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  1. Yeah the quote is one of my favs too. To me it's more of a life philosophy. But I do feel bad though that it's taken me so long to move ahead in the Ogier. :( I took on a new responsibility with the Band and was pretty busy working on that. I think I still have one more task to do here before moving on to the next path of being a Scholar. :P
  2. *Takes the proffered seat* What I like most about being here in the Ogier is the fine people that I'm surrounded with and that it's so laid back here. ;D
  3. *jumps up after getting bottom pinched* Well I'm glad you ladies are enjoying this. ;D *pours and Ogier Ale and gives it to Kelly* There you are!
  4. *pours a Sunkist Ale* There you go Amethea! :)
  5. *walks in dressed in a skimpy barmaid outfit* Wow this is embarrassing but hey it should be fun!!!! *starts wiping down the bar* What would everyone like to drink?
  6. That would absolutely suck if that's the way it ended. It would undermind the whole story if that happened.
  7. Hey there everyone. Just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. I'm in the middle of A Crown of Swords. I was looking online for info on the 12th book only to find out RJ has passed on. I think I had to pick up my jaw up off my desk when I saw it. I've only been reading the Wot series for about a year now and I regret not picking it up sooner. These are by far the best books I have ever read. And now to find out the Creator himself has passed on is definately a shock.
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