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  1. Well, it’s been 7 years for me since the last time I was here. Feels...strange and awesome at the same time. I was surprised my account was still active. So, hi everyone!!! P.S. Is Luckers still here?
  2. It really isn't about things happening differently. Sure people have a few arguments along those lines in the most egregious cases but the issues run far deeper than that. There were major structural flaws, the plotwork was extremely blunt, unpolished prose was the norm not the exception and characterization was mostly poor. I don't think anyone would have guessed that TGS would be the high point of these last three books. What most haven't taken into account is all the various issues people have pointed out will only get worse under careful scrutiny during re-reads. We can all be thankful th
  3. absolutely loved it! all of it! people that i thought will live - died, and the once i thought were goners for sure actually lived. to be honest, can't pick anything that ruined it for me. FREAKING AWESOME!!!! (sorry, just finished, and I mean like 10 minutes ago). Anyways, OMG moments: Oliver and horn (wtf but than, "aaaaahhhhhaaaa" nice one) Farstrider (AWESOME) Egg's death Mat's immunity (almost stopped listening b/c thought my boy was gone but than....man oh man) Last Rand scene (like Neo but SO MUCH BETTER. if only matrix had half as good of an ending) All in all, for me
  4. Did I miss the whole "this is why horn always was connected to Illian"? Can't seem to recall seeing it.
  5. Well, just finished the book and the last Rand scene was great. I too think that it's like he's a dreamwalker in the "real" world as aiel always talk about it being a dream (kind of makes sense to me personally). Anyways, there is SO many questions i would love to see answered regarding post-LB that I don't know where to begin (and to be honest a little bit overwhelmed by the book, as only finished it 5 minutes ago). My hope is that Encyclopedia will answer some questions.
  6. The camp is divided in two - but in IMHO, yes, she will be. She will even get worse (thought there are some moments that she's ok, but very rare).
  7. Well, I personally love the outcry on Amazon and the reviews the book gets simply b/c of the e-book release date. Hopefully this will put the publishers on notice about what market wants (or give them better ammunition against dinosaur ideas of previous generation of "NO E BOOKS"). I don't use e-book, but I can see why people would be upset. So, this being said, this is nothing more or less than capitalism at work and I LOVE IT! Oh, and not to bring dead issue, but for those who still defend some decisions made about some people behind MoL, and specifically its release date, take a look at
  8. Luckers, can you please post your reaction (nothing specific, but more like "wow" or "blaahhh" etc)?
  9. I was gonna respond at length but than thought...nhaaaa. One thing I want to say is that even though I agree with most of Drakkor said, I have to say I completely disagree about the statements concerning Fisher. If anything, Fisher, from what I saw, was always moderating and actually trying to defuse situations (as usually he does). So, unless I miss something huge in the past week or so (I too find it less and less appealing to show up to DM b/c of the atmosphere), I say let the Fisher fish. As to Luckers - I don't think of you any lesser than before (for what it's worth). And I don't thi
  10. So does this mean that the book is ready to be distributed? Seems weird to wait another 50+ days to get it.
  11. "days away"? Sure the statement is true but when I think how many "days away" i just wanna cry :( Where is January?
  12. I tried to get into SoIF but just couldn't (not gonna bash it, but def fell very short of my expectations). I'm def fallowing Kvoth as I think it's the best series out there (so far and besides WoT of course :)) and one that has very huge potential. I can't wait for Shadow Alive by Card (big fan of Ender) but that's gonna be a short taste of cake. Oh, also just read the Scar by Dyachenko's and it was awesome (again, has a lot of potential, if the sequel will even be written)
  13. Not to be a party pooper, but a moment from aMoL prologue (which all I'm gonna say). Besides that, every time I read VoG and Rand screaming at the sky with the voice of a king...still makes me tear up a bit...
  14. Know who Demandred is. Would you rather: Know who made the Horn and when (with full and complete explanation); OR Know WHO THE BIG VOICE IN EotW WAS (with full and complete explanation)?
  15. Is Lan in the race? Unless I'm missing something, he's not out of the woods in any way, and to be honest it would be kind of right, but only if Nyn is pregnant and one day Lan's heir rebuilds this kingdom . So, my money on Lan.
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