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  1. I WANT NEW FRIENDS!!!! Please join SG and discover what they are about or I will eat this pen!!! You don't want me to eat this pen. It has ink in it... and plastic. MY digestive tract might not handle it.. and no one wants an Emp with an upset tummy!!!!! SO DO IT! No, I am not the same emp that is an Admin here. We just look alike....
  2. Welcome to Dragonmount. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
  3. I hear Tar Valon is full of poo poo heads!!! jk Wait... I am a member there too... Hi I am the Community Admin and also the Org Leader of the Seanchan. Org Leader is equivilant to Ajah Head at TV and Community Admin is like Dralyn. What up! Anyway the Seanchan are basically the Tech and Media group. Welcome! Empy -Translater of all things TV to DM
  4. Since you haven't joined the Chan yet, I can not offer you protection from the others.... the others being non Chan members. Those people are scary! Booga booga...
  5. I watch for the chicks!!!! Welcome Jeff.
  6. BOOOOO!!!! He is only returning to get your hopes up and then leave so he can taste your tears!!! BOOOO!!!
  7. Great... another one of those Canadians....
  8. Welcome to DM. Have fun exploring the different orgs. One day, when you have conquered the Band, drawn some pictures with the Lumis and ate some chili with the Wolfies, you are going to want to find a nice home where people make you laugh. I am talking about the Seanchan (Chan) my friend.
  9. I only read your subject... and know you were talking about me. I approve of you inflating my ego. Oh... here comes Barm to try to bring me down again. Quick... join the Seanchan and make him disappear! No... I am not trying to trick you into joining THE BEST ORG AT DM!
  10. Back to the Basement!!! *beats Raeyn with a broom* *eyes the newbie* RAWFFF! RAWFF RAWFF! errr... I had dogfood for breakfast. It was a dare... or I was hungry... I am kidding!!! I don't eat dogfood... anymore... Seanchan pwns Orgs FTW!!! That was my attempt to connect to the younger generation. I was also drinking a pepsi (I hate pepsi cause I am old... it is all about the coke).
  11. I am Emperortheemperor btw. Nice to meet you!
  12. I got old and jaded... and Crossroads hurt me... I am sure I have completely convinced you to join the Chan though. DO IT! We make cookies.... Well not really... but... we have a mascot!!! It is a wonky bunny which Conan touched. You want to join now... DO IT! Like Mike... *trying peer pressure to get members*
  13. I'll tickle your tastebuds... all of your face!!! Err.... FACE!
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