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  1. i what book and chapter is this?
  2. greetings from Norway! a merry x-mas to all of u!
  3. i was thinking more in the lnes of posters and banners, and things like that.
  4. i wonder if there are any online stores where i can buy wheel of time stuff? stuff like posters and/or banners with wot art.
  5. so what u say are that u don't know that it wasn't him, because you don't know enough about him? i agree with that, but i would think he could be a suspect. beeing an assassin and all :)
  6. i have not read all the arguments here, so someone else may have made the argument. in one of the earlyer books there are an assassin that kills for the dark one, he can go in and out of the dream world. i think he was slayer (not sure about it). the assassin answers only to the choosen, and i would think that Asmodean knew him, and knew why he would be there. and knowing that poor Asmodean at the time was weak in the power, the assassin could easly kill him. i don't think that lanfear did it since she was with the finns, and would not care about him at the time. if she got her wishes
  7. i think that the healing Nyneave did is like if a bridge collapse and u just put down a wooden beam so u can cross it, and then u fix it for real later. i realy hope that siuan are fully restored in the next book. siuan is the coolest AS!
  8. on the list i like Moiraine the best, but i think that i like siuane better. and of course leane, would like to spend the night with her :lol:
  9. nice let all who love to drink fight and steal join us! :twisted:
  10. so there is ppl from all over the world, im surprised how many there are from skandinavia :D
  11. ja det koker som faen! skulle gjerne tatt en drink, men må på arbeid i morgen, skolen er slutt så da må vi studenter jobbe. :(
  12. sure u can join us, drink, fight, loot and steal!
  13. this last week it has been around +30C, and thats hot enough for everybody :D. it get's kinds cold in the winter, depends on what area u are in, in my place it gets below -30C. :( yea this is a viking invasion... look out for th skandinavian horde! :twisted:
  14. *nods* thx to Chaelca belgian, we get a lot of u ppl here in the summer, ever been in norway?
  15. i was surfing around on the forum and it looks like a big part of the ppl in here are american. so i thought that i sould ask where u guys/grils are from? i'm from Norway..... and for u americans, thats not the capitol of sweden
  16. haman

    hey all

    hey, and yey norway. have been away for awhile, so i have not been able to write anything here. winter in norway is from october to march-april, where i live it's cold as hell desember to late february.
  17. I don't want RJ reading this forum or others like it and pandering to the whims of his audience. I would like to see it done' date=' and I believe that RJ has already made the decision.[/quote'] yea i agree that RJ should't write to pleace his audience, what i meant was that i hoped this was something he was thinking about. to the people that liked to see characters get hurt; yea sure some of them need to pay the prize, but can't he kill some of the others instead, and leave siuan healty.
  18. haman

    hey all

    lol yea that's right. if u want to learn somthing in norwegian just ask :)
  19. i agree with u. she should be raised to her former lvl. i agree that she has grown i character, but she did't bully people with the power before, she bullyed them with her stron character and as a amyrlin. she should atleast get her hands on a very strong sa'angreal :) and maybe have a good old showdown with alaida :lol:
  20. haman

    hey all

    er fra gudbrandsdalen, men studerer i trondheim :)
  21. haman

    hey all

    thx i can ususaly make my self understood. yea maybe there are some drugs in the books :)
  22. no i don't think sow, in the book is says that in order to be fully restored, a woman have to heal a man or a man have to heal a woman. it does not say that for a woman to be fully restored only a man can heal u. i think that it's sort of like when u break somethink u can allways fix it half way, for later fixing it all the way. this is something that needs to happend, siuan need to be among the strongest.
  23. a salute to all of u! i'm a 23 year old guy from Norway, im a student of history at the university of Trondheim. i have read the wheel of time many times, and when i get to the end i start over again :D im sry if my english is't great.
  24. for verin, Tyne Daly, i think she would be a great verin.
  25. is it only me, or should siuan be fully restored in the power? she is in my opinion the coolest of the AS, and i did't like it when she was restored to the weakest of them. what do u guys think about this? i think this is something RJ should think about when he is writing the next book.
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