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  1. Mesaana is still in the Tower, even after being re-sworn. The context of the conversation seemed to imply that she's a full sister who managed to be re-sworn. Something about the Oaths having holes big enough to drive trucks through. I suspect Mesaana doesn't consider herself a Darkfriend and managed to tell the truth without betraying her identity. Of course, Brandon is likely Aes Sedai himself, and could have been baiting.
  2. We're going to see Avihenda in the columns. We're also going to see Nynaeve's test for Aes Sedai. There will be lots of goodness in those scenes.
  3. I seriously think something we know to be true will be revealed false. When Rand was tapping the Eye, there was someone speaking in ALL CAPS and most assumed it to be the Creator. Maybe it was, maybe not. But we've not actually seen this "Light" think you refer to. We've seen the agent of the Dark, the DO himself, but everything else you're referring to as "The Light" but that's charactarized by a lack of Dark. We don't KNOW there's a Creator. Everyone assumes it to be the case and mythos does not, itself, provide proof. The Third Dragon theory has been more or less debu
  4. I might have to re-read that chapter carefully. When I read it, I got the impression that Rand was seeing a bird's eye view of the world and the thousands of lives in the world, each one loving, hoping, caring et cetera. I didn't get the impression that he was seeing each of his PAST lives. Maybe I misread.
  5. Mine to. "The Road To The Spear" and "The Dedicated" are my favorite scenes of the series, hands down. As to the Avihenda in the columns thing, and why it would be important... The Gathering Storm has some foreshadowing in it that I've not yet seen mentioned in any of the thread. The Tinkers. Egwene searched in the World of Dreams using need. She remarked again on how dangerous it was and... *poof* A TINKER Caravan? WTF? I also recall Rand thinking about the Tinkers, remarking how they might be changing because of the stability in Seanchan-controlled lands. For th
  6. I felt that Perrin redeemed himself, sort of. I always liked Perrin; slow to act, responsible, compassionate and conflicted. The whole "Rescue Faile" arc made him toss all of these things to the wind. He was single-minded, even once considered (perhaps fleeting, but still) an alliance with the Shadow to get Faile back. The scene with the Shaido hands nearly ruined Perrin for me. I'm actually happy to see him somewhat resenting Faile, even though there are much deeper implications of this (i.e. Faile's rescue was only an excuse to fight...). Oddly, I'd not call what Faile di
  7. Avi's glass columns thing will be awesome! Perrin and Mat finally coming together with Rand. The pulling, tugging has returned and I suspect that they're going to all cross paths again in Towers of Midnight. The vision of Perrin with Galad makes this almost a certainty to me. What is Verin's letter to Mat. Will we see him reclaim the Horn again? The identity of Gaidal Cain. Faile being revealed as a Darkfriend. Demandred. Logain whomping on Taim's ass.
  8. Actually, this is a good impression I have overall of the book. In KoD, even the opening wind was corrupted, darker. Ghosts and spoilages, rotting things behind Keepings... People bursting into flame, roaches, spikes and zombies (of a sort). The Storm gathering to the north (or not... Rand changed his battle plan and the storm moved with it... Whoa...) and the ominous clouds. The epilogue though... We saw sunlight break free for the first time in a long time. Rand had to hit rock bottom, and almost did Shai'tan's work for him, but he found laughter again and the sunlight broke
  9. I love that Min took up Herid Fel's quest. Herid Fel has been my favorite character. I'm convinced that "something we know to be true" is false. I don't know what it is yet (I have theories, but none strong enough to post and defend) but the only way to get to it is to question the very nature of the Wheel of Time world. Herid Fel is one of the few that did, and now Min is as well. I'm also a political activist, almost by primary profession now. I laughed and cried, with chills, during the scene where Silviana was beating Egwene and they discussed resistance in the face of adversity.
  10. I have a FEW other candidates in mind there. Min sees that Alivia will "help him die"; perhaps this uber-link will unify the True Source, melding them into a Light True Power. Maybe not, but I'm thinking something on the massive, boulder in the pond scale like that. Perhaps this unified force will be contained within this link, like a living Eye of the World, and THIS will be used to blast the Dark One. Perhaps the Dark One's backlash will then kill Rand and the two women. I'm not a firm believer in that happening exactly, but something big and deadly. Alivia would help Rand die, Rand wou
  11. No. Cadsuane is pretty sure that the "three" are indeed the two women and one man needed to safely use Callandor. This would be Rand and two other women. I'm further guessing that this will be key to beating the Dark One (and I even suspect the mechanics of how it will happen, but... meh) and that one of the two women will be Alivia. The game will be changed. RJ said the greatest gift to (real) human history was moving beyond the idea that time is cyclical. I don't hold the idea that the turning of "the Wheel" can only be broken by a Dark One victory..
  12. Spoiler: The dedication is not to Harriet.
  13. I don't want to see that Shaidar Haran is NOT Asmodean. It's just such a cool punishment, shoving an art lover into a creature that can't feel joy.
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