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    Lol so you don't care how everything ends?
  2. I understand what you're trying to say, but I don't think it's that simple. Of course it might be true, and it does sound logical, but I think there's more to it.
  3. Cockta


    Actually, I agree with you. I too haven't seen anyone here express themselves that they are looking forward to the final book until now, in this thread.
  4. So, is anyone here excited for the twelth book AMoL?
  5. It's a possibility that if Rand learns to cry and laugh that he will have better chances of winning TG.
  6. VARG VIKERNES! He's just better than anyone else!
  7. Wow that reminds me of the white hand of Saruman! I wonder if RJ was inspired by Saruman and the Uruk Hai when he thought up the Band of the red hand.
  8. HEY MAYBE TAIM ONLY WANTS POWER FOR HIMSELF INSTEAD OF BEING RULED BY RAND?????? I don't think so. If he wanted power, he would have gone to the DO.
  9. I guess the name of the thread should be who will rediscover the Power.
  10. Question: Which minor character will die in aMoL? Answer: Your mom.
  11. Yes, but think of the circumstances, man! Rand can't just go off having fun for a couple of weeks while the rest of the world burn.
  12. Yarr!!!! Shiver me timbers! Do I smell some gold near? Ok, seriosuly, I don't think they'll end up pirates. I remember someone made a joke about the pirate thing. How Mat Rand and Perrin were to become the perfect pirate team, Rand having a hand short, Mat an eye short, and just for bunnies sake Perrin would lose a leg. But no, I still don't think they'll turn pirate.
  13. I think Mat will have more work to do in Seanchan, because the country is experiencing a civil war right now.
  14. That's what I was thinking of when I wrote that post. Yet again, some things would make it unconventional for Mat to travel to Seanchan when Randland is getting overwhelmed by trollocs.
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