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WOT? A WoT forum? Haha, I did a pun, how amusing.

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Well, Hi.


Name's Chris. I'm halfway through the series at the moment, currently reading Lord of Chaos. Daetirion has been nagging me for forever to join this community, and I thought I would seeing as the old forum that Dae and I used to staff has finally kicked the bucket.


I'm a WoT fan, obviously, but also am an avid Ringer, love films, the TimeSplitters series on PS2, and absolutely adore Muse, RHCP and the Kings of Leon.


You'll be pleased to know I am also a grand fan of RPing, and have numerous awards under my belt (some figuratively speaking  8)) and enjoy having both lighthearted bloodbaths and in depth, character building mini novels.


If you visit Arwen-undomiel forums, you may have seen me about.


So Hi, hope I find my time here fun.


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Hail and hello to you, Master Elegost! (aka. Chris)


I am Mynd Runner! *bows, letting his multi-colored cloak drape*  I am a gleeman, good sir and I welcome you to the WOT Dragonmount forum!  Based on your introduction, I am quite sure you will find anything and everything you could want here at your new home. 


I myself am only about a week in this strange land, but I have found some very enjoyable company.  I might recommend a number of forums and Organizations to check out. 


First thing, be sure to avoid the General WoT discussion section in that it reveals a number of plot spoilers.  Be sure to check out the Structured WoT discussions that are spoiler free.  I am sure you will enjoy Lord of Chaos, especially the climax at the end. It was one of my favorite scenes in the series.


Secondly, as a fellow film buff, I recommend checking out the Seanchan Organization.  Those bloody bug heads think themselves the rulers of the world, yes, but you can always find very passionate debates on film, TV, and video games in their Forum.  Big debate over this G.I. Joe movie right now.  Also, good video game discussions.  You may even be able to read commentary from a certain Gleeman about America Idol, of course I have found these bloody Seanchan are a tough crowd.  They're actually a good bunch of folks, so long as you bow to their Emperor and such. 


There are a lot of good RP sections as well.  If you are at all familiar with this sort of RP on other sites, and I gather you are, I am sure you will find a good place to toss your dice or hurl your balefire, if that's your sort of thing. 


I have to say that I have found the most fun, ironically, in the Three Fold Land with these Aiel.  Their sense of humor is surprisingly quite similar to my own.  There is a Ji/Toh system there that can earn you some great things, or put you in white for a year and a day.  A Warning, even a gleeman is subject to the will of these Wise Ones.  Do not make the mistake of forgetting that.  Trust me.  *rubs his temple*


If you have any inclination to do some actual scribbling, or work in any art form, then I would be thrilled to have you join up with the Illuminators Org.  Gleeman, like myself, form the Thom Merrilin Socity, exchanging rough drafts of stories and literature we work on.  You may also find those who dabble in paints, both digital and oil based.  You can pick up a nifty Signature there as well.


Well, once again, welcome!  I bid you water, shade, and full figured company!  Feel free to hit me up on email and such if you have any questions.  Myndrunner@gmail.com

-Mynd Runner

The Wandering Gleeman





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*chuckles at the pathetic attempt at humour*


Thats the Elegost i know. So yeah, intro's - Elegost meet Dragonmount, Dragonmount meet Elegost. Now y'all know each other, i guess i should congratulate you on finally taking my advice and getting yourself over here.


Naturally i have to put in plugs for the Band of the Red Hand Org (Travel and Music), of which i am Banner General of the Infantry, and i might as well take this moment to plug the Wolfkin (Nature based) who are a lot of fun people with an obsession with Tequila and Chilli (but are in all ways fun) and the White Tower (just avoid the Red Aes Sedai - actually beware of most Aes Sedai :P).


Other than that, Structured WoT Discussion is always a good read (although ive yet to work up the confidence to post yet), Debates & Discussions tends towards the hardcore political and social topics (but as i know you have a few views on subjects it might be worth checking out) and finally there is Orgainised Games - Get yourself there, get yourself involved with any new Mafia game - or just watch those that are going on so you get an idea before playing. I should be running a newbie one soonish so watch out.


Yeah, on MSN and Skype if you need help/want a chat as always.


Welcome to DM my friend




(And you lot, be nice to 'im or take the consequences - mwhahahhahahaha)

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*pokes Dae*...now what wrong woth the red ajah..you seems to be enjoying yourself there ;)


Hey Elegost, nice to see you on these forums..I would never have guessed you were an LotR fan...not by your sig ;)


Join in the orgs they are fun...(the Black Tower, Band and Wolfies) and I've met you in the Tinkers briefly...not that you know it yet.


Have fun here though... ;D

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Guest nephitess

Welcome Elegost! you'd most likely like the RP side of DM...go down the forums ad you'll find them. LOL


make sure you check out the orgs as well. The Aiel and White Tower are lots of fun!! where ever you go..keep it light and have lots of fun. :D

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Aha!! You RP do you? Wonderful... and a friend of my fellow Infantryman Dae to boot... even better. I've welcomed you at the Band, delighted you joined but also feel free to pop right down to the bottom half of the boards and check out the world of Dragonmount's Role Players.  ;) If you fancy RPing a Wolfkin, give me a shout, otherwise all of the Division Leaders are always delighted to have new meat... umm... blood... um creativity.. yeah  ;)  ;D Have a great time here at DM, it's full of wonderful, slightly insane but incredibly helpful folks.

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Hiyas, a friendly greeting from one RPer to another. Currently in the race of having the most active PC profiles under my belt as my creativity gets the better of me at times, but as all RPers know a good Muse can be a blessing in itself ;)


...Normally, this is where i try to convince people to take a lok at the RP forums, but it seems i won't have to this time ^_^

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