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Phonetics and you!


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As I look around the boards, I see that a lot of the characters have really strange names. So, I thought it would be interesting to have a thread to show people how to pronounce the names! *dodges inevitable rotting fruit, vegetables, and rocks that will be thrown* ;D


I’ll start!


Melianna                Hollmen

(Mel – ee – anna    Hall – men)


Ok, that one wasn’t as hard, but others may be.


Tigara                  Kazim

(Tie – gair-ah      Kaz - em) pronounced Chasm


Jagaea              Kazim

(Jag – ay-a      Kaz - em) pronounced Chasm


Ikkiliad                    sur    Paendrag

(Ikk – ill – ee - add  sir    Pay – en – drag)


Zari      and Zela        Chasei

(Zar-ee and  Zel – ah  Chass – eye)


Jasmyne      Ceres

(Jazz – min  Ser – ez)


Eve    Mitayah

(Eve  Mit – tay – ah) OK, that one was easy.


Seth Roses

(Not gonna bother with this one ;p)


Heather al’Morris

(Another straightforward one)


Saeric                Talvus

(Say – ur- ick    Tal – vus)


Aos der’Kelman

(Ay - oss  dare’ Kel – man) Aos = Chaos - ch


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Me next ^^


Jerinia Zaralyn


Jeh-rin-i-ah Za-ra-lin


Saira Fujimura


Sa-i-rah Fu-ji-mu-ra


Arienna de Orasaigh


A-ri-enna de O-ra-saih (unspoken 'g')


Mara Novares


Maa-ra No-va-res


Sharina Val'Danath


Sha-ri-na Val-Da-nath


Melenis Stormgate


Me-le-nis Storm-gate


Rebecca Célentin


Re-bec-ca Cé-len-tin


Tavon Zaralyn (Martyn Stonebridge)


Ta-von Za-ra-lin (Mar-tyn Stone-bridge)


Masura Zaralyn (Masura Kurenin)


Ma-su-ra Za-ra-lin (Ma-su-ra Koe-re-nin)

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Hrm... let's see if I can make these work :D  The vowel sounds are actually shorter than drawn out, but most of them are slavic, so hard to explain for non-slavic speakers ;)


Raeyn Priya Saethyr


Ray-yen Pree-ya Say-thir



Mariasha Valnar


Marr-ee-yash-a Val-nar



Saerythra Al'Thorin


Saari-thra Al'Thor-in



Rendra Harella


(pretty self-explanatory)


Lillith Izmorova


(Also pretty self-explanatory)



I feel like I'm forgetting someone.  Meh <3

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Ok, this could take a while...


Dilora Fashelle (Peddler Extraordinaire)

Dill-Or-A Fa-Shell


Rossa Venye (Blue Aes Sedai)

Ross-Uh Ven-Yuh


Caliendhra (Aiel Maiden of the Spear)



Evane din Phare Swift-Current (Sea Folk)

Eh-Van din Far Swift-Current ;)


Ivy (Ogier)

Self Explanatory ;)


Ruan Andradem Shoa Paendrag (Seanchan, Daughter of the Nine Moons)

Roo-Ann Andra-Dem Shore Pain Drag


Toulan Daemeau (Dreadlady Newbie)

Tool Ann Day Mow


Louvete Aulare (Wolfkin)

Loo Vet Oh Lair


Darin Berghald (Child of the Light)

Dar In Berg Hald ;) 



There'll be a couple more coming soon :)


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*runs to get help on skype*


wee lets start messing up any sence of logic when we aply my norwegian heads pronounctiation on names *blissfull evil grin*...that is if skype could work..oh well compiled the lsit of chars i need to do


M'bela wa Askari,

m-be-lah wah as-ka-ree

Liitha Dorje,

lee-tah doh-ri-yah

Aslan Waaran,

Ah-slan Wah-ran

Chalinda later Celerita Temeraire,

Seh-leh-ri-tah Teh-meh-rei-er

Cyrain Traven,

See-rain Trei-ven

Aurore Boréale,

Ah-roh-reh Boh-rah-leh



Cemarillinin Adõa,

Seh-mah-rih-lih-lin-in  A-do-ah

Arya Daenerys Somtaaw,

Ah-rya  Day-neh-rees Som-taw

Owial Volor Merran,

Oh-wyal Voh-lor Meh-rahn

Sirene ni Malasere t’Rylan,

See-reh-neh ni Mah-lah-seir t'Ree-lahn

Sabelle Bakarath,

Sa-bell Bah-kah-rath

Elmira Deen,

El-mee-rah Deen

Amelia Jayden Calvert,

Ah-meh-lee-ah Jay-den Caal-va®t

Hall Vard,

Haal Vard




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