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  1. That's really exciting! Thanks for letting us know honey. I'll be thinking of mother and child. :D
  2. This is so lovely! *sits down and watches the rest of the ceremony*
  3. *cheers* Congratulations Adanza!!! You definately deserve this honey. *hugs* Love you!
  4. Flying can definately be used offensively! ;) 1. Time off from work. 2. The chance to visit some of my friends overseas. 3. Pajamas! 4. To know that people will catch a break from all the rubbish that gets forced on them during the year.
  5. Just putting myself forward if anyone needs a hand with this. :D
  6. Thankyou all so much.... .....and MAY!!!! *tackles* It's so good to see you love!
  7. *tackles Caly* I haven't seen you in so long on here... ;) Love you and thankyou! *hugs her shawl around her shoulders* Thankyou!
  8. Thankyou everyone! I am so excited that this day has finally come for me and I can't wait to be able to call myself Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Before I take my oaths I would like to say a few thankyous to those people who have made not only the Green Ajah but the WT Org my home. Firstly thankyou to all the members in general who welcomed me when I first joined the Org some time ago. You were all so welcoming to someone that you didn't know and that makes such a huge difference for someone just coming to DM and learning what it's like. Thankyou also to Lor who is the sweetest most o
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