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  1. You know Rand never actually cried up on Dragonmount, right? He laughed, but no tears. I still think that part of the prophecy is unfulfilled. Right from the get go I always assumed it would be a combo of Tam and Moiraine reappearing that would cause Rand to break down and laugh and cry, and since Tam's reappearance led to the laughing, I guess Moiraines reappearance will fulfill the second part. Maybe Cadsuane reunites her and Rand? i guess that would work... speaking of Tam, I was SO disappointed with his and Rand's meeting. SO disappointed... I've been looking forward to an epic, shive
  2. I mentioned this on the tor.com Gathering Storm thread immediately after reading the book, and like a lot of ppl have already mentioned here, it's pretty obvious the Mat does not act like Mat. Now I'm not really complaining as I found his banter to be quite humorous, (actually sounded a lot like myself lol), but yeah, there's no doubt his character changed through BS's writing. I hadn't read the other books in a while so I didn't really notice or mind the change in Tal.'s character, but I'm sure if it's as bad as others are making it out to be i would've noticed had i read KoD before GS.
  3. The reason for that is because after so many years there is literally nothing to discuss that hasn't already been beaten to death. Those posters who are outright disproving your theories are just bored, so dont take it personally :P
  4. I think Egwene has done a lot in the later books to redeem her in my mind, although I don't like the way she manipulates Mat, but her character really took a beating in my mind in the earlier books. There are a few things about her that I can remember off the top of my head that really made me dislike her in the earlier books, namely her childishness when learning to dreamwalk with the aiel, and her horrible treatment of Nynaeve. That second one was what really made me dislike her, and from that point on in the books I can't help but think of her as a huge biyatch. But like I said, t
  5. Well I don't know about Darkfriends going good, but I can see Perrin pulling an Anakin Skywalker if Faile gets killed or he believes she gets killed.
  6. That would be a slap in the face. RJ does actually mention that quite often, foreshadowing perhaps? Why would that be a slap in the face? I think it would be quite a fitting end to Taim, who happens to be quite the over confident one.
  7. I doubt that Jordan used Wikipedia either as his source of understanding for the Arthurian mythos, or just about anything else ... No but he may very well have used the same sources as the auther(s) of the article to find and research his info ;)
  8. I would really like to see Rand's reaction to seeing Moiraine alive. I know it's Cadsuane who is supposed to make Rand laugh and cry but I can't help but think just how perfect it would be for Moiraine to do this. I mean she was the orignal name on his dead chick playlist so to find her alive would, IMO, shake him to his core. Maybe it will be Cadsuane who brings Rand and Moiraine together ???, one can only hope. Regardless of how their meeting occurs, I can't imagine it happening until the second book, although it would be a pretty sick ending to GS to have Moiraine come up to Rand in the mi
  9. Rand finally reunites with Tam only to go nuts and kill him. :o
  10. I kind of like this idea, and you aren't the first to mention it. What better ending could there be then to have Rand die and everyone be all like: "Gaaaah ok we're screwed," and then WHAM Mat blows the horn and a fully limbed Rand and other heroes will come forth and unleash awsome vengence :D
  11. Isn't Callandor already flawed in some way? Someone help me out with the specifics here. But if it is already flawed, then no need for it to break for Elayne to fix it, right? That's what I was thinking too. Callandor is already flawed so maybe Elayne will fix it. I don't think your off base here at all. I studied that in school and the a major part of hindu belief is a continuously turning wheel type thing that churns out reincarnated souls. I think the reason RJ was able to create such a complex story was becasue he used a lot of myths and ideas from various relig
  12. Sweating also tends to curl your hair and, especially during the 'middle' books there seems to be a lot of talk about the heat and sweating.
  13. I always assumed it was Paden Fain, he seems to have a sick obsession with shedding blood and gloating to Rand about it.
  14. Sounds like you should be drawing the cover :D If you don't know how to draw, you've still got a year to learn, so get cracking :P
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