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[INTRO] Just joined up

Guest Stefania Sedai

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Guest Stefania Sedai

I have just now submitted myself for acceptance into the band so I thought that I would introduce myself. I am a newbie from north Alabama. I am reading the series for the second time and really enjoy the discussion forums. I'm not sure how to go about becoming an active Band member so I would love a little guidance.

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Welcome to the Band, Stefania :D . You'll be right at home here, we have several other Alabamians (is that what you call them lol?). I'm sure you'll meet a few of them shortly.


I'm Tay, the Band's Training Officer and the Captain General of the Infantry. Look forward to seeing you at The Barracks during your Raw Recruit week. Just shout if you need any help.


First order of business is to get signed up at the off site boards but you'll get an email with all the important info that you need soon.


Corki will also be along with the Official Spiel, so hang on tight to your hat and any removeable parts !!! It'll blow your mind.


Have fun !!


*hands a brew or 2*

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Yeah nice to meet ya stefania!!



I am amavia, the archers LG, if there is anything you want to know just ask any member!




Srry just wanted to do that


Anyway I hope to see you very son at the archers range!!!! :D

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Hello Welcome Stefanie!


I'm one of the Recruit Liasion Officers in the Infantry... the other is the majestic, magnificent and monumental person that is Mystica!! We'll look forward to seeing you in the Infantry barracks :D


In the meantime post around and have fun! :P


PS Avoid the pinkness that is deathdealer! ;)

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Guest Emperor

Hi Stef!!!


Well I am the Admiral of the Band Navy. What we do is play with ships in the bath.... here, you can play with the submarine.




Did I mention our theme song is "In the Navy" by the Village people?

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Arrrrrgh! At least in the band we play with SHIPS in the bath... :twisted:


Welcome Stefanie.. I'm the Auld Pirate of the Band and I home port in The Port City, Mobile. You'll have a large time with us.. Never fear, what you should fear is that "official spil... err. schmear... uh .. spiel..Yeah! thats the one :wink:


Will be so glad for you to see me when your recruit weeks brought you on the Cavalry. :shock: did I just say that? Hmmm somebody let some Cajun in here!

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Bamma's breeding Banders, boys!!!


I'm Deathdealer. I'm also Footman, Mr. Pink, Foo Foo, Footy, Grim, and SoB... Wait, somebody else is SoB.


What could I tell you about the Band? alot.


What will I tell you about the Band? not much (better if it is all a suprise!)


You should know that knowing is half the battle (the half I always fail to win at)!


Other things you need to know are breath and eat. It helps with staying alive.


Along with eating and breathing you should learn how to play the Org Game on the off boards. It isn't as important as breathing or eating, but only just!


Welcome, and we will make you have fun, even if we have to take all the fun out of it to do so!

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welcome stef! great to see you here! you could always PM Horn (after you've met him) & tell him i recruited you! never mind that i didn't know you before. tchh. i should have more points for all the work i do in the welcome wagon. because the boys just scare all the newbies away.


i'm still a Recruit myself; i guarantee you that you'll have a ton of fun here. this place is alive & kicking (ishgotmetothankforthat *preen*) because a lot of the Raw Recruits are being active. some aren't, of course. it's all what you can handle. but i strongly, strongly suggest you focus your attention on this Org. it takes a lot of time but the RR Program is amazing. the more you put in, the more you'll get out.


*hugs again & gives her a brew* ... here you go! we Banders like our brew. Lord Mat is our god. but other members like to pretend like they're him. *shifts eyes*

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Now it is time for the spiel! I hope you're holding onto your clothes tightly! This is one heck of a ride, and you don't want to lose anything! ;)


*official spiel*


Welcome Stefania! An email explaining important information about the Band is currently sitting in your inbox! Take a read! Also check your PMs too! ;)


Basically, the Band of the Red Hand is the Travel and Music ORG at DM! By signing up for the Band, you have joined the successful Raw Recruit Scheme. By signing up for the off board site, you will be able to experience the whole process to the maximum! The Executive Officer, F Horn of Valere, or I, will assign you to one of the three Regiments (Archers, Cavalry, Infantry) for a week, where you will be given various tasks to perform, hoping that you will get a picture of what time in each Regiment is like. After a week with each Regiment, you will be asked to pick your final choice of a Regiment.


While being a Raw Recruit, there is nothing stopping you from earning points like any other Band member. Points lead to promotion within the Band. Below is a list of possible ways to earn points:


- writing reviews on places to visit/holidays you have been on

- writing reviews on music albums and gigs

- replying to other people's reviews and asking questions

- composing Jak O' the Shadow verses

- getting articles published in our monthly newsletter, The Hornsounder

- monthly roll call in the Band's private boards at DM

- any DM project we may have, which includes our Quote Project (speak to Amavia and Angyl)

- and much much more I cannot think of right now!


If you complete your time as a Raw Recruit within 3 to 4 weeks, you will get a special award (called the Raw Recruit Stripe) which you can add to your siggy as well!


While being a Raw Recruit, you get 3 free strikes. This enables you to break Band Law 3 times without being punished by the Redarms, the Band's own police force. If they see any Law breaking, they will either drag you up for a trial or give you a fun spot fine to do (usually 100 lines of something witty). Channeling is a major no-no in the Band. As is spilling Battle Brew, our beloved drink! Once you have used up your 3 strikes, or join the Band's ranks officially, you will face the full force of Band Law like any other Bander does!


Of course, we are not all about working 24/7, as we do let our hair down now and then! We are famous for our bar brawls, which happen frequently! Expect one soon! We also like jokes, tales, funny pictures - things that will make us laugh!


We also have many games - at DM, which can be found in the stickies, or the new Lottery set up on our new Dicing with Jak O' the Shadows board, which you will see once you sign up for the private boards here at DM. There are also several on the off board site as well! Also, take the lessons to learn our ORG Game, based on the luck of dice! You get the selected weapons of your division, and can fight anyone in the Band! It is currently being revised, but the ideas will all be the same! There are many staff members for the Game who will be willing to help you out.


Once you have signed up for the private boards, you will also be able to participate in our lottery game, which takes place in the Dicing With Jak O' the Shadows board. It is a lot of fun, and your winnings can buy you various goodies!


If I have left anything out (which I expect I have!), do not hesitate to ask questions! Someone will be able to answer them for you!


One last thing...


*hand Stefania a Marshal-General's Special Battle Brew*



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*picks herself right back up after swooning over that Spiel*


Welcome to the Band Stefania. As my gorgeous, stupendous, fabulously delicious, scrumpteously lickable and seductrous-without-a-kiss mentioned before, Im the other RLO of the Infantry :)


(pst: rlo's are those that get to play with the recruits before all others get a chance)


Glad to have you aboard and yes, His Pinkyness is also in the Infantry and he is not SOB, as that's one of my bandeds from the Cavalry lol.



(pink does silly things to the mind, but we wub him anyway ;) )

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*huggles stef*


aren't they sweet? see, i didn't lie about this place! the RLOs in every single Org are amazing. & they are what makes the RR Program run so strongly - with the approval & help/trust of the CG (captain-general) of each Regiment. i can say that without reservation.

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