How's everyone getting on?

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Any fires I need to put out? Usergroup changes needing made? New members? Exciting news or goings on? Anything really urgent? 


The pressure of my big festival is now over (Hooray!) and my other half is finally back at work (6 weeks turned into 10! So that gets an even bigger hooray).  BUT I have another 3 Craft Fairs in the run up to Christmas so I'm still very busy. I'm checking in again more now though so do shout about any problems. I've had a quick glance around the boards. Otherwise, as you were.  :laugh:

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Hmm, is Kathleen on an LoA? I haven't seen or heard from her in soooo long.

I did want to request a change that will happen ICly--my Red Jagen, and I'll just say the Ajah Head will agree with her, wants to make it a rule that any Black Tower person visiting in the city of Tar Valon must be accompanied (escorted) by a Red sister. Can I do that? :D The Reds wanna make sure these guys are handled--er, watched--or, well... yeah. >_> heh.

In other news, I'm still doing Info gathering projects, cause I have too much time on my hands. And it makes me happy. I'll be doing the BT or the Aiel next, or both congruently. Depends on how complicated each is. Hmm, should I get temporary access to the BT prviate OOC board for that (I'm assuming they have one)? Or I could ask a BTer to help me, though I think I can get a lot done a lot quicker on my own. Up to you, of course, and whoever heads the BT.

Also, can I possibly get this thread pinned on the WT board?


Lastly, can the Seanchan Information thread be unlocked? I have stuff to add but can no longer edit my own post.

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