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  1. here! in as much as i can be haha hmm, im partial to questions on favorite foods. preferably burgers, everyones favorite burger maybe?
  2. gonna go with the original on this one,i feel it has far more impact, and holds the sorrowful tone better,not to say the cover isnt good, because it is though
  3. congratulations, you got me, but you won't get us all, for we are legion, and we are many.
  4. okay, so im going to work in about 10 minutes and still playing some catchup, and i dont have the time for a big post unfortunately, so some final remarks i suppose until this evening, if im not lunched. on the whole zander razen thing: zanders been pretty gung ho about laying on the pressure, trying to find answers, and he backs off when he gets them, im still thinking straight up town for him, he hasn't really given me any reason to think otherwise really. and im kind of seeing the same with razen, i think its just a case of those two not getting along really. and for eldrick, the flip flopping is giving everyone headaches, is it a distraction tactic maybe? not really sure, gave a read that was okay though if i recall. @Tina, to clarify with the humor thing that was to seph saying he didnt like people joking on themselves in their reads if im remembering right. don't have the time to answer the rest of the list unfortunately, have to go to work,
  5. im falling asleep at my computer, ill finish reading more tomorrow/later on @Talya- i made a joke that if defending himself poorly was his plan then he was succeeding. i then said at the end that i hoped i wasn't falling for his plot, the one that made me, along with several others want to vote him due to all his secrecy and poor defense. it was a bad joke that i didn't execute very well.
  6. okay, back and trying to catch up, but i figured i would answer Talya's question first, your question: and the part of my post that wasn't quotes: i would like to point you towards the bold- the bit at the bottom was making a reference to something i said somewhat facetiously earlier in the post, a poor attempt at humor really, i was i had something actually tangible for you there, but it was a self-referencing joke. did that clear things up? i didnt actually think he had a plan beneath a plan there, unless there's a weird mafia role that wins by losing that i don't know about. which is possible i guess haha.
  7. okay just caught up a bit, but i have to get going to work, ill give my thoughts on whats been going on when i get back home later tonight, sorry for the inconvenience guys
  8. yeah it is, jumped right on it because of nostalgia haha, didn't realize it would be so hard to get back into the groove of things, the game has changed quite a bit since then.
  9. It's not necessarily scummy. I just have a personal distaste for it. yeah? well, to each their own i guess, you said snow used this as a tactic before? so you've played with snow before then? *hasn't played with any of you* its weird trying to play in a game with people you don't know, its hard to read them personally. haha
  10. all kidding aside though, Eldrick and JS are interesting choices, and i guess i can see where your coming from with me. i find it hard to get a read on eldrick actually, though that just may mean i am out of practice, what unsettles you about him? JS i think i know exactly where your coming from, already stated my thoughts on the matter several times. and with me, i guess i can kinda see where my humor puts me in a bad light, it was only a joke though.
  11. i don't, but im biased a little bit, didn't think a little humor would make me look worse haha
  12. the fact that he decided to take his time and not say a thing until JS did his thing for starters. he claims a partial vig role but doesn't expand on it, expecting us to take it at face value. at the same time, yes i haven't been as active as i want, work/school/volunteering can do that to a man, but i at least tried to put in my two cents on things at the end of my work day. i wasn't silent for two whole days letting speculation run everywhere. and while yes, i also asked for a recap, i was exhausted and hoped someone could point out some key events that i could look over, and make a better determination on later. people thought that was odd of me, fine. i think we are on about equal terms there however.
  13. me? i think its a play to put me in a bad spot because i seem suspicious, completely ignoring the fact that Pralaya is just as suspicious, if not more so than i am, i think its an attempt to take the heat off of him now that hes finally back. but how about you?
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