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  1. *nods* *waves a flag also* :)
  2. why didnt you never call or write? ;)
  3. ye roka always hated those damn things, so we got rid of ours ::) *tackles canuk* tis been too long
  4. well I lurke I just never posted; and canuk we could say the same about you at the BT ;) and has it been that long, im sure ive posted in the last yr
  5. pfft I should be an honorary member or something; am I even still in the BA
  6. thats a good boy *tosses demi a treat*
  7. *pats demi* I know, everyone does. Now go kick some ass for me and not mine *nods*
  8. So whose ass do I have to kick to get my access to the hidden forums back? geez you think I was not speacil anymore; and me being one of the 5 SGESF back in the day *shakes head*
  9. im guessing there is someone called telly *rolls eyes*
  10. you dont think I went straight to bed do you? I was in bed watching telly for about hr and a half after that :) conked out with the telly still on
  11. hey you said you were going also I am up at 6:30 every morning
  12. I thought I would have alook at the new breed of novices and accepteds compare the to the old
  13. im sure they would razz and me had our own closet
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