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*waves* My Senior Capstone Research Study


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Hello to everyone! My name is Jenny but at Dragonmount I was known as Jaydena McKanthur and was Captain General on both sides of DM for 8+ years. As the wheel turned I ended up leaving the site for various reasons. This site was a huge part of my life for many years, in fact I joined my first Wheel of Time site (Dragonmount) in 1998. When I sat down to decide on the topic of my Senior Capstone project (a requirement for my Bachelors degree) I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Fandoms and the support that one can find from belonging to one is a subject I have experienced personally. For my research study I have created a survey that I would very much appreciate anyone your assistance with. The survey should take 10-20 minutes depending how in-depth you are with the answers. Your responses are completely protected and no identifying information will be included in the survey. Thank you so much for your help on this!!
Go with the Light,

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Caddy, I totally get that. Fandoms were a huge part of my life until I left Dragonmount back in the day. This site and others (really the people on here because that's what makes a site) got me through some very dark times and some very good times. I wouldn't be who I am today or as fierce as I am without being CG or Green. Aww thank you Arie! We had a lot of amazing Greens back in my day *heck did I just say that* and I have no idea who is still here.

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Greenie for Life. 


Im actually still wearing my green eyed great serpent ring and my green ajah badali necklace as we speak lmao. 


As beat to hell as they both are. 


I still mentally relive my time with my novice sisters - on beseen - sneaking itchweed into the shoes of full fledged Sisters *snicker* 


Its memories like that that have a way of digging in and keeping me smiling. 

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Mentor! It's good to see you here again after all these years ?

I'm still not growed up, btw.

I've never heard of this Capstone thing (I presume it's an American thing?) but it sounds interesting and I wish you much good luck with it!

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