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Your Favorite Minor Characters.

Perrin 187

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Just curious, who are your favorite minor character and explain why? I would make a poll only that there would be 50 people on it and even then I'd miss a dozen characters. I decided to make this topic after reading the thread: PEVIN.


I have five, excuse the misspelling of the names of these characters, I don't have the books with me now. Please correct me though if you do know the proper spelling.


Pevin, obvisous reasons.


Charlz Guybon I believe his name is. He is introduced in KOD is a lieuntant and is Brigetes second in command of the Andorian Army.


Lord Pervival I think thats how you spell it, about 14 years old, blond hair. Swore allegiance to Elayne along with all the other "children lords". He nearly undercovers Elayne's Borderland plot, keeps the other young lords and ladies from doing stupid stuff and getting killed in battle,(especially that annoying sixteen year old who wanted to take on the entire borderland army). He is described by Elayne as wise beyond his years.


I think he has real potential in the next three books. Although I have a feeling he might get killed for some reason.


And last but not least Uno, and Hurin. For obvisous reasons.

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Nerim - As someone said before me, he's just really funny.

Narishma - Just love him, dont know why, probably because of the "Remember his name!" scene.

Asmodean - Always liked the idea of one of the Forsaken tutoring the Dragon Reborn, dreaming of his victory and to be raised up besides him.

Charlz Guybon - Loved the scene where he charged on the Aes Sedai darkfriends.

Dobraine, Bashere and Gregorin - They seem like some of the more inteligent lords out there.



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Rand and Lord Pervival  are related right?


Have to say one of my favorites has to be oh damm whats his name, the Arad Doman Captain.

Rodel Itrulade, is the captain your talking about. And Rand is a distant cousin to almost all of Andor's Major houses.


Him and Elayne are technically very, very distant cousins.

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I've always liked Chel Vanin myself... :D


The thought of a fat thief is just cool to me.


Also like...


Rhuarc and Amys (a lot)

I enjoy all the great captains Bryne, Jagad, Ituralde, and yes, even the late Pedron Niall.

And Flinn ("that old man is an Asha'man!" scene from WH is great)


I Like lots of others too but there's just so many.

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Daved Hanlon. Ooooh that scene when he saved Elayne by THROWING HIS SWORD was great, but then when you find out the little plan to integrate himself with Elayne by saving her from his 3 Darkfriend comrades...genius. I have an obsession with swords being thrown, because of the films Last of the Mohicans and Gladiator, and Daved Hanlon instantly put himself in my favorite minor list when he did that.


Bashere. I like the way he is introduced, the way he makes it publicly known that he is not afraid of Rand. I get the impression that Bashere will be fulfilling some sort of role in AMoL. And as I have said in other discussions I think Bashere, Logain and Loial make a brilliant trio, just because they are so unalike, characters we had known for a bit.


Isam. Not Luc, because Luc is the dead one, but Isam, because hes a Malkieri Darkfriend.


Lini annoys me even when she isnt on screen.


And Jain Farstrider. For some reason I think to myself how fitting it would be if Jain was bonded to Verin.

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I'm a big Tylan fan.  I loved it when she had Mat wrapped around her little finger despite his wishes.


I'm sorry, but that ... really creeps me out.  While I think she was an interesting character, that reason ... wow.

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Herid Fel is my all-time favorite side character.


Nobody else has the confidence to flirty with the beautiful Min. Rand might have planted the seeds but he got them from the Finn.. It was Herid Fel who realized that Saidin COULD be cleansed. He also is a leader in technology, fostering several inventions that have been LOOOOOONG forgotten in Rand's time.


You don't get sexier than Herid Fel. :)


Unfortunate how he met his end though. I wish that were true of me though.. One day MY enemies will tear me limb from limb because my mere PRESENCE scares them so much...


Perhaps I need to re-read KoD though... I thought Charlz Guybon was the facade worn by David Hanlon... and Darkfriends suck. I'm so confused and I need to get caught up before November...

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Unfortunate how he met his end though. I wish that were true of me though.. One day MY enemies will tear me limb from limb
It can be arranged...
because my mere PRESENCE scares them so much...
Oh, maybe not. Of course, there are better ways to go. How about suicide - a last act of defiance, killing yourself before your enemies get to you, depriving them of the satisfaction of killing you, and a statement that the only person good enough to kill you is you.
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Bode Cauthon, Mat's little sis. I hope there's a reunion in the upcoming books. Bode was described as having a little too much of her brother in her, by one Aes Sedia or another. The reunion would be lots of fun.

I was thinking of that myself not long ago, Mat needs some strong channelers to accompany his army. It would be an interesting reunion and I think they'll both be stunned by what the other's become. I won't be surprised if she's raised very soon after Egwene takes the tower.


Hmm...that makes me think of a new topic.

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Favorite minor characters. That's a tough choice, there are too many of them. I will probably soon change my mind, but here's my present attempt.


Gaul, Sulin, Sebban Balwer, Setalle Anan, Noal, Olwer, Bayle Domon, Selucia, Basel Gill and Dobraine. In no particular order.

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