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  1. exactyly, Lor! I don't see why there's so many variations of the Christian religion when it's all about the same thing. I mena, yes there are many variations of wicca and that wicca is a variation of pagan, but that's because it's so diverse. you have TONS of different types of gods and goddesses to worship that there has to be different forms. Christianity it's all just one god saying the same thing...
  2. Wow, one OL position I don't wish to apply for. I was perfectly content applying for a smaller place such as the Wolfkin, but such a large place on DM? I'm wayyyyy more than content with being the Blue Sapphire (liaison)
  3. Myra Gailene had only been here for a couple of days and was already expected to be up and out early in the morning for classes. She thought she had left lessons behind when she decided to search for the Song on her own and left the wagons. However, she got out of bed and threw on her freshly cleaned skirt - the one that had three others of various length sown into it so it had uneven levels of red, yellow, and orange - and one of her yellow shirts with matching orange patches. She also threw on two scarves in different shades of red that draped over her arms that would be to help shield off s
  4. The other woman's laugh made her blush a deep and furious red and sink further into her seat that she had nearly knocked over with her outburst. She could feel the other's eyes upon her and the other woman. As bubbly and talkative as she usually was, she just wanted to avoid attention now at all costs. She was determined that she was diseased, contagious, and on her death bed. She might as well go borrow a shovel and start digging her gave now before anyone else got infected. "Don't be silly. There is nothing wrong with you, excluding your mild paranoia episode, of course. You're as healt
  5. i got a haircut! http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb10/DesireeDryad/Pets/Me%20Myself%20and%20I/haircut4.jpg
  6. *nods* listening is something I think the world is lacking. not just listening, but TRULY listening to what people are saying. I think a lot of religious difference could be done away with if people would just listen about another religion and do just that - listen. they don't even have to comment. It's like this: You're used to one food, but try a different variation of it and find out you don't like it. Do you really have to eat all of it? No. (unless your parents make you ofc :P) same with religion. if people could listen without trying to claim their religion is against God/Jesus
  7. You know, I've never thought about it that way. Then again, there are some that would take that to their heads - and also there's really no telling what another person wants to be treated like unless they tell you.
  8. sorry, I've been busy as of late :) I think that was one part of what he was asking about. I have a comment on the conscious self/soul part. Yes, your conscious self is what allows you to experience things and to function, but I believe the soul is what helps you to really feel them and enjoy or dislike things. Basically, the emotion part of your body. like the Mind, Body, Spirit triangle. the mind is the conscious self that helps you think things through, the spirit is what helps you experience feelings and the like, and the body is what houses them. And like Bonzo said, I thin
  9. *nods* I think if everyone just followed the Golden Rule, a lot of things happening today (gangs, war, religious scabbles, ect) could all be avoided. And it's shocking how not many of today's children don't know what the Golden Rule is! That was one of the first things I was taught in Kindergarten as a way to help us obey the rules better. It's like a lot of us have forgotten it along the road... it's really quite saddening.
  10. let's just say my dad's fond of guilt trips and much much more in the verbal abuse area and there's a bunhc more that happened that resulted in me being grounded from the internet for half a year or more back in 05-06 :-\ but I will take this advice to heart to work out a situation with my aunt I just moved away from. thank you :) *hugs*
  11. hmm, allow me to ponder on this for a day? i have to figure out exactly how to word this. it's come across in some of my studies edit: but you can discuss anything here. we've discussed the war, the military, and all sorts of things
  12. I honestly don't know and I probably never will as we aren't really on speaking terms anymore :-\
  13. So Wheel of Time, with it's Creator/God and Dark One/Satan analogy, was considered a work of Satan, but Harry Potter with it's talk of witches was considered fine? Don't get me wrong, Harry Potter is harmless, and I've beaten my head against the wall trying to explain that to the same kind of people that read Jack Chick comics and believe them. However, I find the concept that Wheel of Time is more dangerous than Harry Potter absolutely astounding. Then again, they do call it being irrational for a reason. Exactly. This was my parent's concern. Or more precisely, my dad and my step
  14. I had a teacher like that. one day after class a friend and I found out she had studied up on Wicca and metaphysics so we had a half hour discussion with her instead of eating lunch, lol. best discussion ever O_o
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