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  1. Yes but I see more futility in RAW answering everything I say with a sarcastic remark in attempts to make me look stupid. I can handle banter when it is banter. Having theories shot down is all fine and dandy until it gets done in the way RAW and Ares do it
  2. Take your nose out of his arse rox
  3. You must really have a shit life RAW to be such a cunt on here
  4. Sorry RAW I dont speak dumbass. Unlucky for you, there arent any translaters on the internet. I tried searching for one, but couldnt find it, so you'll either have to get someone to take you to the shop and buy one, or grow up and get over the fact that I used a swear word against you in a different thread and stop trying to ridicule me on every single thing I write.
  5. While I still disagree about the Great Lords motives for complete destruction I do agree with this comment. Unravelling the Pattern while the Great Lord is trapped by it might have consequences. Also, the Great Lord will be aware of exactly what the Wheel is capable of; he probably thinks if he had Rand turned it would turn out, just on the off chance, that 100 years ago an Aes Sedai discovered how to remove the "turned" status, and that Aes Sedai would show up and bring Rand back to himself just at the exact moment where the Great Lords plans are most fragile. I can definitely see why the Sha
  6. Daved Hanlon. Ooooh that scene when he saved Elayne by THROWING HIS SWORD was great, but then when you find out the little plan to integrate himself with Elayne by saving her from his 3 Darkfriend comrades...genius. I have an obsession with swords being thrown, because of the films Last of the Mohicans and Gladiator, and Daved Hanlon instantly put himself in my favorite minor list when he did that. Bashere. I like the way he is introduced, the way he makes it publicly known that he is not afraid of Rand. I get the impression that Bashere will be fulfilling some sort of role in AMoL. And a
  7. Since any decent story requires some source of conflict, I would say that, yes, evil is a necessary ingredient in a series like this. Okay minus the sarcasm RAW and actually answering the question I really meant, do you think in a world such as Wheel of Time. where existence is guided by a mechanism that strives for balance, that evil is necessary?
  8. Not so: Typos mine, and it goes on from there with more information. So yes. Rand knows that the guy channeled the True Power and a bit about it and its importance. Whaaaaat I well dont remember this! Can I get the page reference I must see this properly!
  9. Erm...Rand never linked the guy he met at Shadar Logoth to the Chosen at all. When he saw Moridin use True Power balefire he only noted that time that there was no weave or drawing of Saidin to be sensed. Lews Therin knows of the True Power, granted, but Rand doesnt know about it. Rand does not know who Moridin is, and after the incedent in Shadar Logoth he never questions why he felt no channeling in his PoV. Not once. Agreed, this is the one Im looking forward to most! But I dont think Rand vs Moridin will be the significant one that defeats the Great Lord as some do. I just thi
  10. What do you guys think about the idea of evil being as necessary as good in a series like this?
  11. The problem is, against a really experienced channeler, channeling is often the only weapon that will be successful. Often is not always, the Green Man killed Balthamal without channeling. It would be difficult for a non-channeler to kill an experienced channeler but not impossible. I think a ta'veren with an anti-one power terangreal, the memories of many experienced warriors and lots luck on his side just might be the one who could pull it off. Booyah. Mat vs Demandred wouldnt be bad but rather as generals rather than a one on one.
  12. Ludmian, before you rant and rave and complain anymore about it you should read this. http://www.brandonsanderson.com/article/56/Splitting-AMOL
  13. I cant see us getting a Lan PoV, we havent had one yet have we? How wierd would it be if we get a PoV from the Great Lord?
  14. You do know that Lanfear no longer exists as Lanfear, right? So whatever strength she had will never ever affect Cyndane in any battle. Why does the fact that Cyndane is weaker come into any possible discussion on Cyndane squaring up to someone? Okay lets look at something here. All the Chosen Rand has fought have all been "strong, perhaps as strong as Rand hismelf" while still having a difference between each other. The same goes for the women except for Lanfear in her original body. How much stronger than Moghedien would you say Graendal is? Moderately? Considerably? Going off y
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