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  1. My chief complaint these days is Mat's characterization post-RJ. Yes, we get it. He's a womanizer. But that doesn't mean I have to read a scene where he admires literally EVERY woman in the tavern yet claims he doesn't care because he's married. And okay, Mat saved all the girls at one point or another. Great. Also, his sense of humor was waaaaay less subtle.
  2. I think that even if he knew that it was really a man, Rand still wouldn't be able to her Aran'gar. Aran'gar seems to have integrated as a woman very quickly, and already acts like a woman whenever the story centers around him/her. I don't think Rand would be able to kill someone if they perfectly looked and acted like a woman, he's too damaged about it at this point.
  3. So over the past seven months, I re-read all 12 released books in a row. Originally I was reading New Spring for an open book report at school, but I quickly moved on to the subsequent volumes of the series. Just a few days ago, I finished KoD, the last released book. After I closed the book, I felt...weird. It just felt so much like I needed to continue reading yet there were no more pages. This might be because I'd been used to putting down one book and instantly picking up another, but I think it also has to do with the circumstances surrounding the writing of the final book. This mostly goes out to those poeple who re-read all the books one right after the other. What do you feel after you read the last page in KoD?
  4. I'd have to say that Kadere described it best. After the breaking, female aes sedai began to run the world, and I'm sure they all had some uneasiness around men. Who could say when a man would start channeling, go insane, and kill loads of people? So yeah, to be honest I find the women catty and occasionally annoying, but the men save their hides more times than can be counted. Sure the women are ungrateful, but us as the readers take some satisfaction in knowing that the women aren't always in control. ^_^
  5. I think it might relate back to the fact that they grew up together as best friends. Their threads and such probably became pretty close while they were growing up, so they might have some ta'veren connection. The colors are appearing because they are far away from each other, so the Pattern is maybe...I dunno, trying to keep them together by letting them know what the others are up to. That do be my theory. ^_^
  6. I don't really think that the Two Rivers will become just another town. The refugees and outlanders that move in seem perfectly content to just adhere to the Two Rivers lifestyles. Also, I think that after TG, the Two Rivers will be the next Manetheren and one of the few stable nations, so in that aspect they would remain unique.
  7. I will be reading it very carefully, making sure not to look further down the page than I was at. >_>
  8. Lanfear wouldn't have been taken down a peg. As frustrating as it was that Lanfear got reborn anyway, it was nice to see that she was under someone else's control for once. ^_^
  9. I think that one of the main resons Elyas is running with the wolves is because when his affinity for wolves showed up, the aes sedai around him got all extra supspicious and put him on edge, and he killed another warder. So he's kind of on the run. Perrin on the other hand, never had a lot of pressure or prejudice placed on him. Yes almost everyone who meets him is unsettled by his eyes, but often times they move on or get used to it.
  10. Ya know, I actually think it'd be cool to live as an Aiel. You'd end up with like, the best combat skills ever, and everyone around you would be fit. SOudns great to me. ^_^
  11. Also, the Daishan (sp?) Aiel took part in the growing of crops and plants with the Nim tree people. The Tinkers of the current age don't seem to have much of an affinity for growing things. Although, they don't eat any meat so they still have some connection to veggies. ^_^
  12. I think she's talking about the Black Hills. That's where that one old wilder lady lived who taught Cadsuane before she went to the White Tower. Maybe when she went back was when she earned the right to all of her hair net ter'angreal and angreal. I guess that's pretty important in itself because she's now using those items to help Rand. Didn't really answer your question, just speculation/additional info. xD
  13. Okay, so in Winter's Heart I believe it is, when Pevara and Seaine are hunting Black sisters, they release themselves from the three oaths to make sure they can. I do remember that Seaine had much fun saying that Tar Valon was paved with cheese and that Pevara had a beard. Obviously, she and Pevara both knew that the streets of Tar Valon were not cheese and that Pevara's face was beard-free. Under Luckers' logic, she would've been able to say this without having to release herself from the Three Oaths. Why then did she have so much fun saying these things?
  14. Dang, so many people have Mat moments. O_o; Another of my favorites is when Egwene is freed from her a'dam in Falme and her sul'dam comes to check up on her. Most satisfactory bludgeoning ever.
  15. I love reading about all these juicy moments. Makes me happy. ^_^ Keep 'em coming guys!
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