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May Shockwave Competition


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PM me your game choices to be put up for voting within the next couple of weeks. Send your selection to me by the 20th. After that, the voting will begin. You can vote for one game, and the voting will go on until the 30th. Winners will be announced then or on the 31th and points awarded.


1st place-20 points

2nd place-10 points

game submision - 5 points

voting - 3 points


just submitting and voting gets you 8 pts. Send in stuff and be sure to vote on it! That's where you guys are really hurting yourselves lately...



Rock, Paper, Scissors: Extreme Death Match



Nuff Said


Penguin Arcade



Blasting pegions off the iceberg, what could be more fun...


The Powder Game



It's Powder! It's Fire! It's....The Powder game. Make whatever you want...make it go boom! Or try what other people have created.





Move the balls of the same color together to make them disappear and complete the level.


Bible Fight



Mortal Kombat with Bible characters.

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ok, sorry this is late opening, but I've had computer problems lately. but fear not! I am here now! and... hopefully will be later... but let the voting begin!


(and I do not remember bible fight, eclipse. maybe it's because you've played it before)

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ok, I'm going on LoA until tuesday, so either eclipse will finish the voting and tally points for me or it'll just stay open for an extra couple of days and points will be a day or two late...


eclipse, can I trust you to end tie breakers with my vote with an unbiased answer while I'm gone?

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umm, no I don't... I usually break ties with the person who hasn't won as much. you'll see who sent what when you go to check my inbox for points. and you can make a decision from there. or do what ever you want to. as long as I get my 3 points for a vote I don't care. lol

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shoot! then I can go ahead and announce winners... it's the points that go out on the last day of the month... though I can't find the PM from who sent the Penguine Arcade! unless you wanna do that tomorrow while waiting on a shout out as to whop sent it XD


sp the standings are TMD is in 4th with The Powder Game, Red2111 is in 3trd with Eliminator, Climhazzard is in 2md with Bible Fight, and 1st is tied between eclipse with Rock, Paper, Scissors and someone's Penguin Arcade game.


(this is so you wont' have to go through 3-4 pages of spam PMs, eclipse!)

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