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Best 'Oh snap!' moment


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What moment in the series where someone got toally owned just made you go 'Oh snap!'. I'll start. =D


My favorite was when Egwene took control of the rebel aes sedai because of the law dealing with Amyrlins and war. Everyone in the Hall just like, fainted or vomited. It was ultra bad a**.


How about you guys?

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When Nyneave put the a'dam on Moghedian


When Nyneave put the a'dam on the sul'dam and she first laughed but then realized that the a'dam did work on her.


When Taim and Asha'man showed up and Dumai's Wells.


When Mat took down Couladin (ok we didn't actually see that scene, but the way I picture it in my head is just awsome).


When Osan'gar gets taken out by Elza.


When Rand tells the AS to kneel at the end of LOC.

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    Someone, I forgot who, has this part as thier signature, its when Mat goes to Salidar and (I can't remember it completely) takes the Amrylin's stole away and tells off the three for getting above themselves and Egwene putting it on her shoulders and giving an order to someone and Mat sees that its obeyed.



    Also, when the queen of Ebou Dar is making Mat her plaything and he tells Elayne and she says something like "serves you right".

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I hate every encounter with Mat and the girls. They're all just so self-righteous. And that Egwene had the audacity to call Mat a Dragonsworn.... Just maddening, it is.


The part where Birgitte found out about the Stone of Tear and made Elayne apologize was awesome. 


Also, when Aviendha spoke to Elayne about sleeping with Rand.

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I'm not the biggest Mat fan, but when he blows the horn... i love that scene!


Everytime Loial ends up fighting... he can be annoying when he rambles, but once he picks up that axe and starts hewing through people and trollocs...


When Lanfear finds out about Rand and Avi and has kadere's skinless corpse dancing


When Perrin frees Gaul and he rushes the Whitecloak's taking out three of them without a weapon, plus that whole fight scene


And my favourite of all, the green man crushing bathelmal in his hands while dying.


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A lot of my favorites are already up here, but...in TDR when Mat rescues the girls and the second they're free they start berating him like they're the women's circle. Poor Mat can never do anything right...


and of course when Suroth thought everything was fine and dandy at the end of KoD and Tuon just storms in and basically owns her :D



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I like the parts in Fires of heaven when Mat accidentally finds himself in charge of the Band of the Red Hand (as they'll come to be known) and those stupid Tairen lords who thought they could just ignore Mat's plan and charge into the column of Shaido. They went down screaming and bleeding real quick and Mat was like : "Good riddance, the fools."


Then after it turns out Mat nearly fought them off the field. Killed Couladin too as was mentioned.


No one remembers Liandrin and when she was dumb enough to think that even after getting healed from Birgitte's arrow, she could take Moghedien. Moghedien pretty much wrapped her up as a plaything for some low level darkfriends, and the other Black Ajah sisters pretty much dismissed her as nonexistent.


I also liked that part in Shadow rising when in the Two Rivers Bain and Chiad were commenting to Gaul when he complimented Thomas and Ivhon: "They are very good."


When they disappeared into the foilage. Bain and Chiad were like: "A child could hide in this." But they were still looking around carefully as if they might get surprised by the warders again. I thought that was funny.


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every single thing with Mat in it! I love that guy.


When he tosses that Aes Sedai over his knee and paddles her buttom

Whenever he tries to 'not be a bloody hero' and ends up saving the day anyway

When he berates Tom and the others for showing a bad example to the boy, while the boy picks up all his 'nasty' habbits from Mat himself

When he doesn't take any of the nonsense from the women and still ends up doing exactly that what every woman would hope a guy would do, even if they don't have an inch of gratitude in their self righteous bones (boxes Egwene's, Nyneave's and Elayne's ears for good measure)

I also absolutely LOVED it how he gave Gawyn and Galad their come'uppins and the indignant hmpf afterwards when all the women fawned over the two like he was the bad one.



Mat... the true hero of WoT, whether he wants to or not LOL

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Guest Dreadlord

I have loads of these.


When Rand encounters the two renegade Ashaman in whichever town it is you cant channel in. Rand knew his second punch would kill the guy-not Kisman, the other. Hahahaha I love it


When Nynaeve bosses Moghedien for the first time. I love it. Nynaeve was the third person we saw defeat a Forsaken.


Moiraines showdown with Lanfear is up there as well. I felt that in that one scene, when Moiraine was stood behind Lanfear readying herself for the tackle, we saw a different shade of Moiraine that hadnt been revealed before. We saw Moiraine the woman, not Moiraine the Aes Sedai.


But my favorite beyond a shadow of a doubt is in Knife of Dreams epilogue. When Taim is stood there surrounded by his "favorite" Ashaman, spitting in the faces of the Aes Sedai who are going to bond them. The whole way through he is laughing inwardly, he is stood there waving his black flag, waiting for the Aes Sedai to stab themselves in the back by bonding his men, and teh Aes Sedai dont even know it. The best thing about that is where it could go in AMoL. Oooh they were being f***ed over and they dont even realise mwa ha ha haaaa

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