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  1. Sorry Kath il get back to Jason soon, I was at a funeral and have been catching up at work I dont remember signing any contract or getting paid, or actually getting any thanks for this position. Its all volunter work!!! How would you know what goes on in another org if yoiu havent even introduced or visited that org? You also say we dont get involved with other orgs well your wrong about that, I was a member of the Green Ajah, the wolfies, the Cotl, SG and alot more orgs here. I have been around here for 5years now, so dont even think about saying I dont give a crap about DM or its activity. We invade other orgs, we promote our one power fights, we do alot of things. Why havent I been active lately in other orgs, well I just got my degree, im out working in RL now and have only have night time to spend on my computer to mess about and develop my org. Im sure everyone is the same way, you come home, you get into a grove and visit boards you like, do you think everyone has the time to visit every board or work on everything. Im sure Kath or Jason doesnt, Jason admitted himself he never visted the BT, so how can they make decisions based on community when they dont even know what their community wants. I have said before I dont mind changing the offsite tag to DM, and for the existing boards to be a subdomain linking from the exisitng Farmhouse tag here at DM but that doesnt even satisfy some people.
  2. bye, and best of luck in RL
  3. Tayol


    The IRC was popular enough and we at the BT would like to get this running again, problem associated with it is that DM is a pg13 site, and it is hard to inforce pg13 rules when mods may not be online constantly. It requires constant moderation, but we can work that out if enough people drop by
  4. Congrats, I have a few myself and you will have great fun together
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