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  1. One thing that has been bugging me in my last read-through is that the Forsaken grew up speaking the Old Tongue, were locked away for 3000 years, and all the sudden speak a whole new language. In the case of Aginor, within a few weeks or months. Nobody that has ever come into contact with them commented about a funny accent. I know it's nitpicking but its just one of those things that I noticed and can't un-notice.
  2. I'm here. Watching and waiting in the Shadow
  3. *Gives the Mother a birthday nuzzle* Happy birthday mumsie!
  4. Darkfriends of the world unite! The prophesized Day of the Black Dawn and the Last Battle are nigh. Tired of serving in the shadows? Ready to kill some Lightfools? General Dagan al'Kar is building an army based in the Tower of the Black Dawn, deep in the Blight. The time for hiding is over. If killing isn't your thing, Uncle Sammael needs an equally large army of Craftsmen and cooks, and just about every other job. Go to your local Darkfriend Circle and sign up for the U.S. (United Shadow) Army today! (Call Sammael "uncle" at your own peril. Tinkers need not apply)
  5. The Don


    Do I still send them to bios@dragonmout? I saw the post about bios but its dated to 2010, so I wanted to make sure. I have a couple I want to get out there to start with, 2 for the CotS, 1 for the Band, and 1 for the Seanchan. They are all returning characters (Dagan al'Kar, Kjasic, Jaem Caran, and Muaghde).
  6. The Don

    CotS idea

    Cool! I'm glad other people like the idea! So the next step, I guess, is to figure out how many Darkfriends would be in the army. I was thinking about 5000-10,000 soldiers, which I think would put them below the size of the Band or Children of the Light, but still formidable. Also, near the Tower is a Trolloc camp. In the books, the Trollocs seemed to have some affection for Isam, who in the RP is Dagan's father. It might be enough reason for them to ally themselves with him, especially if Peaten makes an appearance. The neverending ranks of Trollocs would be enough to put them on par with most armies. Their Myrddraal won't like it, but that could be a rivalry to work with too. Add Dragkhar , maybe a willing Dreadlord or two, that's a badass army. Another thing I just thought of is Peaten, or even Dagan himself have claim to the throne of Malkier. There's also the possibility of an actual, Blight/Shadow twisted version of the kingdom of Malkier.
  7. The Don

    CotS idea

    I was rummaging through my old posts and I forgot that I had a Darkfriend that was going to build an army for Sammael. I think the Chosen in charge is less important than if anyone else is in, regular Darkfriends could have an active part in the Last Battle. Why should shadowspawn have all the fun? Anyway, the army would be called the Black Hand. My character was Dagan al'Kar, a Shenarian soldier turned Darkfriend. The original plan was to rebuild the Tower of the Black Dawn, former home of the Shar Mahdi order, as well as Peaten al'Kar, Master of the Order/Slayer (also Dagan's father). The Tower is in the Blight. We don't have to go back there but if we do, we can have our army fight their way to it to prove their worthiness and reclaim it from the Blight. Thoughts?
  8. @Oddpositions I have a Darkfriend I forgot all about. The last thing he did was start to build an army for Sammael. It was so long ago though that he could really be anywhere. Slayer I don't think is playable anymore. What were you thinking?
  9. *pounds the mug and eyes the bartender* Yeah either way. I was in the Cavalry before. Also, a long time ago I was talking with someone about an elite commando unit called the Bloodfists. Jaem was trained by the Warders as a young Banner Captain and eventually reached I think a 19 WS. It might be fun to do that if it's an option. *Still eyeing the bartender*
  10. Ok. I actually just read my bio and it said Jaem stepped down. It's been so long since I've RPed! I forgot the reason I was in Tanchio was to get Calder so he could be the Commander. Yeah I'd be fine with Undercommander or whatever. That's up to whoever is in charge of that.
  11. I'm ready to get back into the swing of things but I want to see where we are. When I left, Jaem was the IC Commander and he was in Tanchio? finding Calder. I don't mind not being the commander if someone else took over. Jaem was just my favorite and I'd like to write him again in whatever rank.
  12. I wish I read this post earlier. It seems like some decisions have been made, but I have thoughts... I actually really like the idea of moving on from after the Last Battle. All of the groups are fully fledged and formed, and we really don't have to deal with main characters. We can create the Fourth Age in our own image. Having been a couple of main characters, I can say that it was kind of a jumbled mess and usually I had little idea of what was going on most of the time. I like Mat's idea of giving time limits for each book. What about doing that from here on in until we reach the Last Battle, then we can take our characters wherever we want after that? It'd be nice to finally finish. Or alternatively, just skip ahead to the Last Battle, fight it, and move our characters on from that point. As far as character numbers, I feel like you should be able to write as many as you can or want to handle, with the exception being that newbies have to fully establish a first/primary character before they can start on others. That said, in the end, it doesn't really matter to me one way or another. The main reason for me being here is to be creative in a world that I've loved since the 8th grade... More years ago than I'd like to admit.
  13. New or returning: Returning Name: Depends on how long bios remain active. Preferably at least Peaten al'Kar (Slayer) Guild: Congress of the Shadow?
  14. Hey Mat and Kynwric! It is always good to see familiar names.
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