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  1. haha, hey Elgee good to see you again as well! haha, things have been busy, very busy, but im trying to make somewhat of a comeback haha. and since the old boards are gone, im making the attempt here haha. and nice siggy by the way, it makes me sad that most of those people have vanished unfortunately.
  2. Hey! welcome to Dragonmount, names LotD, but yeah the books can be hard to get through if only because they are so large and life doesn't let you get any reading done haha
  3. hahaha, yeah i know that feel. it's definitely weird coming back after so long haha. i don't really remember you though,so nice to meet you? i think?
  4. thats a 100% valid, as long as it isnt me being sacrificed or cleaning
  5. hahaha, yeah i totally do. i like lots of different kinds of music, though im more a metal head than anything haha. and chae, what have you been told about human sacrifices? they leave such a mess
  6. haha, haven't finished the book yet, still only a couple chapters in, well the plot isnt too bad so far haha and thanks i appreciate it, i will most certainly come to you with any questions i have ill have to stop by the band then and see whats up, it keeps getting mentioned, and im not sure if thats good or bad yet
  7. awesome, you brought the party with you, your all right in my book. looking forward to getting to know everybody as well haha @Chae i think i have my antidote bandolier around here somewhere, probably all gone bad by now haha hmm, ill have to look around and see whats going on for RP stuff then. i remember mafia was thing, cool to see it still is haha at least, if its the same as i remember anyways
  8. hahaha, ITS GOOD TO BE BACK! *Eats confetti and washes it down with the champagne* by the light that brings back memories haha, thanks for hanging onto it! what else has changed around here since ive been gone? are any if the RP boards reasonably active?
  9. huh. just goes to show how long its been. how is it that i feel old, i shouldn't, really, but i do haha
  10. haha, thanks, i most certainly will, things really have changed though, the boards seem so much easier to navigate through, when did the switch happen?
  11. Hey everybody, used to be a part of this community a long while ago, like almost 8 years ago now haha, came back because nostalgia really. its certainly impressive to see how things have changed around here, things look so new and shiny, anyways, probably no one i used to know is on here, so its just like starting new i guess, so nice to meet you all!
  12. you mean Demi? (dunbar) Hes got the top post count at the black tower *nods* and everyone there lives on spam *nods* theres so much of it, its kind of embarrasing lol.... anyways.....yes i carry a sword.....just dont use it much at all.....the OP is ten times more efficient *nods*
  13. *shakes head* never *nods* you are still welcome by our fires, no worries*nods* oh and....have we ever met before? i seem to be gone long periods of time, i see what you post but i dont think weve had a proper introduction *nods* i am lord of the dawn, a Tinker and an Asha man of the Black Tower tis a pleasure to meet you
  14. i cant remember....am i still on the memberlist?
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