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  1. I like your theory, Mane, it gives me some hope for Rand's future haha, but it would require someone to rip Rand out of TAR, and his memories would almost immediately start to fade anyway. Birgitte only remembers a few things, mostly related to Gaidal, and I don't think she chose what and what not to remember. So someone would have to talk to him before they ripped him out, which he would not necessarily survive, in which case his knowledge would probably be useless. I dunno. Maybe that's where all the foreshadowing (or maybe just random mumbo jumbo) about Nynaeve's desire to bring the dead ba
  2. I feel like it's almost a moot point to try to figure out how the bonds will affect Rand, since I don't think anyone really knows. People have suggested that Rand would not go mad if one of his ladies dies because he can channel, but that does not mean he will not be debilitated by grief, just as the Aes'Sedai are. But the point still stands that without the bonds, Rand probably would have gone completely insane, and though this would be an interesting plot twist, I doubt it would have turned out well. I'm just waiting for Elayne to die, since she is so convinced she is not going to. I really
  3. I feel like this is an insult to the taste of 6th or 7th graders... but otherwise I agree. My best friend is a dedicated reader like myself and she couldn't get passed the 9th WoT book. And she had already read to 9! 9! and she quit. A lot of people have problems with the stereotypical male/female attitudes/gender roles. Like, and this is according to my friend, the women are all pushy b*tches and the men are all stubborn idiots. Which drove her insane. I have heard similar opinions from others who have read them. I personally love WoT, but I think this is a main reason people do not like them
  4. I am interested to see how the bonds influence Rand, Elayne, Min Aviendha, considering they're all bonded to each other and only Min can't channel...
  5. I think the three girls will survive this series, or at least longer than Rand, since Min had a viewing of them all around his funeral bier. I'm hoping he's not actually dead... but that's a different discussion. I feel like this indicates none of the girls will die. But RJ could have thrown that in there just to trick us :)
  6. What if the story ends with Loial reading the book he wrote about all the events preceding and during TG to future people, as in all RJs books were meant to reflect Loial's writing? Loial closes his book. Rand's grandkids and or kids: "So THAT'S why (grand)dad is a total nutter!" THE END. Not saying it will be that exact wording, but I think that ending would be amusing :-P
  7. I think we are all forgetting that when Rand bonded his three lovlies, they could feel how he felt about them, and he loved them all identically. If RJ says he loves all three the same, I believe him. No matter how WE think Rand should feel about them. Just saying.
  8. I don't want Rand to die. And I want him to at least be somewhat happy at the end of this. As long as that happens, I will at lest be semi-satisfied with the end.
  9. GASP! :o I hate to say I agree... but I do... maybe RJ and Sanderson solidify his character more in the books to come? I'm hoping so. His character does improve in the latest book, I think, but I'll leave that alone so I avoid spoilers ;D
  10. Egwene and Mat. Nuff said. Lol, but seriously, I definitely agree, Egwene and Mat are much cooler now that Egwene doesn't b!tch about basically everything, and Mat doesn't whine all the time. And Galad, actually. He is so much more interesting now that his character has some depth besides the "he always does the right thing" bit. He seems much more human and reachable, if that makes sense. I can't decide how I feel about Gawyn, because his character switches so much. In the first book all we really saw was the protective older brother and trying-to-be-obedient son. Then he turns ou
  11. I think my favorite was actually Gathering Storm. It was the best paced book, with no slow or boring parts (IMO), and it had the epic ending flavor RJ always favored. I'm assuming that that is one of the parts of the book he wrote out completely.
  12. You know what I found interesting? I thought it strange that Rand thought of his need for Min's love and support as "using" her. In that sense, doesn't everyone who loves and needs another person "use" them? Human interactions themselves are generally about "using", or a give-and-take sort of relationship. Why would he feel guilty about needing Min? That is what makes her happy in the first place: she wants to be needed by him. He swept her off her feet in Book 8 when he told her that he needed her, just because he needed her (rather than for her viewings). I just thought this a strange way of
  13. I believe so, but by doing that he made it necessary that Rand kneel because all the Seanchan think he must. So either way he's screwed.
  14. It may be wrong, but I really like it, it's very poetic.
  15. I thought there was a point where the books said that the Dragon has been turned before, but that didn't mean the Light lost the war. Many of the wars ended in ties rather than wins because of that. The Light hasn't won every time, but it's never lost. Correct?
  16. I don't think we're being dramatic enough: This is the end! A travesty! Evil, worse than the Holocaust! Why God, why would you permit such a terrible thing to occur? I cannot face it! I cannot live in a world with A Memory of Light in three volumes! Woe, woe is me! Goodbye cruel world! Maybe in the next life I will find this book as it was meant to be! Hahah my hat is off to you Mr Ares for a top notch dramatic performance ^^ I, however, doubt TOR will charge 3x the amount for one book. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, so everybody should prepare themselves for any
  17. The only real problem i have with this new 3-book development is that i will have to wait longer to read the books, but half the fun is in anticipation, so I'm willing to wait. I think most of you are being a little overdramatic about this whole situation, considering the fact that we have no say in the matter anyway. My advice is either just let it go, or if you're really adamant about it write to TOR and express your feelings about the issue. Personally it just means we're sure to have a quality product that lasts that much longer without dragging on.
  18. If he actually falls for Berelain, there is always the possibility that he doesnt, the viewing only said she would fall for a man in white. I hope he does though ^^
  19. Ok, the mental pictures I got from Galad hitting on Mat nearly slayed me: it would be hysterical ^^ As for Galad's attraction, I don't think he was ever really seriously attached to any character, except Egwene for a time. When he asked Nynaeve about Elayne and Egwene I always thought his main concern was for Elayne because, even though she hates him (which I think is bitchy and unfair to him), he does care about her. That was my personal interpretation anyway.
  20. I actually loved the 11th book. I hated book 10... I wanted to gouge my eyes out from boredom... but 11 was great!
  21. Ishy told him that there had been times in other turnings of the Wheel that the dragon had chosen to side with the Dark One, and this game isn't over yet. Maybe "A Memory Of Light" infers that the shadow will win and that there will be nothing left of the Light but strange, faint memories that fade with time until the age returns in a later turning of the Wheel? In the game with the Fisher (Rand was the Fisher being manipulated by the Dark One and the Creator) could it be considered a "game" if the deck was stacked so the Light always won and the Shadow never did? In our present day turning
  22. lmao *whipsers* I TOLD you it was real! And I love the multiple explanations for dead mules...
  23. Hah, thanks everybody for the help ^^ And RAND, yeah I was pretty hesitant over reading the book, only because I hate wasting my time with reading a book I won't end up liking, so I'm always picky what I read... silly, but I'm getting better at that ;) Now i generally try to read a little bit of everything. Oh, btw, DOES anybody know what a dead mule is?
  24. Exactly, RJ even makes a point in the book to say Mat was the best quaterstaff fighter in the two rivers besides Mat's father. I thought it was cool that he also mentioned that Rand was the best archer in the Two Rivers, but that was only a side note.
  25. Oh that's great... not a fan of that kind of writing... I like how RJ leaves things to the imagination. I'm a sucker for romance, and I think leaving it for the reader to interpret is much more romantic than describing the actual... um... well yeah. More graphic depictions aren't needed and i think they take away from the actual story. As for the high fantasy vs epic fantasy, I always assumed it was creating a fictional story in a world that is actually semi-believable but with the element of something unnatural. Like, in WoT, it's in an old-fashioned what, 17-1800s era world? But yo
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