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Where are you from?

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i was surfing around on the forum and it looks like a big part of the ppl in here are american. so i thought that i sould ask where u guys/grils are from?


i'm from Norway..... and for u americans, thats not the capitol of sweden :wink:

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Never !


but isn't Norway a bit too cold in the summer ?


Belgium is kinda rainy at that time and it's south from it ...


*looks around*


is it an scandinavian invasion ?




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this last week it has been around +30C, and thats hot enough for everybody :D. it get's kinds cold in the winter, depends on what area u are in, in my place it gets below -30C. :(



yea this is a viking invasion... look out for th skandinavian horde! :twisted:

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ja det koker som faen! skulle gjerne tatt en drink, men må på arbeid i morgen, skolen er slutt så da må vi studenter jobbe. :(

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Guest Majsju

And the invasion continues...Sweden here.


Though my grand plan includes moving to Belgium, I miss the beer and the chocolate.


A kingdom for a Trappiste! :lol:

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hehe !


indeed Belgium is a great place for choc and beer ... !!!


now, 30°C in Norway ! that's hot ! i didn't know it could be like this !

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Guest Egwene

Does it mean 'red arm' by any chance????


Anyway, I live in the beautiful Devon countryside which is in te South West of England. (nowhere near the capital of Sweden *g*)

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