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Old member saying "Hey!"


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So, hey!


I was a member back at the old turn of the millennium... the good old days of yesteryear, as opposed to the good new days of... toyear, or tomorryear. Yeah, that's it.


Those who were around way back then (Jase, Kat, Seg, Mat, and quite a few others, it seems!) would remember me as Da Masta or Jon'atha (a very convenient name, since it's only a letter off from my real one).  My life got busy and I stopped visiting regularly around '03 or so if I recall, and I pop in again from time to time (i.e., once a year or two) as my thoughts drift back to the best community I've ever had the privilege and pleasure of being a family member in (Gasp! Ending a sentence with a preposition! Who's gonna catch it??).


The recent passing of our beloved author -- and, in a way, our reading-time friend -- happened to come at a time when I was looking into getting back into reading again (my last several years of free time have been pretty much under the dictatorship of gaming), so I pulled out the dusty box of Wheel of Time books from my garage and thought it was high time I popped in and saw how everyone was doing again.


It always brings a warm, happy feeling to my heart to see the DM community going as strong as ever when I stop by for a peek, and I'm always glad to see familiar old friends as well as lots of new ones.


It actually looks like a few others have also had the idea of starting a re-reading of the series, so I'll look into joining in on that. What better way to remember RJ/JR than to appreciate his most memorable contribution to our world? Hopefully I'll be able to get in on the SoCal wake scheduled for this weekend, too.


Anyway, that was my really long way of saying, "Hey! I'm peeking in. How's everybody doing?" and, if we haven't yet met, "Good to meet you! The next round of ale or pudding is on me!"

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Welcome back, I see you've already met DM's least coherent spammer. Wonderful chap that Loki Redfern is.


Anyways, a chance since 2000 is that the RP and communities (orgs) have been divided into separate sections of the website now. The orgs are on the topside, and the Div's on the bottom half.


We've also recently restarted the Ask the Chosen advice column, you'll find any updates on it in the News and Announcements board.

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Excellent! I'm trying to find a readable copy myself. I've got a hardback on the shelf and I've got my very first copy, which is in terrible shape and I'd rather not subject it to reading again.  I know I have another copy somewhere, but I have no idea where I put it.

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Good luck! I'll bet you've got more shelves of books than I've got books!


The guy who originally got me into WoT (way back when) used to exclusively buy the hardbacks. He liked to read them very carefully. He was also legally blind (white cane and all), and needed the larger print of the hardbacks to read with a magnifying glass.


The thing he and I got a kick out of... he was our company's (almost) blind graphic designer. Ha!


Fortunately, I don't think his problem was degenerative, so he's probably still poring over those books.

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Welcome back!


I am sure that if you have any questions on the changes, we'll be more than happy to answer them!


What did you do here before you left? Any chance you were a member of the Band? If so, why not pop by the ORG side and spread some tales! We always love to hear old stories as most of us know nothing of the early days of the Band as I took over the leadership a few years ago when the Band was restarted. But if you weren't, still pop by, since we are DM's music and travel ORG, and always love new faces! We do much more than chat about traveling and music, like brawling, drinking Battle Brew, gambling, beating each other up in our dice-based ORG Game, and much much more! Plus the Band is the place to be at DM! ;)


But whatever you end up doing here at DM, have fun! :)

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Jon was only part of the White Tower he's been many things tho.  A former admin if I remember correctly.


OMG, hiya hun.  Mandein and I were just talking about you!  I was just wondering myself if we'd see you around at all with the bad news being spread around, alot of old timers have come back!


Welcome back.


I'd love to get reacquainted and I'm sure Mandein would as well.


Shoot me an email: matalina@gmail.com or god forbid icq: 28949258 lol  But email is the best bet.



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Thanks, Corki. Good to meet you!


Mat! I saw your website and family pics. It's great to see you and Mandein are doing so great! Late grats on the family! And it's so cool to see you're still so involved with the community.


You still use ICQ?? I didn't think it was around anymore. I haven't used it since I closed all my IM accounts cold turkey a good while back. My ICQ contact list was over 500 strong and I was usually involved in 10+ conversations at a time. It got to the point where I had some sort of mental burnout and simply uninstalled ICQ, AIM, and MSN and said, "Augh! No more chatting!"


And yeah, I was mainly involved with the old White Tower (always had a special place in my heart for those Aes Sedai). I helped with DM site programming, and even built a custom message board system that emulated the previous one written by Matt Larson, back when ASP was king. Now everything runs on PHP. It gives me a good feeling inside to see that I'm listed on the DM Hall of Fame page for my help, even though none of that stuff is being used anymore. Haha!


A lot's changed since way back then. It's good to see familiar faces and to see everything up and running well (with tons of elbow grease, I'm quite sure).


I think I looked into one of the other orgs during one of my visit periods a while back, and even started an RP backstory with a character named Toromin (in fact I found the old draft posts in a Word doc lying around). It must have been a Warder character I was trying to start or something, I don't really remember. The old drafts look pretty fun. I may have to flesh them out and look into the possibility of RPing again.

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Thanks, Aleita! I hope I enjoy it as much as the -first- time I was here!


I'll certainly pop in to the White Tower again, and the new OOC focuses of the Orgs are really something. It's a great way to help people with similar inspirations gather together.


In addition to the WT, I've signed up with the Illuminators (creativity) and Seanchan (movies & gaming) so far.

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*laugh* Thanks, Emp.


Either you're being entirely too kind, in which case I'll slip you that Benjamin later, or you're trolling for new Seanchan Org invitees, in which case you'll slip that Benjamin to ME for lending you my thread as a platform!




Or, in the case you're doing both, I guess we're even. Drat.

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