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  1. Aside from gunpowder weapons, where are they stunted? Architecture, fashion and transport all seem 18th century. The Two Rivers looks like the American colonial frontier and Cairhien looks like a cleaner, healthier, more angular Paris.
  2. They're far more advanced then that, a lot of their tech is from the 16-1700s with the notable exception of gunpowder weapons. The cannon was brought to Europe around about the latter part of the Hundred Years War. All phases of technology do not linearly advanced at once. Just because they are lagging in one area, does not negate all the progress they have made in others. Rakers are equivalent to Clipper ships from the turn of the 19th century, the steamcars like the one built in Cairhien weren't built until the middle of the 19th century. The telescopes they have indicate their optics are equivalent to 18th century work. Aludra skips 400 years of development inventing 18th century field artillery right off the bat.
  3. They're far more advanced then that, a lot of their tech is from the 16-1700s with the notable exception of gunpowder weapons.
  4. At 70 million, it would be pretty sparsely populated. I don't think people appreciate how large a landmass we're talking about. If it was "reasonably" populated (as opposed to sparsely), we could probably expect over 150 million in that area. At roughly 6 million sq. miles that would only be 25 people per sq. mile, that's about a third as densely populated as 15th century France before the plague. That would be less densely populated than 15th century Britain. Given that most of the Westlands is flat land crossed by large rivers and between the 20th and 40th lines of latitude there was doubtlessly 300-450 million people there when the continent was fully settled. Even now, with half the continent abandoned and density within nations low, if Andor has 10 million people, than a little more than 100 for the whole continent is likely.
  5. Even if they don't understand why they do it (Germ theory), I would say that their practical application of sanitation and medicine is mostly on par with the late second half of the 19th century. You won't have anesthesia, but you'd almost certainly better off having a limb amputated by an army surgeon in the WoT, than an American soldier would have been in the Civil War. It's one of those things that they never forgot despite the Breaking.
  6. That doesn't make any sense, how can it not be Verin? Why would Fain care about those Aes Sedai at all?
  7. It's a 100 spans tall, not a hundred paces. The BWB is fine if the info is not mentioned in a book, but it's in the books that's a 100 spans, and that makes 600 ft.
  8. That borderland army is 200,000 strong not 250. I'm pretty sure that army that chased Ituralde was not that big, but I'm only half through CoT in my reread.
  9. That's just not true. You don't seem to understand that it was literally impossible to raise, train, supply and concentrate such forces before the industrial age. The Seanchan clearly have a few million men under arms, if we include the Seanchan homeland, and it's likely over half a million just in the Westlands, but it's impossible to concentrate more than a couple of hundred thousand in any one place. Even that would strain their logistics to the near breaking point. It's a big advantage the Shadow has had over the light since the Breaking. The Ten Nations of the 2nd Compact may each have been able to raise an average of half a million men for a total of 5 million, but they can't concentrate them in force like the Trollocs do. The Trollocs can eat the dead, theirs or the enemy, and the Dark One doesn't care if they die.
  10. The rebels specifically made their preparations to defend against a surprise attack by Sammael. Their plan, form full circles immediately, would have crushed any damane incursion.
  11. I should note that when the bubble of evil hit Salidar the Aes Sedai immediately responded in an organized fashion according to a premade plan. If the Seanchan had attacked the Rebel camp they would have faced much heavier resistance. Lets face it, those Aes Sedai in the Tower were those with bad enough judgement to support Elaida, the more competent sisters either left for the rebel camp or stood aside from the power struggle.
  12. Their performance was pretty woeful, but what do you expect when they've been sitting on their laurels for 2,000 years. Their predecessors who fought in the Trolloc Wars would have been ashamed.
  13. There were French armies in Spain and spread elsewhere garrisoning Europe. They weren't all in central Europe preparing to invade Russia.
  14. Chapter 30 - Mat and the Dark One's Own Luck Chapter 31 - Thom says some of the Red Ajah still remember him Chapter 32 - We have the suspicious Captain, and Rand's dreams of friends trying to kill him. Chapter 33 - First sign of the Darkhounds Chapter 34 - Gaul cites Aiel prophecy (We will be changed, and find again what was ours, and was lost) Chapter 37 - A ton of dreams by Egwene I think 30, 33 or 34 is most likely. Probably the Darkhounds, we keep seeing that huge pack and hearing how many there were in the Trolloc Wars, so I'm sure we'll see them in the last book.
  15. Looking at Andor, that's proportionately very similar. The Ten Nations likely had similar populations and armies on average as that, which once again points to the ungodly massive number of Trollocs that must have been involved in the Trolloc Wars. There were 200 damane in Ebou Dar alone, and that was hardly the front lines. There was mention of damane in camps around the city as well. Clearly the Seanchan brought a great many damane over to the Westlands. Certainly more than one thousand.
  16. The number of learners to sparkers is something like 50 to 1 though. So that's 30 thousand damane, not 1.5 million.
  17. He was last seen in Knife of Dreams wasn't he? I wish that all those old secondary characters could see who the main characters really were now. Valen with Nynaeve, the Elephant trainer with Elayne, etc.
  18. With 10 million figure, Randland can have 100 million and world population of around 300 million is not out of the question. Pretty shocking considering the wars and devastation. I would say that it would be a lot larger than that if we are going to base an estimation off that. The Seanchan continent is twice as large and at least twice as populated as Randland part of the world. In fact - land of madmen aside - it wouldn't be a stretch to say that it is the least populated area of the world. The brunt of the Shadow's attack has been on this part of the land. The Blight is focused there, near Shayol Ghul. The Blight around Seanchan was almost completely destroyed, and all indications point to the Sharan Blight being less than the mainland. The Trolloc Wars and Post-Hawkwing demise was focused mainly on Randland. With all the shrinking kingdoms and diminishing populations in Randland - Seanchan being twice the size has been largely unified for the past 1000 years (minor and even major rebellions aside - Seanchan power has not diminished [at least until Semirhage]) and - if we can believe the information - Shara has been whole since the Breaking (again, failed rebellions aside). This type of unified power promotes population growth and expansion. So I would say that if Andor has 10million, 100 mil would be a relatively good estimate. For a more conservative approach, I'll lessen it to around 70 million. Seanchan would be around 250-500 million and Shara 150-350 million. Add on 50 million for the Sea Folk/any Islanders/ LoM/ other possible populations, you have a conservative estimate of 520 million, and anything between 520 and 1 billion. (the maximum estimate) You could well be right in the 500 million. What I find very strange is how small the armies are. Even at 250 million, the Seanchan should be fielding armies that number in the millions, they forever to prepare to come to the mainland. And the rest of Randland, the armies are pretty small, given the state of affairs (Aiel War, the Blight, tension between various nations). For example, the US and Seanchan are similar military powerhouses, but Seanchan military seems quite small. The US had over 15 million enlisted in WWII with a population about half the size of the Seanchan (250 million). And in non war time, population of 300M, the US can call up 7 million. You can't compare them to industrial states. Napoleonic France is a better comparison, and the armies mustered given the populations are similar.
  19. There is absolutely no way anyone could have predicted the taint. If her actions were correct, it was in relation to war strategy, not the sealing. The pattern could also not predict the taint, since it is external to it. She held back by her own thoughts and ideas. The Dark One could have predicted, and that's who's giving the orders to darkfriends.
  20. She was probably just Egwene. Anyways, it's clear she was right. If she was a darkfriend, she would have either betrayed LTT's plan or had women go along so Saidar could be tainted too.
  21. As for the size of cities, here's something I found on medieval population densities (although the setting is more 17-18th century without gunpowder) http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/blueroom/demog.htm Given the size of the cities involved (Tar Valon is 8 miles long and 2 wide at it's widest), a population of 700,000 is definitely plausible, especially given the city's superior architecture. Far Madding is considerably smaller according to the scale, it might have only 250,000 people. Tanchicho is big, 5-600,000 people, is certainly a possibility. Unfortunately the maps of Cairhien and Caemlyn don't have scales on them, however IIRC Elayne thought Tanchico was about the same size as Caemlyn, maybe a little larger. Ebou Dar seems pretty large when you include the Rahad, maybe 4-500,000.
  22. This is never indicated at all. Rand and Mat think in terms of how much things are worth in money not in exchanges. There is no way that most of it can be spent on peddlers, a society like the Two Rivers can make almost everything they need. The only thing that they would need to buy from peddlers are luxury goods, and we don't really see much of that in town, the most common luxury good we see is books. EDIT: By the way, there's no cotton in the Westlands. Aiel clothes are made from it, but they don't export it.
  23. Given that their economy is based on cash crops, they have a significant amount of money coming in, and it doesn't seem like they buy enough imported goods to balance it out so the Two Rivers is definitely running a positive trade balance. There is likely more money than you think floating around.
  24. It took me 3-4 months to get up to chapter 35 of The Eye of the World, in the last 4 weeks though I've read 12-15 hundred pages a week and am currently on 10 of The Path of Daggers. I'm on pace to finish just in time for the new book, though it will take a bit to get here (Korea), so I have a cushion.
  25. Endurance isn't really a term used. The difference could be due to differing strengths in the five elements. Rand is very strong in all of them, Logain, while I'm sure he'd be considered stronger than average in all of them, may not be very strong in one the of the elements needed to work. Then there is dexterity (a term that is used), Logain may simply not be able to weave as deftly as Rand. By the way, under this system angreal really are powerful. In TPOD the amber turtle lets Elayne hold twice as much Saidar as Nyneave (though Nynaeve hadn't reached her peak yet). So around 13 on that scale, stronger than Lanfear and about 2.5 times Elayne's strength.
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