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  1. Well, if you like Historical Fiction, you should try the Pendragon Cycle, which is based on Arthurian Legend. It's a very good read. Aside from that, if you want something a little different, and enjoy the magic side of things, try the Night Watch trilogy by Sergei Lutvanyenko. They're set in modern times, but are brilliant.
  2. Haha, thanks. I am known to offer to make them for people, depending on my mood and access to the right computer.
  3. Thanks for the welcomes all. ;D Gonna try and get settled in this week.
  4. Well, Hi. Name's Chris. I'm halfway through the series at the moment, currently reading Lord of Chaos. Daetirion has been nagging me for forever to join this community, and I thought I would seeing as the old forum that Dae and I used to staff has finally kicked the bucket. I'm a WoT fan, obviously, but also am an avid Ringer, love films, the TimeSplitters series on PS2, and absolutely adore Muse, RHCP and the Kings of Leon. You'll be pleased to know I am also a grand fan of RPing, and have numerous awards under my belt (some figuratively speaking 8)) and enjoy having both lighthearted bloodbaths and in depth, character building mini novels. If you visit Arwen-undomiel forums, you may have seen me about. So Hi, hope I find my time here fun.
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