weird to wait another 50+ days to get it.
  11. "days away"? Sure the statement is true but when I think how many "days away" i just wanna cry :( Where is January?
  12. I tried to get into SoIF but just couldn't (not gonna bash it, but def fell very short of my expectations). I'm def fallowing Kvoth as I think it's the best series out there (so far and besides WoT of course :)) and one that has very huge potential. I can't wait for Shadow Alive by Card (big fan of Ender) but that's gonna be a short taste of cake. Oh, also just read the Scar by Dyachenko's and it was awesome (again, has a lot of potential, if the sequel will even be written)
  13. Not to be a party pooper, but a moment from aMoL prologue (which all I'm gonna say). Besides that, every time I read VoG and Rand screaming at the sky with the voice of a king...still makes me tear up a bit...
  14. Know who Demandred is. Would you rather: Know who made the Horn and when (with full and complete explanation); OR Know WHO THE BIG VOICE IN EotW WAS (with full and complete explanation)?
  15. Is Lan in the race? Unless I'm missing something, he's not out of the woods in any way, and to be honest it would be kind of right, but only if Nyn is pregnant and one day Lan's heir rebuilds this kingdom . So, my money on Lan.
  16. Well said and I have to say it encompasses my view as well. I was getting very bitter about the series after the release date was announced and it took me awhile to realize that I'm actually the one who is ruining my experience with the series. So I def know what you mean.
  17. Then you were around for when he was almost exclusively praised after the TGS and to a lesser extent ToM r correct? It was that very unrealistic response that has played a large role in leading us to our current situation. Additionally as more people have closely studied the work on rereads after the intial new material glow wears off mistakes become more glaring and most of the positive passages have already been discussed long ago. I think another issue is the regression in quality we saw in ToM an then again in the AMoL excerpts. There is the very real perception that things are going backwards. Take Mat, despite claims that Brandon fixed his issues with that character we see the very same things in ch. 11 that were problems in TGS. I thought I can avoid confronting you but I think it's only fair to express my opinion completely. You do indeed come out in most of your post as extremely pompous and condescending individual. You keep on talking about this concept of literary quality and so on without even trying to understand the point of view of the individuals that disagree with your outlook on things. Instead you keep on arguing using the same tactics that are just boring now - first a lame and/or generic complement, than grasping a specific point that an individual expressed while disregarding the rest of the post, and finally selectively attacking that point without addressing the bigger picture. I never was a big fan of your posts as even when I agreed with your opinion[comment removed]. I understand that you are convinced that you are "qualified" to be taken as some sort of authority on "literary quality" subject due to your professional interactions / job description, but let me tell you, you are not being consistent. If you think that your are bashing (and yes, I say bashing) qualifies as "constructive criticism" than you need to point out specific way to fix it. For example, why not take up a chapter with Mat's POV and re-write it so his "voice" comes out better, as some here already suggested? Until you are willing to prove your "qualification" and ability to provide "constructive criticism" call it what it is - mainly, your points of view. And as such, you need to see why people think you come out as being on the a high horse. I'm sure one of the things that will be thrown at my face is a request to provide examples. Well, this one stood up the most: Am I totally spacing here? I don't recall that at all. Could you let me know the chapter so I can check it... Is that the part with the self fulfilling prophecy that Bryne and Siuan discuss at length after he kills the Bloodknife? TGS 41 Edit: Bloodknife, not Bloodring. I'm confusing all the new this-that's that are popping up recently. I really need to force myself to slog through TGS and the dogs dinner that is ToM one last time. Feel like I'm forgetting things from both. All that I've said above is not meant to be "in your face" attack but neither is it meant to be sugar coated. I'm not gonna hide behind niceties and false assurance of not trying to be offensive. I'm old enough to understand that sometimes it is impossible to avoid a conflict when expressing an opinion of others (though it is possible to use proper language to try and convey your point as civilly as possible). Please take notice of my use of the word "opinion." There is the central issue at hand - instead of using "constructive criticism" in addressing your posts I've clearly stated that it is my opinion of your posts (though clearly I'm not the only one). Valsuviou is right as I am also ashamed for the way some very selective people on DM treated BS. I'm not claiming of having an ability to provide "constructive criticism" or such, nor am I a literature or English major. But I don't need either backgrounds to understand that out of all the people involved in finishing WOT, BS has the least power. To think any differently would be just stupid. Thus, piling all the blame on him is just ridiculous. If you'll try to convince me that a relatively young and unknown writer was brought on board to finish perhaps the most popular SF series since LotR without contractually locking him into terms that would make sure complete control of the end product, don't even bother, I won't buy it in a million years. Bottom line, it's either you express your opinions and qualify them as such, without some additional qualification of "providing constructive criticism" as a defense or fallback line, or you provide some of that so much mentioned constructive criticism with specif feedback; mainly, your own rework of the parts you consider need the most attention, Mat's chapter or such. Until such time your posts are basically saying over and over again that "I don't know how it should be done, but it should not be done the way it is!"
  18. LMAO!!! Let me say, it's good to see you still navigate through these DM waters with mental dexterity, wit, and personality that simply....well, leaves me speechless. You've made my day, sir, and for that I thank you, as usual ! As far as topic at hand, I actually read through all 31 pages of posts (thought it would be entertaining and relaxing; was hoping to take a break from contracts, cases, leases, and statutes. Instead, I'd rather read legal opinions from 1800s; that is, if not for Fish ). This being said, I was planning on writing long and pretty harshly worded post and than it hit me. (1)No one will care much about what I think as it seems people pretty much made up their minds; and (2) I don't really care much whether or not people do care about what I have to say. Thus I was saved by Abschalten. What he had to say is actually as close to how I would have expressed myself on the subject as it is possible. Regards!
  19. IMO, what BS did in last two books shows his strongest skill - tell a complete story without making it unnaturally forced or choppy. Say what you want but Brandon has an uncanny ability to get to the point without loosing hold on the reader (something that many authors lack these days b/c for some reason it seems more and more the "quality" is judged by length of the story and not by its overall point).
  21. Well, Nyn didnt spank sitting amyrlin....yet. Though we do have one more book to hope for that... :)
  22. I have to agree that Nyn probably will be "new" Cady. I mean, just as the old hag did what she thiught was right so it seems does Nyn - no one else was like" oh yeah? Keep ur stupid ring, i am AS and will do whats right!" very much like WO initiation except she didnt need to b trained like someone i can name (sorry, had to take a shot at Egghead) :)
  23. @ickis i might agree about movie but video game?! U cant b serious. Just look around, titles like elders scroll, ME, and AC clearlt show that games with complex stories are very much possible! Red Eagle are bunch of amateurs it seems that had a good fortune to cone into a golden opportunity and not enough brains to do anything with it! Sorry for emotions, but those f#@%s are getting me angry for years! I remember that even RJ was really upset with them.
  24. Im not saying that rand will not face him bit that maybe perrin will b the one to finish him. This will leave slayer for mat to take care of. Just speculation
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