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  1. Hey Liitha! I'm a Red Brother Tay. I like a little pain. *juggles cherries*
  2. *falls over* Of course I brought cherry bombs! What kind of Red Brother would I be if I didn't? *Hands them out like Halloween candy*
  3. I'm in charge here. Sure, not technically, but basically. But pretty much, yeah. Hey.
  4. To be honest, my ajah choice wasn't all that deep. When I decided to join the White Tower many, many moons ago, I auditioned all the ajahs and the Reds were who I bonded with the most.
  5. I'm doing pretty good. Been busy with work and home life. Just doing my annual peek into DM.
  6. *is snugglebitten* Who knows, I might stick around. I work graveyard shift now and my kid started daycare so I have a lot of time to myself. *takes his share of Liitha's cake for answering the summons*
  7. *appears from a puff of smoke* I have been summoned. Who dares disturb my slumber?
  8. One thing that has been bugging me in my last read-through is that the Forsaken grew up speaking the Old Tongue, were locked away for 3000 years, and all the sudden speak a whole new language. In the case of Aginor, within a few weeks or months. Nobody that has ever come into contact with them commented about a funny accent. I know it's nitpicking but its just one of those things that I noticed and can't un-notice.
  9. *Gives the Mother a birthday nuzzle* Happy birthday mumsie!
  10. Dagan looked these Friends of the Dark up and down. One was a fighting man for sure. The three women could be here for anything, they seemed to be the least frightened. The last two men seemed like the sort of scum that lived in small cities and towns, who took the oaths as Darkfriends without fully comprehending what they meant. None seemed to know each other, but these two surely were never a part of any Cell. "Welcome Brothers and Sisters." Dagan said finally. "Our Master has finally given us leave to come out of the shadows. The Black Dawn approaches, and the time for hiding from the Light
  11. The plains of the ruined kingdom of Arafel provided a perfect location to build and train an army. There was plenty of open space, grass for horses, and what people remained would not come near the army that Dagan al'Kar commanded. If they knew a tenth of what this army was, they would likely soil themselves and run to the wilderness to live what pathetic remainder of their lives remained. He waited impatiently under the largest of the banners in the camp. The banner itself was dyed red with the blood of the villagers that had once called this area home, those that refused his offer to jo
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