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  1. Half of the women, especially Nynaeve. And Rand has become annoying to. I love them all :)
  2. Jimmith


    R.ead A.nd F.ind O.ut or also Regret Asking For Omnipotence
  3. My name was sort of an accident. 6 or 7 years ago I was in the process of making a game (graphics and layout, can't program for the life of me). As is always the cause, programs have bugs in the early stages. At one point we had no way of removing registered users, and i needed to create several accounts. My nick at that time was actually MatrimC, but becouse of said bug i could not re-register with the same name and i ended up using Jimmyth (short for Jimmy the hand, one of my favorite fantasy characters). Same thing again and i changed the "y" to an "i" and ended up with Jimmith. After that the name just stuck :)
  4. I'm a graphic artist. Mostly illustration and animation.
  5. Jimmith


    [Er det den norske thread'en dette.... = Is this the Norwegian thread....] Welcome Schnuffe! Yet 'nother Norwegain. Never thought i'd live to see the day :D
  6. Jimmith


    Welcome Viking! Nice to see more norwegians around. Where in Norway do you live?
  7. Ah, my psychic powers tells me that you should join us over at The Band of The Red Hand. For instant friends in the Band, make a topic named "No Bandy or nasty brew, flaming shot is the drink for you" Other than that, welcome!
  8. Well met Nightshade! This is a nice place to have a good time, and the best way to start that is by going over to The Band of The Red Hand an making a post called "101 ways to pick on Wooly". (Seriously, try it)
  9. Hi there! Welcome to DM! 'Tell you a secret: Go to "The Band of The Red Hand" organization part of this forum and make a thread called "I promise not to drink anything but Flaming Shots" and see what happens. Great way to make friends :) Good luck!
  10. Tip: You'll find it under "Organizations"
  11. Welcome fellow europeian, never mind the spelling, i have gotten away with the strangest things. I once proclaimed that i was giving birth (not in those words) when i meant to say that i was working hard. Strangest thing. Also, join the band of the red hand and make a post named "No bandy or nasty brew, flaming shot is the drink for you".
  12. Welcome. Join the Band of the Red Hand. :D
  13. Any news for us Matalina? Sorry to nag at you, but i'm really looking forward to see the rest of what people have made (Although i used some of it in the flash intro, i haven't seen it all) :)
  14. Welcome! And the Band is the place to be.
  15. Hello there saurus! Welcome to DM, i'm sure you'll have a jolly good time. Go to fiidlesticks for some random spamming/getting to know people, and join the band of the red hand if you want the good times :D
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