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  1. exactyly, Lor! I don't see why there's so many variations of the Christian religion when it's all about the same thing. I mena, yes there are many variations of wicca and that wicca is a variation of pagan, but that's because it's so diverse. you have TONS of different types of gods and goddesses to worship that there has to be different forms. Christianity it's all just one god saying the same thing...
  2. Wow, one OL position I don't wish to apply for. I was perfectly content applying for a smaller place such as the Wolfkin, but such a large place on DM? I'm wayyyyy more than content with being the Blue Sapphire (liaison)
  3. Myra Gailene had only been here for a couple of days and was already expected to be up and out early in the morning for classes. She thought she had left lessons behind when she decided to search for the Song on her own and left the wagons. However, she got out of bed and threw on her freshly cleaned skirt - the one that had three others of various length sown into it so it had uneven levels of red, yellow, and orange - and one of her yellow shirts with matching orange patches. She also threw on two scarves in different shades of red that draped over her arms that would be to help shield off some of the wind that she heard rattling the window ont he other side of the room. She pinned them together with a leaf pin in all the colors a leaf could be in it's life cycle and did her long hair up in a bun with a polished stem decorated with musical notes holding it in place. After slipping on some of her thicker yellow slippers, she headed out in the chill wind to meet with the rest of the class. Hopefully, they would be a bundle of nerves just as she was. Once she got there and was settled in, the wind didn't bother her that much, but only if she payed it no mind. She didn't know anyone, but unfortunately only one of them looked to be nervous - so nervous in fact that he sat away from the group. Myra pitied him and almost sat with him, but soon a man strode up and she guessed he was the teacher by the sudden silence the group took. she listened to him - Owen, she thought she caught his name - lecturing about senses and the golden eyes being a blessing. Myra frowned at that as she still wondered if she had gotten drunk in Caemlyn and was in a dream where she was diseased and was due to die any day now, forced to live with others who shared her sickness. However, she didn't have the tongue to argue, today. Which was highly unusual... This must be a dream. When told, she got up with the rest and took a blindfold and wrapped it and tied it off to shield her eyes. she hadn't ralize her face was starting to sting from the cold, and the handkerchief helped to retain some of her body heat. she lifted the blindfold over her ears and listened to her instructions. Owen had named a person named Winter to go first, a male from the sound of the voice, and he named the things he heard and smelled. then she heard movement and a heavy hand on her shoulder. “Begin when ready Myra.” He knew her name? Interesting... word must travel fast here or something. then she silenced her thoughts to try and catch one of those words on the winds. She had just learned a couple days ago about her change, something Winifred had called The Howling, and only heard the normal buzzing of activity at times. Now was one of those times. She wrinkled her nose a bit, hoping that would help. "I hear the howling of the wind through the trees..." she started off hesitantly, " a-and... a bird." She inhaled a bit and instantly wished she hadn't. "And I smell... male." It had been too long since she had been with a guy. However, she was picking up on more and more as she relaxed and let everything wash over her. "I hear voices in the distance and I smell burning wood. I also smell that there is a wolf amongst our group, and I smell the forest thickly on and around us. I.. I think that is all," she said as her senses started to dull down once more. Then she heard him tell her the same thing he had told the person in front of her, Winter she remembered. “That was very good for a first attempt Myra, but there is much that you missed. I will now go to each person in turn and ask them to do the same as you have done. Listen to their answers and if they answer with something you did not, try and find that with your sense of smell, or hearing. When i return to you i expect you to be able to find any of the items the others have.” Each time he came back, she had more to add on. Not only had she heard birds, but there were three different kinds, and there were two birds of the same kind talking back and forth with each other in the same, short, high-pitched chirps. She heard two sets of voices, one group doing chores for the day and children playing in the distance. sHe heard running water, smelled soups cooking away on open fires, and the smell of meat made her suppress a shudder. She also smelled that each person around her had a different scent, like that days he was overwhelmed when Winifred found her in the Foxtail Inn in Baerlon. However, much less drunk. Owen smelled of the woods and the wind, or freedom as she liked to call it. The one she heard as Rahien smelled cool and ... distant? There were many others, and each left her more fascinated than before. Maybe she wasn't going to die after all... After what seemed like minutes, hours had gone by and it was time for lunch. The smell of meat made her frown and cover her nose, and she thought she was going to have to pass on her meal when she caught a whiff of fresh greens and stew. They had thought to make her a salad and potato and corn stew with steaming rolls begging to be dipped into the juices of the stew. and the hot tea helped to take a lot of the chill off her bones. Myra dug into her meal as heartily as the rest. However, it wasn't long before she had a full belly and Owen announced it was time for the second part of the course. He started rambling on about sensing someone's emotion and how it was different than hearing things far away. He then walked up to someone he named as Rhya and began to yell at her for no reason. The smell of the air was thick, as if filled with black smoke. Myra made a step and a half back away from the man, ready to print ahead of the others if words came to blows. she wasn't about to get involved in this nonsense! Then she had to blush and feel all kinds of foolish when the feeling of the air changed back to normality as he announced it wasn't real. They were then asked to pair up and try it for themselves. Myra just kind of stood there, uncertain of who to pick, hoping that they would come to her. the two guys paired off and eventually the other girl she hadn't heard a name for yet came up to her. "Do you want to go first or shall I?" the other asked with a smile. Myra returned the smile with one of her own and shrugged, taking a moment to look at the others. "Uummm, it doesn't matter much to me either way. I'll let you decide." She paused a bit, then held out her hand, "I'm Myra Gailene, by the way. What's your name?"
  4. The other woman's laugh made her blush a deep and furious red and sink further into her seat that she had nearly knocked over with her outburst. She could feel the other's eyes upon her and the other woman. As bubbly and talkative as she usually was, she just wanted to avoid attention now at all costs. She was determined that she was diseased, contagious, and on her death bed. She might as well go borrow a shovel and start digging her gave now before anyone else got infected. "Don't be silly. There is nothing wrong with you, excluding your mild paranoia episode, of course. You're as healthy as a bull. If anything else, your senses will be more refined as time passes and you will get a better grasp on how to control them." Yep, she was condemned to death. She was doomed to rot until-- wait, what? Myra wasn't sick? She was as healthy as could be? Just as she was about too ask how that could be possible, the woman answered her questions. "This isn't a disease. This is a part of what we are. The eyes. It was always a part of you, honey. It only chose to manifest now." So Myra was all right after all! A smile began to creep up on her face, but when her face took on a grim tone and she lowered her voice, it faded away. "Right now I think it's best if you pick up your belongings and let me lead you out of the village. Some people get... judgmental. I don't mean you any harm. It is in your best interest to leave with me, though. Fear easily transforms into hate, which is key ingredient to doing something foolish. It can spread quicker than a fire in a grain field. I will be outside, if you make the choice of coming with me. Make haste in deciding, though. I don't plan to linger much." And on that note, the woman left Myra sitting at the table with her mouth hanging open in confusion. and a very big dillemma, too. Did she try and go on like she had before, traveling months on ends through woods and forests in search of the Song and only stopping in town when she was low on supplies - or did she go with the woman and start a brand new adventure? Oh blood and ashes, I always was the daring one she thought. And like that, she grabbed her bag she had dropped with her spices, needles, thread, and bits of cloth that she had recently bought along with a tough chunk of bread and some salted meat and threw it over her shoulder as she went out the door to meet with the woman whose name she didn't even know. Stepping out the door, she held out her hand to the woman. "Name's Myra Gailene, Tuatha'an," she smiled. Then she dropped her voice and in a worried tone, asked, "And are you sure I'm not going to die?"
  5. i got a haircut! http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb10/DesireeDryad/Pets/Me%20Myself%20and%20I/haircut4.jpg
  6. *nods* listening is something I think the world is lacking. not just listening, but TRULY listening to what people are saying. I think a lot of religious difference could be done away with if people would just listen about another religion and do just that - listen. they don't even have to comment. It's like this: You're used to one food, but try a different variation of it and find out you don't like it. Do you really have to eat all of it? No. (unless your parents make you ofc :P) same with religion. if people could listen without trying to claim their religion is against God/Jesus or who ever they worship and try to stop them from practicing that religion that said person fits into, then a lot of things today would flow smoothly. such as keeping the separation of church and state that is in the Constitution of the United States and keep gay marriage legal and let those who look down on that sort of stuff just shrug it off as "if that's their thing, then let them"
  7. You know, I've never thought about it that way. Then again, there are some that would take that to their heads - and also there's really no telling what another person wants to be treated like unless they tell you.
  8. sorry, I've been busy as of late :) I think that was one part of what he was asking about. I have a comment on the conscious self/soul part. Yes, your conscious self is what allows you to experience things and to function, but I believe the soul is what helps you to really feel them and enjoy or dislike things. Basically, the emotion part of your body. like the Mind, Body, Spirit triangle. the mind is the conscious self that helps you think things through, the spirit is what helps you experience feelings and the like, and the body is what houses them. And like Bonzo said, I think it's a matter of what you believe in as to where you go in the afterlife, or after you die for thoe who don't believe in them. Imho, there's too many people who believe in the various types of afterlives for them to be fake - and that if enough people believe in something, it will become true. that last part imo is a part of the power of imagination and the will/magic strong enough to believe it's there will create it. It's like gods and goddesses. Not all of them were physical people, but symbols that made it into human form and is now worshiped as a physical god/goddess and not as s symbol or ideology. So all in all, if you believe in Heaven - that's where you'll go. If you believe in Hell - that's where you'll go. If you believe in the Summerland and reincarnation - that's where you will go to be reincarnated. If you believe in some place that will give you 32 (dunno the number atm) virgins will appear just for you - then that's where you'll go. And if you don't believe in anything - then that's just that; you're done.
  9. *nods* I think if everyone just followed the Golden Rule, a lot of things happening today (gangs, war, religious scabbles, ect) could all be avoided. And it's shocking how not many of today's children don't know what the Golden Rule is! That was one of the first things I was taught in Kindergarten as a way to help us obey the rules better. It's like a lot of us have forgotten it along the road... it's really quite saddening.
  10. let's just say my dad's fond of guilt trips and much much more in the verbal abuse area and there's a bunhc more that happened that resulted in me being grounded from the internet for half a year or more back in 05-06 :-\ but I will take this advice to heart to work out a situation with my aunt I just moved away from. thank you :) *hugs*
  11. hmm, allow me to ponder on this for a day? i have to figure out exactly how to word this. it's come across in some of my studies edit: but you can discuss anything here. we've discussed the war, the military, and all sorts of things
  12. I honestly don't know and I probably never will as we aren't really on speaking terms anymore :-\
  13. So Wheel of Time, with it's Creator/God and Dark One/Satan analogy, was considered a work of Satan, but Harry Potter with it's talk of witches was considered fine? Don't get me wrong, Harry Potter is harmless, and I've beaten my head against the wall trying to explain that to the same kind of people that read Jack Chick comics and believe them. However, I find the concept that Wheel of Time is more dangerous than Harry Potter absolutely astounding. Then again, they do call it being irrational for a reason. Exactly. This was my parent's concern. Or more precisely, my dad and my step mom's concerns. They aren't very devoted themselves, yet all this talk of Aes Sedai and being one on Dragonmount and on countless roleplay sites apparently scared them for some reason. They constantly monitored my posts and what i said and my roleplays and what I wrote about. They also liked to peek over my shoulder over playing TGH MUD since that was the one thing they couldn't pick up with Spyware. I had no privacy over my addiction to the Wheel of Time. I don't see why they couldn't appreciate that they had a child with an active imagination and a talent for writing and a love of reading. Most parents would love to have a kid like that. The only reason why my dad could do anything about Harry Potter was that my step mom loved the books, too. I did get a few comments about them reading the books waiting for church to start, however. I also lost a very good friend because i told her I absolutely loved the Harry Potter books. She was a Catholic and her church constantly preached that Rowling's work was an underlying message from Satan.
  14. I had a teacher like that. one day after class a friend and I found out she had studied up on Wicca and metaphysics so we had a half hour discussion with her instead of eating lunch, lol. best discussion ever O_o
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