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Dragonmount 4.0 Mafia Signups [Standard]


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7 minutes ago, Zanatron said:


Wtf is thinking?!?!!??!

*nods in agreement with z* big word for wee warder..haven't heard before, nope!

5 minutes ago, Liitha said:

i havent played this game since the boards first came around ...and there not many examples laying around these new ones on whats going on in them these days ?

You saw what they said, either way you wont loose..go for it!

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Hah, like you expect me to remember those even, I been gone 3-4 years from DM and just geting caught up in general..and mafia started like back in..well who can remember that..


Thanks for the credit though lol ..i'll just lurk a few more days see if no one shows up, if not well i'll just wing it like always ? when I jump in without having a clue

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12 minutes ago, Zanatron said:

Lii and Lav could play if they had mentors maybe?


Might be easier to find mentors then players?

And what would a mentor do? *lav looks sceptical at zander, and sinks her claws better into dice* here other head have a cookie! Want anything else, three layered cake?  Beef and potato gratin? Fireball?   

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